Rugs that go with green couch: 7 stylish combinations to keep you up-to-date

If you opted for a green couch in your room, consider yourself lucky, as such a bold step will definitely make a statement for your interior design and offer it a fresh look. Besides the fact that this color brings vibrancy into the room, it also offers the environment elegance. If everything about a green couch were that easy, we would not have written an article about that. You are probably wondering what the trick is. It is the couch itself, as a green color for this type of furniture makes it difficult to decide upon other decor elements, such as the rug. 

There is no place for worries. We have prepared a list of 7 stylish combinations in this sense to match the interior design of your room and suit your preferences. We promise to be as relevant as possible, explaining every combination in part. We suggest you get on board with us and prepare to receive a lot of inspiration. 

3 starting points to be considered

  • Background. When choosing the appropriate rug for a green couch, you should not stick only to these two elements. You also have to pay attention to other parts, such as the floor and walls, and pick a rug that would match both the couch and the other room elements.
  • The perfect rug. Following the flow of ideas from the previous point, it is worth mentioning that an ideal rug can save the whole situation, for instance, if the green couch does not suit the flooring. In this sense, an appropriate rug will fill the space left by the other two elements.
  • Rug features. When choosing an appropriate rug, you have to pay attention to such features as size, color, and material. There are a lot of variations in this sense, which also depend on the other elements of the room, and the environment you want to achieve.

When it comes to the perfect rug for a green couch, the first thing that comes to mind is the color. There is no doubt that the other features of the rug are also important, but they do not influence the picture as much. Therefore, in the list provided by us, we will discuss the best matching color of a rug, while the other elements will speak for themselves through the following examples.

Green couch &  white rug

A white rug is the easiest way to accompany a green couch. First of all, it is a neutral color that will serve as a perfect background for such a bold color as green. Furthermore, it can be plain white or white with various little details of different colors. 

There is more to come. A white rug will emphasize the green couch and make it a point of interest. Considering that most tend to choose a dark shade of green for the couch, offering it a glamorous look, it will be best to opt for a white fur rug. This will complement the initial look and lead to a luxurious environment.

Green couch & blue rug

These two colors are not far from each other if put together, which can result in a blurry picture. We would like to convince you that an appropriate play with these colors may lead to a fascinating result. Especially when it comes to the combination of a couch and a rug, this color matching is perfect as the floor will play as a contrast between the two elements. 

Furthermore, the combination of these shades of color will bring vibrancy into the room. Therefore, these two decor units will become points of interest and add drama to the environment.

Green couch & gray rug

If you would not like to risk and spoil the picture, we suggest you consider a gray rug. It is a neutral color that could not ruin the look in any way. Additionally, it will serve as a perfect background and emphasize the green couch.

It should be noted that gray can be used as an alternative to white if you think that the latter is too extra. Furthermore, you can opt for a plain gray rug or a patterned one if you would like to add a new sparkle to the environment.

Green couch & brown rug

These two colors will match each other perfectly as they both are traced to nature. Therefore, consider this combination if you want to bring nature closer. There are different shades of brown you could choose from and designs of the rug itself you cloud opt for. 

Furthermore, most of the green couches are cold, and a brown rug will bring a little bit of warmth to the environment. Additionally, we suggest you opt for a lighter shade of brown to enhance the effect.

Green couch & pink rug

If you think that the green couch makes your room seem too cold, we suggest you opt for a pink rug. There are different shades of pink that will go well with a green couch, depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve. Consider a lighter shade of pink for a calmer result and a bolder one if you want to make a statement. 

Furthermore, this sweet color for the rug will bring radiance into the room and make it feel more comfortable.

Green couch & yellow rug

These two colors fit each other perfectly, as they do not stand far from each other on the color wheel. At the same time, the warm yellow rug will fill the space left by the cold green couch, leading to a perfect balance.

If you think that a yellow rug is too extra, we want to assure you that its boldness will be stabilized by the glamorous green couch. Furthermore, on a green background, yellow will bring a touch of freshness into the room.

Green couch & multicolor rug

If you think that a multicolor rug will be too extra for a room that is already filled with vibrance by a green couch, we would like to convince you of the contrary. The appropriate play with the colors, especially when matching the rug colors with the ones on other decorative elements, such as the cushions, will lead to a fascinating result.

Of course, this combination is a bold step, but we suggest you opt for this variant if you want to make a statement.

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