Scandinavian furniture – a cozy Nordic grace

Today, Scandinavian style furniture is famous all over the world. This design interior direction is characterized by simplicity, functionality, comfort. The basis of the style is interior items made from natural materials of light pastel colors. Furniture by design is very comfortable, functional, simple.

Distinctive features of the Scandi style

The following points characterize the Nordic Scandinavian style:

  • A lot of free space;
  • A large number of light sources;
  • Materials are used mainly of natural origin;
  • Light textile;
  • In the living rooms there may be a cozy fireplace;
  • Decor elements and home decoration are simple, concise.

The climate on Scandinavian homeland is rigid, so the designers tried to convey the atmosphere of freedom, lightness, and purity. The Scandinavian style involves the filling of space with natural light. Floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers help to illuminate the room. 

Wooden light-colored window frames are typical of the style, but plastic is used in the modern world. 

Curtains are rarely used. Sometimes there are light and airy curtains that transmit natural light well. Materials such as chiffon, silk are best suited for them – it is the simplest, most concise product, without frills, bows, and sparkles. The length of the curtains can be different. Also, there are blinds and roller blinds.

This style came to us from Scandinavia and combined the helpfulness of every detail and their rationality. 

Scandinavian style furniture is made of wood in combination with metal, glass, and weaving. Usually, as a color scheme of furniture, calm muted shades are used, for example, milky white, beige, sand, light brown.

Complex shades harmonize well with this furniture design. An ideal option would be to include bright turquoise or amber in the overall picture. But white in the Scandinavian style remains the main one.

The Scandinavian style of furniture is formed not only based on color and material, but also in the form of objects. This is usually a rectangular design. A frame facade can restrain strict design. 

All Scandinavian furniture is very roomy and functional. Usually, due to its practicality, furniture creates the opportunity to use it easily.

Scandinavian style embodies freedom and simplicity, so you should abandon bulky wardrobes and sofas in favor of lighter ones. The best option for an apartment will be modular or collapsible furniture, which will help increase living space and preserve the room’s versatility.

Important! To store small things, you can install various niches, drawers, and shelves in the room.

Before performing the interior in the Scandinavian style, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to change furniture radically. If the house already has items made in bright colors, for example, chairs with colorful upholstery, it would be more expedient to replace the upholstery with a more suitable Scandinavian style. Thus, you can achieve the right design and save a significant amount. But you need to remember that upholstery change is trusted only to a professional or home master who has the relevant experience.

In addition, furniture can be restored. It is enough to sand the old chest of drawers, rub them and coat them with light paint or colorless varnish. Rarities look uniquely exquisite in such an interior.

The choice of colors and materials

As for the color scheme of Scandinavian furniture, the most common is white in different shades. It is associated with purity, perfection, completeness, well-being.

In addition to white, Scandinavians in furniture use all pastel colors:

  • Warm and cold shades of pink;
  • Pastel blue and turquoise;
  • Soft yellow, brown, orange;
  • Warm and cold shades of green.

Often there are decorative elements or furniture items in bright colors: red, blue, green. This technique is used by designers to focus on a specific item or simply refresh the room’s light and cold atmosphere.

The floor in a Scandinavian style room is usually made of wood. The boards are painted in bright colors or coated with a protective material through which the structure of the wood is visible. Rugs with ethnic patterns and skins made of artificial or natural fur are used as decor. A more acceptable and, at the same time, affordable option for flooring will be a white, light brown, or pale yellow laminate. 

The walls are laconic, often simply plastered or painted. The color scheme is light: beige, cream, ivory, gray, pale yellow, or blue. Sometimes there is wall decoration with wooden panels.

Scandinavian style in the interior involves the use of materials mainly in the following colors:

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Brown;
  • Blue.

Bright accents are used to dilute the cold interior. It can be a colorful rug, decorative pillows, paintings. The best option would be items decorated with ethnic ornaments.

Interior objects are made of wood, metal, plywood. Also, plastic, glass, mirror are additionally used for decor. Upholstered furniture of Scandinavian style is an example of comfort. It fills the room with coziness, here you want to rest and relax on one of the comfortable sofas. For the upholstery of soft goods, materials that are pleasant to the touch are chosen. Mostly use velvet. Cabinet furniture is characterized by strict rectangular shapes, without architectural excesses.

Variety of furniture

You have to choose only the most necessary interior items so as not to clutter up the interior design.

Scandinavian tables and chairs

The dining table is selected massive, preferably made of natural wood – it will symbolize solidity, reliability. At the same time, it should not overshadow all other interior items.

Tables are made mainly in bright colors. For greater convenience and practicality, it can be supplemented with drawers, shelves. The table does not have to be bulky; a rectangular shape is preferred. A coffee table is also typical in Scandinavian style interiors. It can be made of natural wood of light or dark color, with a wooden or glass countertop. There are also tables whose supports are made of metal.

Scandinavian sofas and armchairs

The sofa is the center of the living room, usually, it is large, rectangular. Its armrests are often wooden, but it is very comfortable and soft. One large or several small sofas can be placed in the room, often the composition is complemented by armchairs, poufs.

Armchairs also have a laconic design. They are cozy; the colors are calm, bright. All pastel shades are used, most often gray, white, blue, and brown. Armchairs come with and without armrests. Often they are supplemented with pillows, which is very comfortable and beautiful.

Scandinavian wardrobes

Wardrobes in the Scandinavian style are not bulky. Often, conventional storage systems replace dressers and bedside tables. All this is necessary to leave as much free space as possible.

Simple white cabinets with one, two, or more doors are popular. There are also natural wood products that emphasize its structure. They are on legs or without. The shape is rectangular, the design is concise, without bright accents. A library, cabinets with glass, or open sections are used. Designs of white color with a glossy surface look beautiful. They look chic, stylish, and weightless.

Scandinavian beds

A bed in this style is always the center of the bedroom. Sometimes it is installed on the podium, in which there are boxes for storing bedding and other things. There are hanging shelves or bedside tables near the bed.

To make the room seem more comfortable, the materials are chosen natural, soft and pleasant colors. The bed is often white glossy. There are products of a dark color, but then the textiles and decor should be contrast light.

Furniture depending on the functionality of the room

To create the right image of a Scandinavian style apartment, it is worth considering the nuances of furniture for each of the rooms.

Scandinavian furniture in the living room 

Usually, friends or family gather in the living room on quiet evenings, so this room should be as cozy and calm as possible to create an atmosphere of comfort.

Advantages of a Scandinavian living room:

  • The durability of the furniture
  • A lot of free space, which will help accommodate even a large number of guests in a room
  • The use of small sofas and folding chairs allows you to use them as extra beds.

The Scandinavian-style living room is a spacious, bright room with small sofas and armchairs, complemented by coffee tables. Plants in suitable pots are used as decoration.

Small frames can occupy the walls. But do not bunch them up, it will be enough to install photographs within the framework and a few porcelain figurines. They give the house new features, a fresh and lively look. 

It’s great if you pick up furniture with glossy surfaces. In winter and autumn days, your apartment will not be dark or dull, especially if you correctly arrange cheerful decor. A little cherry or orange Scandinavian interior is quite acceptable.

Upholstered furniture for living rooms in the Scandinavian style is made with textured upholstery, usually modest, less often with a simple geometric pattern. Sofas in the Scandinavian style can also be in a discreet cage – white with blue, light brown, less often green.

Scandinavian furniture in the bedroom

The sleeping room is not much different from the Scandinavian living room described above. It is also performed in light shades with a minimal set of furniture. The main element in the interior of the bedroom is the bed. It can be covered with a bright plaid to stand out against the general background.

As storage systems, massive cabinets are not used here. Their place is taken by neat bedside tables and chests of drawers. To store small items or books on one wall have a rack.

The completeness of the Scandinavian design will support the presence of boxes of different sizes in black, yellow, or brown. Toiletries and linen are ideally placed in them. They are also suitable for storing large items, such as pillows and blankets, but in case they are located along the wall and have large dimensions.

Advice! An alternative to the closet can be a floor hanger on wheels, on which you can place the clothes of the inhabitants of the house.

But with open storage of things, you need to continually maintain order, as these are the basic rules of this style. If, nevertheless, the need for the cabinet is present, its design can be disguised as one of the walls by placing it in a niche.

Scandinavian furniture in the children’s room

To create a Scandinavian-style children’s room is a versatile option that will allow you not to change its appearance when a child is growing up or to do it partially. For example, the presence of a shelf with bears or cars can be changed to a wall sealed with posters representing an idol or other interests of the child.

Since it is impossible to use only muted tones of furniture in a nursery, you can make bright spots throughout the room. This can be the facades of drawers, carpet, bedspreads, picture frames and photos, and other elements of the room. But the strong point nevertheless remains with the natural wood texture that forms the bed and the main furniture in the room.

Since the space in the children’s room plays a vital role, it is recommended to install attic structures with a working area in the lower part as a bed. The storage system in the Scandinavian room is a small cabinet, which would also be ideally changed as a wall and a chest of drawers.

Scandinavian furniture in the kitchen

In the Scandinavian style kitchen, the creation of a contrast of light and dark shades is implied. Moreover, they must be natural. It is worth paying attention to if the kitchen room has a modest size, the furniture in it is placed only in light wood.

A small kitchen kit that perfectly combines with the shade of the walls or a few tones darker than it will look ideal. In the dining area, there is no place for high chairs with backs; only stools or benches can be located here if there is sufficient space.

Dark shades complement the lighter in the design of the floor, the apron of the working area, textiles, and accessories. It will be useful to create an open shelf for dishes, where kitchen utensils can be located, but only in perfect order and harmony.

Scandinavian furniture for modern kitchens is light and very comfortable. In a small kitchen, where there is not enough space for a full dining area, you can place a folding wall table and two folding chairs next to it. Such a way of furnishing can often be seen in the photo of Scandinavian interiors.

In conclusion, the white furniture in the Scandinavian style is complemented by accessories and decorative elements made from natural materials that will complete this light image. Light ceramics, light floor lamps on legs, candles in candlesticks, soft textiles will add a finishing touch, and the elegance of furniture will be emphasized.

Scandinavian-style furniture becomes an essential element for creating a stylish atmosphere in the house. It is concise and straightforward lines so that it can be made even from restored items. The main thing is to correctly fit the furniture into the design of the room so that it becomes genuinely comfortable and suitable for living.

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