Scandinavian sofa: style, design, and DIY

A sofa is an essential piece of furniture in the living room. It gives the space a distinctive character and a beautiful appearance.

Quite often, this item of furniture creates the leading style of the whole composition. It adds chic and grace to elegant stylizations. How to choose a sofa in the Scandinavian style: angular or straight, leather or textile, what to look for when buying – this will be discussed in the article below.

The simplicity and charm of the Scandinavian sofa

What makes Scandinavian sofas different? Their main advantage is simplicity. Classic shades of gray and blue add style to the interior.

An essential element of the Danish hygge philosophy is comfort. Scandi-style furniture looks elegant and provides luxurious relaxation.

Scandinavian minimalism is invariably associated with naturalness. Here, the base is always a wooden floor, reminiscent of the tranquillity of the forest and furniture, decorated delicately. The northern-style living room has little furniture and accessories. Its strength lies in the fact that it is selected and made with high accuracy. A pinch of classics combined with modern design is the perfect recipe for creating original and extremely sophisticated furniture.

A simple shape and great comfort characterize Scandi-inspired sofas. Natural materials are essential, such as breathable upholstery or wooden legs. Equally important are elements that hit comforts, such as soft pillows or a suitable blanket. To make the interior look light, furniture is mounted on high legs, and quilted backs are famous, which are not only comfortable but also look very classic and stylish.

How to choose a sofa for the living room

When when arranging a new living room, there are no restrictions on the choice, and you can successfully start acquiring the sofa that you like the most and is best suited, and then select the rest of the decoration and furniture. If you need to refresh the interior, while not changing the environment, then the procedure is different. It will help if you start by choosing the right color that matches the interior design.

Folding sofa bed and Scandinavian style couch

A Scandinavian sofa bed for two people will work perfectly in a small room. In turn, such model will be useful if you have a large family or often guests.

There are also options for compact folding models with an interesting design that will decorate the living room.

Scandi-style sofas are environmentally friendly because they are made from natural materials. Such models are usually made of natural wood and quality fabrics.

Scandinavian corner sofa

It is in arrangements originally from Scandinavia that the sofa has the most representative function and from the threshold encourages to sit comfortably and relax. An excellent example of furniture of Northern European design is the corner sofa – this is an attractive offer for all interior design lovers from Scandinavia. Such a model, characterized by simplicity, classic shape, and a muted color palette, will ideally complement the room.

Natural motifs and environmental materials – this is what we need in a cozy bright house. It is worth remembering that the furniture in the Scandi style will be well presented in combination with wood. It subtly fits into a space dominated by romantic and sentimental details, including photo frames, warm blankets, candlesticks, and lanterns.

A chic Scandinavian leather sofa can be also a beautiful decoration in the living room.

Color selection

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the sofa combines simplicity, elegance, and delicacy. This piece of furniture is characterized by a fade color palette, although, of course, it can have a lively, vibrant contrasting shade and revitalize the entire stylization.

A popular solution is an upholstery in cold shades of gray, which blend perfectly with snowy, slightly monochromatic arrangements. No less attractive will be whitened blue and pink tones.

If we want to revitalize and warm the interior, you can choose an intensely colored finishing fabric – it will add character to the interior and give it a cozy look.

If we already have a wooden floor and walls in white shades that optically illuminate the space, you can choose a soft corner on wooden legs with upholstery in shades of gray, white, black, or blue. Subtle nuances can be broken with intense colors – red or yellow. For enthusiasts of eclectic interiors with Scandinavian dominance, sofas of a bright character are attracted. It is also worth choosing suitable chairs and tables. All interior items or accessories should be selected by Scandinavian comfort.

Among the many models and even types and colors of upholstery, you can choose and purchase your unique piece of furniture. When designing an interior in this northern style, it is worth remembering that colors should be harmonious and selected from the same color range.

We can easily combine cold shades in different combinations – pillows with a pattern will be the perfect complement to furniture on simple legs or classic furniture. Sometimes we need only one thing, for example, a blue candle for aroma or a new tablecloth to create a truly unique atmosphere in the apartment.

Scandinavian sofa in black color

Scandinavian sofa in blue color

Scandinavian sofa in beige color

Scandinavian sofa in yellow color

Scandinavian sofa in red color

Design of the Scandinavian sofa

We also cannot ignore the design. The Scandinavian living room can be classic or have a more modern look. Its universal use distinguishes the furniture in it – it can easily fit into traditionally designed rooms in which wood is the predominant decoration material.

You can also use furniture in minimalist and modern arrangements, where contemporary design and geometric shapes dominate. The sofa has the functionality typical of Scandinavian interior design projects – this allows you to combine decorative functions with practical applications.

Beauty is added with decorative pillows – the details will make the rest more enjoyable. A feature of Scandinavian upholstered furniture is its ease of use. Particular legs make it easy to remove the dust under the sofa. And also, when is time beding, such sofa design will quickly turn the living room into a bedroom.

A convenient model will provide excellent relaxation in the privacy of your home, as well as provide a comfortable night’s sleep in a small apartment without zoning the bedroom.

Scandinavian sofas in eclectic living rooms – which model to choose?

The Scandinavian – modest and elegant – found its fans not only among the owners of Scandinavian houses but also among lovers of modern and cozy interiors. Expressive and vibrant colors work great in complex arrangements, combining Scandinavian solutions with expressive and unusual shapes. A white background will allow you to aesthetically fit into the room a variety of details and patterns.

A pastel sofa with a North European design that looks subtle and elegant will be a great addition to the beautiful setting, saturated with modern design and classic color combinations. What characterizes this piece of furniture is the ability to combine stylization, inspiring classics, minimalism, and modernity. Such furniture fits easily into the framework of artistic freedom. The couch in muted shades harmonizes extravagant, bizarre compositions, and in vibrant and contrasting colors, it can add character to the interior.

Scandinavian furniture has beautiful, completely random shapes that will create an elegant and simple style in the living room. Clear rules do not limit this piece of furniture in form, so it is an excellent base for most arrangements. With stylish accessories, you can easily create the character you want. A sofa on legs, quilted or smooth, pink or blue, in an eclectic or classic interior – everywhere it creates a warm and unusual atmosphere.

Living rooms will beautifully look with couches and sofa beds in shades of beige or gray. Light wooden or white painted floors further adorn the interior and make it visually more extensive than it is.

The Scandinavian interior will happily live in white, gray, and black interiors. There should always be a place for a very comfortable sofa or soft corner among the minimalist stylizations designed with exceptional accuracy. Such furniture offers the prospect of a pleasant stay, and at the same time is an excellent decoration of the Scandinavian atmosphere. In recent years, the Scandinavian style has become very fashionable. Many people choose bright, minimalist interiors that are also very functional.

DIY Scandinavian sofa

The sofa in the Scandinavian style will be an excellent solution for both a small summer cottage and a spacious house. A harmonious combination of expressiveness and traditional Nordic restraint will allow you to fit into many modern interiors.

Materials for making a sofa with your own hands: boards 5X10, 5X15 cm, a block of 5X5 cm, wood screws, for connecting the back to the sides, corners, or a steel gear plate.

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