Scandinavian style in a new way: what has changed in 2020

If earlier the Scandinavian style was determined mainly by calm black and white colors, today it focuses on a combination of textures, a variety of shapes and vibrant colors. The pure white color was replaced by warm shades – from cream to bright yellow, from sky blue to deep blue.

Designers are sure that soon a new round of development of the Scandi style will become a real trend.

Textured walls

Now the walls are not just a background, but an independent part of the decor. Therefore, designers are advised to use coatings that will make the surface more interesting and pleasant to the touch. Such materials, for example, include decorative plaster, microcement and micro concrete.

Another way to add texture to the Scandinavian interior in 2020 is to decorate it with various fabrics. Curtains, sofa cushions and rugs instantly make any space more comfortable. For example, in the design of the bedroom, Scandinavian designers use multi-layer draperies and canopies.

Bright furniture

Juicy colors, various shades of yellow, green, sky blue and blue are in fashion in 2020. To update the interior, put one bright sofa, chair, armchair or any other piece of furniture. As an alternative, colorful accessories with a pattern will do. But do not forget that the main principle of the Scandinavian style is simplicity. Do not overload the room with unnecessary details.

Fancy lights

The scandinavian trend of 2020 is decorative lamps with natural motifs, for example, in the form of a tree branch or a piece of stone. And also massive ceiling suspensions, which serve as a spectacular accent in the interior and are immediately evident.


The Scandinavian style can adapt to modern trends and individual tastes, while continuing to stand on its three “pillars”: light, practicality and naturalness.

Northern aesthetics gravitates towards simplicity, but allows the use of expensive finishing materials. If you want gilding, marble and velvet instead of flax – no problem! Add them to the bright scandy space as interior accents. The main thing is not to get carried away, the elements of luxury are introduced into the Scandinavian interior in a dosed manner, the style does not like excessiveness.

Scandi is friends with trends. Based on it, the mid-Century style furniture and geometric retro prints that look relevant in 2020, look good in scandinavian interior. Once again in fashion, “Oriental Cucumber” perfectly takes root on Scandinavian textiles. The current narrow tile organically fits into the Scandinavian bathroom.

Abstract prints and feathers

Pay attention to abstract paintings, watercolors, portraits and botanical prints in natural colors. Mix them with unusual frames, group them by theme or select one element and focus only on it.

Feathers began to appear in the decor – an American trend that migrated to the Scandinavian style in 2020. Feathers can be a decorative element on their own or appear in the form of a pattern or embroidery on textiles, as well as in the form of applications.

Minimalistic storage systems

Open racks, hangers and baskets in an industrial style can organically look not only in the loft, but also in the Scandinavian interior. Almost all items of industrial decor from factory shelves and organizers to metal fixtures made of thick frosted glass are able to bring real Scandinavian chic to your interior.

One of the trends in the design of the bedroom is compact open hangers instead of the usual storage systems. They look laconic than classic banquets or vintage suitcases.

Trellised partitions

Such partitions transmit light, but at the same time create a feeling of intimacy. This trend came to the Scandinavian style from Japan. Lattice partitions are used in the design of bedrooms or sitting areas, they distinguish various functional areas in small apartments. Pine wood treated with a protective composition is usually used as a material for battens.

Large indoor plants

Do not be afraid to go too far – arrange pots with plants wherever you want, the main thing is that they have to be combined with the general concept of the interior. In spacious rooms, large plants look good in massive pots. A small space can be decorated with compositions of small plants. And as an alternative, dry branches and flowers, as well as botanical prints on wallpaper, are suitable.

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