Scandinavian tables: design, features, and recommendations

Any person wants to create a beautiful and unique design in their home. In this case, special attention should be paid to the choice of furniture. An excellent complement to almost any interior can be a table in the Scandinavian style. Today we will talk about the features of such furniture designs and about what materials they can be made of.

Distinctive features of Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style tables are most often made from natural materials, including from different types of wood. Similar furniture is made out mainly in various light shades. Designs in this style do not clutter up the space of the room but make it visually larger.

Their simplicity and conciseness distinguish tables in this style. They do not suggest a fancy decor or a large number of complex patterns, so this furniture most often acts as a neat addition to the interior.

Tables in this style should not have too large dimensions. Often they have a folding design, which, when folded, is the most compact model.

The option we are considering has several positive features:

  • Preference is given to natural materials. Most often, wood is used – a natural and environmentally friendly material that has a positive effect on human health and improves cozy place. The texture of the wood is the best decoration of furniture, suitable for most interiors.
  • Other materials are also used. Countertops can be made of glass. This solution is most often used in the manufacture of coffee tables. As for the base, it can be both wooden and metal. The second option is more suitable for modern interiors, as it looks futuristic. The metal base gives the tables an unusually stylish look, so designers often use such products.
  • Furniture is designed mainly in bright colors. Thanks to this, the table does not clutter up space and is excellent for small rooms. Therefore, the Scandinavian style is excellent for apartments and is used in rooms for various purposes.
  • Simplicity and conciseness. The design does not have fancy decor, complicated patterns, and decorations. Everything is as simple as possible, which makes this option indispensable for rooms where you do not need to draw attention to the table, but use it as an addition to the interior. Light furniture fills the space with spaciousness and is perfect for small rooms.
  • The table does not have to be very large. The concept of the Scandinavian style presupposes the presence of free space, so do not clutter it if possible. Best for a limited area are folding structures that are small in size and only increase if necessary.
  • The room needs to be well lit. Another essential element of the Scandinavian style is the quality lighting of the entire room. This creates the illusion of spaciousness, even with a small area of the room. Most often, a separate lamp is hung above the table for high-quality lighting of the surface. 
  • Decoration in the room also has its characteristics. It is widely used wood. The classic solution is a wooden floor and wooden window frames. As for the colors, everything is simple here: the room is decorated in white or light colors, this gives volume, and in combination with high-quality light visually expands the space.
  • The upholstery and decoration of the room are light textiles. Curtains are best chosen from light, airy fabrics. The upholstery is delicate, simple patterns may be present, although this is not necessary. Another element that fits this direction is blinds or roller blinds. In the Scandinavian style, the windows are often not curtained or draped at all.

Scandinavian tables types

Currently, in furniture stores, every consumer will be able to see a wide variety of different tables created in a simple Scandinavian style. They may differ from each other, depending on which room they are intended for.

Scandinavian dining table

These models are most often decorated in white, diluting the overall design with natural wood inserts, which act as an interesting accent. Sometimes the base and legs are made in bright colors, and the countertop itself is made of wood (light breeds are used). It is for the kitchen room that the best option will be the model of a folding or sliding type, which, if necessary, can be easily and quickly expanded.

Dining tables in most cases are rectangular, and round options may occur.

Scandinavian island table

As a rule, such tables are also located in the kitchen. They are designed in the same way as ordinary kitchen designs, but at the same time, they have longer fancy legs. Often they have a narrower but longer countertop. If the room has Scandinavian-style dining furniture, then the island can be selected in the same design and the same colors.

Sometimes these items are made with several compartments at the bottom for storing food or appliances.

Scandinavian tables for the living room

For such a room, small coffee tables in the Scandinavian style can become the best option. They usually have a low height. Many of them are entirely made from light wood species of natural wood. Sometimes different types of wood are used for countertops and legs.

Scandinavian home office table 

Scandinavian desk have a suitable size and configuration. Often in the design, there is a compartment for the system unit or a particular movable platform on wheels. Under the countertop can be drawers or a special shelf for the keyboard. The shape of the countertops can be different from standard rectangular solutions to L-shaped models and triangular options.

Table for a children’s room

A computer compact table will be an excellent option. This furniture will be suitable for schoolchildren. Many designs are fully designed in one color scheme, while small sections with shelves that are attached to the wall cover also go with them. These options allow you to save a significant amount of space in the room.

Scandinavian dressing table

Products in the Scandinavian style are attractive and practical. The structures are small in size, so they take up little space and fit perfectly into a limited space.

Coffee tables

Usually have a small size and height. Wheels often complement the simple design for mobility.


Various materials can be used for the production of such furniture designs, some of which are the most popular.

Scandinavian wooden table

  • Attractive appearance. The texture of the wood is the best decoration for furniture; such products never go out of fashion.
  • Long service life. Wooden tables are reliable and durable. Oak is especially durable. Tables made of this material can serve for centuries.
  • Maintainability. If the surface is frayed or scratched, you can sand it and coat again. Moreover, you choose what to use: varnish or paint.

Scandinavian plywood table

  • Cheap. Most often, it is birch or other hardwood. Plywood is better than coniferous.
  • Tables look attractive and weigh a little. The thickness of the plywood used varies from 12 mm or more. The thicker the countertop – the stronger it is, but the price increases.
  • The surface can be painted or veneered to give a resemblance to natural material.

Scandinavian MDF and particleboard table 

  • The lowest cost. This type of furniture will cost the least, so it is popular. But in terms of strength, such tables are inferior to all others.
  •  A wide variety of options. The surface of furniture plates is covered with a particular laminating film. It not only protects the facade from adverse effects but also gives the furniture any color and texture.
  •  Designs require careful handling and do not tolerate extremes in temperature and humidity.

Scandinavian metal table

  • It is characterized by high strength and resistance to stress.
  • It has a long service life. When used indoors, this base will last for decades.
  • Very often, designs are made of thin rods and have a bizarre shape, as in the example in the photo. This option fits perfectly into the concept of the Scandinavian style.
  • To protect against corrosion and give a more attractive appearance, the surface can be painted.

Scandinavian glass and plastic table

  • These materials are used infrequently but are well suited for strict and concise furniture with clear shapes.
  • Plastic is both transparent and color. Most often, white acrylic with a glossy surface is used, it makes excellent countertops.
  • Glass can be both transparent and tinted. It all depends on the model of the table and its design.

Scandinavian table: Colors and combination

The combination of light top and wood 

In such combination can be two main options: a light top and a wooden base or wooden countertop and a light base.

The choice depends on the situation. The design must be combined with the rest of the elements. To dilute the interior, colored chairs are often selected, as in the example in the photo. Due to them, you can make the room more comfortable.

The combination of dark color and wood

Most often used in structures with a metal base, which is painted in black or another dark color.

The wooden base may also be dark. Countertops in this color are usually not painted, although there are attractive solutions in this design.

If a dark countertop is selected, then the surrounding background should be light.

Light and pastel colors

Most often used in interior decoration, but there are tables in this design.

Very light shades are selected, and this can be either a pastel gamma or green, blue, or another similar option.

What to remember:

  • Use simple designs in light colors. They fit best into the Scandinavian style.
  • Choose the manufacturing material inside according to your possibilities. The wood is the most expensive, the chipboard is the cheapest.
  • Select the product for its intended purpose. For different purposes, various models are selected.

Beautiful examples and rules to follow

  • An excellent option for a kitchen room, decorated in black and gray colors, can be a table with a large black base and a rectangular countertop made of a light wood with an attractive texture. In this case, chairs should be selected in the same style.
  • For a small kitchen, an oval or round folding table, wholly made from one species of wood, can come up. For this design, you can choose chairs of black or dark brown colors. Similar options can be placed in rooms decorated in white or light gray.
  • In the interior of the children’s room, a table in white colors with a smooth glossy surface and with small legs made of wood will look interesting. At the same time, several small drawers or several shelves above it can be provided in it; such additional compartments must be created in the same design.
  • For the living room, a small coffee table with a clear white tabletop with a glossy or matte surface can come up. The legs of the structure can be made of thin metal tubes of an unusual shape. Such furniture can fit into a bright interior with gray or beige upholstered furniture with wooden flooring. The shape of the countertop can be round or slightly oval.
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