Shabby-chic decorative pillows: originality and tenderness

The Shabby-chic style can be described as an old-fashioned chic, it is a kind of mixture of romance, vintage, country and retro. This style especially requires unity and special harmony of details, interior items and accessories, various elements. A special complement are decorative pillows in this style.


There are no strict requirements in form, but most often preference is given to simple geometric forms – square, rectangle, circle. This is due to the fact that usually products in this style are richly equipped with decorating elements and a complex shape, coupled with many accessories, can simply overload the product. Other forms are also allowed – flowers, trapezoids, polygons, but they are much less common.

As for the materials – shabby chic does not tolerate synthetic fabric, preference is given to materials of natural origin – linen, cotton, silk. Accessories and decorating elements are also preferable to natural ones, but artificial analogues are allowed. The shabby chic cushions does not have any special requirements for filler materials, but since such pillows perform a purely decorative function, inexpensive synthetic fillers – synthetic winterizer, holofiber are most often used. They are lightweight, hold their shape well and do not require complicated care.

There are also some features of color solutions: light shades, pastel colors are in the lead here. White, beige, gray, ashy, all light pastel shades of pink, blue, lilac, green, yellow. Prints – floral (large, small, garden flowers, meadow), pastoral (shepherds, village landscapes), angels, birds. Geometric patterns are not so popular, but small peas and a medium-sized soft strip are allowed from them.

All home textile items in the image of shabby chic suggest the presence of a large number of decor, additional elements, jewelry, accessories, which are most often used as:

  • Lace; 
  • Frill;
  • Voluminous fabric flowers;
  • Tapes; 
  • Embroidery. Embroidery is used in various techniques – stitch, cross-stitch. Now the decoration in the form of embroidery with ribbons is gaining popularity; 
  • Pompons; 
  • Bows; 
  • Applications.

Features of choice

  • The main rule of harmonious selection of the interior of this style is a combination of textile elements. The combination of color, and materials, and accessories and decorating elements.
  • According to color schemes – curtains, upholstered furniture, pillows should be combined. This does not mean at all that all this should be of the same color or from the same fabric, moreover, this is on the contrary undesirable. As a rule, the uniform style consists in nuances, decor – if the curtains are decorated with bows and frills, then the same bows should be present on the pillows, if there is lace on the bedspread, then lace trim of other textile items will come in handy.
  • The same rule is for prints and applications – if the main motive, for example, is roses, then variations in the sizes of roses are allowed, but the combination of floral motifs and rural landscapes will be unnecessarily overloaded.
  • The same applies to decor – if flowers and lace, then you must adhere to them in all textile objects in the room, since adding embroidery and pompoms there, it is easy to go over the line beyond which the interior will not be stylish, but tasteless and old-fashioned. This can also happen with careless use of color shades. Too bright floral patterns, too colorful fabrics, too large prints.
  • It is worth remembering that the main feature of the shabby chic image is its elegant simplicity, in such a room it should be light.
  • Handmade pillows are very popular right now. They can be sewn by yourself. Such nuances as independent embroidery of flowers, patterns, initials in an antique stylized technique can give individuality.
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