Rug size for queen bed: selection tips and placement ideas

If you can afford to sleep on a queen-size bed, we can congratulate you: your bedroom is large enough to furnish it not only with taste but also with comfort. In this case, it is essential to take care not only of a comfortable sleeping place but also of what surrounds it. However, let’s not talk in riddles: having chosen a bed of this size, you should take good care of the search for floor textiles that can create a harmonious composition with it.

Today the rug under or near the bed has become one of the trendy and, at the same time, quite powerful decorative and functional techniques. It is thanks to the carpet that you can provide your interior with an impeccable balance, create a harmonious composition … and get out of bed comfortably at any time of the day since your feet will not touch the cold floor but soft textiles. 

The color, material, and pattern of the rug under the bed are a subject for a separate discussion. This time we would like to talk about such a parameter as dimensions. Since floor textiles and furniture, in this case, must form a single harmonious composition, you should seriously approach the length and width of the accessory. So, let’s find out what dimensions of the rug are acceptable for a combination with a queen bed and what to look for when choosing its length and width.

Find the right rug size for a queen bed: the main factors

The carpet in the bedroom can hardly be considered an insignificant detail – in this room, it becomes a very influential element. At the same time, when choosing it, it is necessary to focus on several specific features of the room. Let’s find out what factors are decisive when choosing a rug for a queen-size bed.

Bedroom size

This aspect can be considered one of the decisive ones for choosing the size of the rug – perhaps no less important than the size of the bed itself. So, a too-small carpet, barely peeking out from under the bed, will be lost entirely over a large area. Conversely, a carpet that is too wide in a small bedroom will create a powerful visual imbalance. If you want to create a more cozy and warm environment in the latter case, use a small area rug as an accent piece.

Type and amount of furniture in the bedroom

First of all, in this case, we are talking about bedside tables, relative to which you will not only select the size but also place your rug. Their dimensions and the presence or absence as such will help to precisely understand how to put the rug so that it looks harmonious and at the same time does not distort the arrangement of furniture. The same goes for poufs, benches, and consoles – if, of course, you have them in your bedroom.

In general, designers recommend deciding on the size of the rug only after the complete furnishing of your bedroom. So you can see with greater accuracy how an accessory with specific dimensions will look in combination with a queen bed – and, perhaps, slightly adjust your plans or make sure that your decision is correct.

Rug placement options

Another critical factor in choosing floor textiles for your bed is how you intend to arrange them. Usually, it is placed perpendicular to the furniture – that is, in such a way that the long side runs parallel to the footboard and headboard. Only its offset relative to the backs can change. Today, decorators offer several relevant ways to place the rug:

  • Under the bed and bedside tables. If your carpet’s width and length allow, you can move it closer to the back and install the nightstands on it. In this case, a reasonably harmonious composition is obtained, formed by furniture and textiles – besides, you can still stand on a soft rug, letting your feet from the bed.
  • In front of the bedside tables. If the width of the accessory is not enough to completely put the entire set of furniture on it, then it is pushed forward, leaving the edge precisely in front of the facades of the bedside tables. However, the footboard must be on the carpet, and the rug protrudes a couple of feet beyond it. Otherwise, you will have to use the next option.
  • Under the middle of the bed. This arrangement is suitable for pretty narrow rugs and cases where the furniture implies a long bench or pouf at the footboard. In such a situation, you have to begin to unfold the carpet from about the center of the bed towards the footboard so that it is possible to put the other furniture on it, and a little more textiles should go outside the composition. In this case, the interior will look no less harmonious – and the accent pulled forward can be compensated by a high headboard and bedside tables of the same design as a pouf or a bench.

Queen bedroom rugs: alternatives

We would not be too fair if we will not mention two more types of rugs you can use in combination with a queen-size bed. When we talk about carpets, traditional square and rectangular patterns usually come to mind. However, many people prefer to deviate from the usual in favor of something extraordinary – and in this case, you may well realize your ideas.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing a round carpet for your bedroom, and this has long been your dream, then do not deny yourself this pleasure! Just start placing it from the middle of the bed towards the foot of the bed so that the protruding edge forms a relatively large and beautiful semicircle. This solution looks especially impressive in square and spacious rooms, although some designers still prefer to use them in narrow spaces to expand the area visually.

Another reasonably popular option is to use walkways or small rugs on the sides of the bed. This solution can be pretty good for a limited budget and a fan of minimalist solutions, not inclined to rich textile interior design. You can lay them directly on the floor or a plain carpet – however, you should not forget about the rules of symmetry.

Area rug under the queen bed: options

Standard queen-size beds are 80″ (203-205 cm) long and 60″ (152 cm) wide. Based on this, the dimensions of the rug are selected. Let’s dwell on each of the dimensions separately.


As you probably already understood, the rug in the bedroom should be visible – which means it should protrude beyond the edges of the bed. That is why you need to select its length with a margin.

According to the designers, the best option is when the carpet protrudes from the edge of the bed by at least 18 inches (45-46 cm). Based on this, the length of the accessory should be in the range of 8-9 feet (2.5-2.7 meters), although even here, some variations are possible.


When choosing the rug’s width, you need to focus not only on the size of the bed but also on the planned placement of the accessory. So, for the placement in front of bedside tables or from the middle of the bed, a product with a width of 5 feet (1.5 meters) will suffice. However, if you want to emphasize the harmonious combination of a queen bed with bedside tables, then choose a model with a width of 9 feet (2.7 meters)

What rug size should go under a queen bed?

Of course, the above dimensions of the queen-size bed rug are quite schematic, so it’s worth talking about the most popular sizes suitable for such furniture in a little more detail. So, the list below shows the dimensions of rugs relevant in certain conditions – relative to the size of the bedroom, the set of furniture, and the rug’s placement, which seems most suitable to you.

4x6ft (120x180cm) Rug

A single rug of this length and width can hardly be used with a “queen size” bed since you will miss it in any of the parameters. However, we did not accidentally mention such dimensions here: who said that there must be one accessory by all means?

So, you may well be able to put two rugs 4×6 feet under the bed. In this case, the first will take over the headboard and bedside tables, and the second will provide a harmonious look in the lower part of the bed. Besides, this technique opens up quite ample opportunities for design experiments since no one uses contrasting accessories or combines a plain rug with a patterned one.

5×7 ft (150×215 cm) Rug

This is the smallest rug size you can use with a queen bed. However, he is quite capable of creating the necessary harmony in a small bedroom.

5×8 ft (150×245 cm) Rug

A queen-size bed, nightstands, and a small bedroom are ideal conditions for this size rug. This accessory will create the perfect balance in the room with or without bedside tables, provide the necessary symmetry and make your dream of a harmonious interior even closer.

6×9 ft (180×275 cm) Rug

If you have a standard-sized bedroom, a 6×9 ft rug might be the perfect fit for a queen bed. It creates soft coverage and comfort on both sides of the bed and looks balanced without even going under the bedside table. Moreover, this particular accessory will suit those who prefer slightly non-standard queen-size variations.

7×10 ft (215×305 cm) Rug

Designers consider this size to be the limit for a standard bedroom with a bed of similar dimensions and a starting point for a room with a large area. Besides, these rugs look great in designing the footboard of the bed with elegant massive banquettes.

8×10 ft (245×305 cm) Rug

This length and width accessory looks equally good both under the nightstands and shifted a quarter down towards the footboard. Designers especially welcome this option in combination with long California queen-size beds.

9×12 ft (275×365 cm) Rug

If you are the lucky owner of a large bedroom, then a carpet of impressive dimensions will offer you many exciting options. So, you can put bedside tables on it and slide it forward, leave more coverage on the sides of the bed, and even partially hide the flooring in the bedroom as a whole – if it’s too cold or you don’t like it very much.

Is it possible to use a larger carpet? Of course – if you want to gracefully combine a bed, sideboards, and a bench at the foot into a single ensemble, you have chosen an alternative queen-size bed, or the bedroom area is impressive in scope. Either way, finding a rug for a bed in this size is easier than you think – and we are sure that our advice will come in handy.

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