Scandinavian style living room: Design and decoration

The refined, bright and spacious living room is the dream of many modern people. The Scandinavian style of interior design, which is considered a model of naturalness and environmental cleanliness. Despite the fact that at first glance this setting seems unnecessarily simple, it is actually practical and, on closer inspection, very comfortable.

Features of the Scandinavian style

The homeland of this style is famous for its harsh climate. Therefore, when decorating a Scandinavian living room, modern designers strive to make the room as clean, free, sunny and full of fresh air as possible. The main color of the interior is white and its many shades. The Scandinavian style attracts a large amount of warmth and light to the room, as well as order in life and comfort.

The creators of this incredibly bright and fresh style are ingenious Norwegians, Finns and Swedes who, wanting to fill their house with warmth, light and comfort, began to design it in white and close to colors. This helps make a room comfortable, which is mostly devoid of sun.

In addition to the right choice of colors, great attention is paid to the availability of free space. Therefore, to design a Scandinavian living room, a minimum of furniture and decoration is used. As a rule, the window curtains are absent or spread so as not to obstruct the flow of fresh air and the rays of light entering the house.

The modern interior of the living room in the Scandinavian style can be compared to the functional minimalism which preserves ethnic characteristics and draws aesthetic parallels with the interior of the Swedish house.

Today, many Europeans prefer this Scandinavian style and design living room in their urban apartments and private homes. The living room of this style is very bright and comfortable in winter, and cool in summer. Executing a Scandinavian design is incredibly easy, because it is very simple and versatile. The most important thing to know and translate into reality the main characteristics of the Scandinavian interior:

  • very clear, you could say white, the predominant color in the room;
  • spacious, not cluttered with unnecessary details of space;
  • use of materials of natural origin;
  • the presence of light and airy textiles;
  • a large number of artificial lighting sources;
  • the presence in the living room of a small fireplace;
  • simplicity of the materials used, laconic detail.

The combination of all the above elements allows you to equip a living room of any size without any significant financial investment.

Scandinavian style living room color

The Scandinavian Nordic style color palette is very clear, pale and fresh. The use of such colors allows you to significantly increase the visual limits of the living room, in order to make the room spacious.

TIP: so that the room does not resemble the kingdom of the snow queen, the cold colors which reign there must certainly be diluted in warm yellowish and cream tones, as well as in light wood and rich green elements.

Making the living room in a Scandinavian style, the designers recommend not to use too bright and contrasting colors, because they will look ridiculous. The ideal colors for this style, in addition to white and its nuances, are the following colors: metallic and silver, caramel and wheat, blue, cobalt and light lilac, light turquoise, beige and milky.

Scandinavian style floor, ceiling and walls: Decorative materials

When decorating the ceiling in a Scandinavian-style living room, specialists recommend bleaching or evenly painting the ceiling with white acrylic paint. If you do not want the ceiling to be just a white spot, you can decorate it with wooden beams.

The walls of such a living room can be covered with painted or lightly lacquered wooden panels. They will go well with the gray facing stone placed above and around the fireplace, as well as with the gray painted sides of the shelves.

As far as floor coverings are concerned, matt maple, oak or birch parquet or ordinary whitewashed floor covering in panels is suitable here. Such a color scheme of the flooring makes the room refined and fills it with dignity. A charming milky or sanded parquet floor will look great in a Scandinavian interior. Combined with decorative elements in contrasting colors, such a floor will look unified with the surrounding environment.

TIP: A more affordable version of the Scandinavian-style living room flooring will be high-quality laminate in a white, yellowish or slightly brownish hue.

When choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to take into account the color in which the walls of the living room will be painted, since the transition from floor to walls should be as smooth as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to use plinths of a light shade, which will integrate harmoniously into the interior.

As for the windows, they should be panoramic in the Scandinavian living room. Like the doors, they are painted white, which guarantees their maximum fusion with the general background of the room.

Scandinavian style furniture

As mentioned above, a Scandinavian style living room should not be cluttered with unnecessary items and interior items. Here, only the most necessary things should be present: a sofa, a pair of armchairs, a small closet, a table and several chairs. Preference is given to furniture made of natural wood of light essences, such as pine, birch, spruce or bleached oak. In the Scandinavian living room, the presence of wicker interior elements is authorized. It can be chairs or a table. They will fit perfectly into this environmentally friendly style.

It is important that the treatment of the wood is minimal and that its texture is clearly visible.

All furniture must be in the correct form. The sofa should certainly be large and comfortable, simple in shape and decorated with leather, suede, linen or fur. In addition to the sofa and armchairs in the living room, you can place several poufs (if the size of the room allows it), a chest of drawers and an open support, several shelves. It is also allowed to use modular furniture, which must certainly be made of wood.

Lighting, decor and textiles in Scandinavian style

An important detail of the Scandinavian interior is the lighting, which should be a lot. It can be a large metal chandelier decorated with shades of transparent crystal, several sconces and floor lamps. The beautiful chandeliers on the fireplace will not be superfluous.

The Scandinavian interior should not be saturated with decorative elements, but it should contain blankets, boxes, glass vases, sculptures and musical instruments in natural colors. However, the interior can also witness brilliant accents, which should be paired.

To “rekindle” the calm and luminous space of the northern living room, the carpet, decorated with a Scandinavian motif, repeats itself with the help of curtain patterns and furniture coverings. The monochrome interior of the room will be somewhat boring without various trinkets and light elements. These can include rugs, coasters, multi-colored pillows and flower pots. In addition, metal and porcelain objects, family photographs on the walls will be appropriate.

The fabrics chosen to decorate the Scandinavian living room must be textured. Therefore, the obligatory elements of this Nordic style are velvet used as padding for a sofa and armchairs, as well as a fur cover or a plaid. You can use linen and other natural materials of natural colors. Windows can be decorated with classic, Roman or Japanese curtains. The fabrics should be light.

Experts recommend leaving the windows open so that their clear and white glass frames give the room even more lightness and airiness.

The living room, designed in the Scandinavian style, is a magnificent and very comfortable interior that will never bore you. Her naturalness and restraint will always be relevant, so that the atmosphere with soft colors is elegant and original.

Scandinavian living room decor ideas

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