Rustic and Minimalism: Your guide to making it work

Minimalism and rustic often seem like they are on two extreme sides of the spectrum. This is because when you think of minimalism you picture modern, sleek, and bare. The rustic theme, however, is all about traditional, warmth, and occupying space. 

Despite these differences, these themes can work beautifully together. That, of course, is ensuring that you tackle them properly. If you want to know how to make these two concepts can co-exist within the same space, then here are the tricks that you should be utilizing: 

Don’t commit to one theme over the other 

With this particular project, it is all about equilibrium. Although this may sound simple enough, it can be a bit tricky when you are actually styling and furnishing your home. This is because there is an automatic tendency to lean towards one trend more than the other. 

To avoid this, be conscious of how each piece of furniture, textile, color, or element will as a whole. This will give you a clearer idea if you are striking a proper balance or if a particular space takes on one theme over the other. 

You should also be aware of each characteristic of furniture, paint color, or accessory. This includes lines, undertones, materials, and more. 

Furnish your space sparingly  

To pull off rustic minimalism, it is all about finding a balance. However, for a space to feel truly minimalistic, it is important to pare down the furniture, furnishings, and décor. This means that you need to pick your items carefully. 

Focus on what is actually needed in a particular room. Then you can add one or two pieces for comfort or decorative reasons. Nevertheless, make sure that you don’t include any more than that. This way, you are able to ensure that there is a strong sense of minimalism in any room of the house.  

Use warm materials 

As you are showcasing minimalism by having a limited amount of furniture in the room, you need to make sure that the pieces give off a rustic vibe. In particular, these pieces must add warmth to a room. This is why you should stick with solid wood options. The natural element and the depth of the material will instantly make any space a great deal cozier. 

In terms of fabric, leather or faux leather can add warmth to a room as well. Once again, the dark and deep hues as well as the organic texture of the material can make it feel a great deal more welcoming. Feel free to use other fabrics or textiles that convey a similar feel. 

Of course, when you pick such pieces, it is important to keep the design in mind. Avoid anything that feels too clunky or overstuffed. Instead, focus on clean lines so that you are still keeping the balance with minimalism. 

Opt for warm, neutral colors 

The cornerstone of a minimalistic color palette is neutral tones. If you aren’t careful, though, these neutral colors can come off feeling a little cold. Needless to say, this is in direct contrast to the rustic theme. Thus, you need to select your colors carefully. 

This is where warm neutrals come in. There are two main ways that you can use these hues. Your first option is to select warm-toned neutrals such as beige, taupe, or brown. These will instantly make your space feel more cozy and will fit in with any natural materials that you select as well. 

Or, you can choose to select a more subtle option. This is where you choose cool colors with warm undertones. This can be done with white and grey. So, while these hues may look typically minimalistic, you will find that they are still able to brighten up the space. 

Make comfort a goal 

Rustic tends to be seen as a more comfortable option in homes, while most people assume minimalism to be hard and cold. Thus, it can be tempting to add more rustic features to your home during the decoration process. The truth, though, is that minimalism can be comfortable as well. You simply achieve this feeling of coziness in a different way. 

Here, the key is texture and layering. This can often be done with area rugs, cushions, blankets, etc. For instance, a plush rug with a constructed shape and design can be minimalistic but still add a comfy vibe to the room. Adding modern pillows or a throw can help to offset a more rustic couch while still keeping things cozy. 

Don’t forget about modern elements

Overall, minimalism tends to have a bit more of a modern feel to it while rustic may seem more traditional or borderline old fashioned. Thus, you need to find a way to merge these two worlds. Now, there are different ways that you can manage this. 

First, you can pick rustic pieces that still take a modern approach to design. These will help to make the surrounding space still feel structured and organized. Or, you can have rustic furniture and then add modern furnishings or art on the walls. This can be done with vases, lamps, and similar features. 

Don’t forget about minor elements 

It is easy to imagine that it is just big pieces like furniture, rugs, and arts that make the most impact. While these features are the most noticeable, they aren’t the only aspects to pay attention to. It is just as vital to consider the more minor elements around the house. 

This includes light fixtures, curtains, and small storage containers. It is these elements that really help to pull a room together. So, if you ignore these, the room won’t look as cohesive or as completed as you would like. Before you call it a day, take a look around and make sure that you have properly incorporated the minimalistic rustic theme everywhere that you need to. 

As you can see, it is quite possible to make rustic and minimalistic features work within the same space. You just need to know how these elements should be put together. And, now that you are armed with this information, you can go ahead and create the perfect theme for your home.

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