Sherwin Williams paint colors that go with honey oak trim: 8 timeless combinations

Sherwin Williams paint colors that go with honey oak trim: 8 timeless combinations

The outstanding and unforgettable trend of the ‘80s and ‘90s – “honey oak” is still part of a substantial number of interiors, used particularly for the trim. Some cannot simply give up on this bold accent. Others are not willing to do a whole makeover. What about you? 

One thing we know for sure: regardless of its rich texture and influence on the overall design, the peak of popularity for this material remains at the end of the 20th century. The current design ideas allow us to adapt honey oak to the contemporary interiors as a constituent part. One of the best options in this sense is to accompany it with an appropriate paint color. 

First things first, honey oak has a yellow-toned orange color. It is quite bold, and its matching partner should be strong enough to keep pace with such an accent. Firstly, you should decide upon the desired result. Would you like to downplay the orange undertones of the honey oak or emphasize them? In the former case, you should opt for paint colors with similar undertones to camouflage the yellow-orange notes in wood. Besides the fading effect, the result promises to be a harmonious combination of shades. If your purpose is to point out the rich scents of honey oak, consider contrasting colors that will serve as a perfect background. Today, we suggest taking a look at the color palette offered by Sherwin Williams to fit either of the directions you decide to go. Let’s find out what the well-known paint manufacturer has in store for us!

Vessel SW 9547

A perfect approach that would complement honey oak and adapt it to contemporary settings is choosing a shade of gray. One should note that warm grays, in particular, will work well by going in harmony with the orange undertones of the wood. 

The SW 9547 paint color is exactly what honey oak will benefit from to the fullest. It is a light shade of gray with appealing warm notes. If paired with honey oak, this shade would look like flowing from the orange underlayer of the latter. A space decorated with honey oak trim and walls painted in this color will result in a pleasant environment that surrounds you with joyful notes of calmness. 

Antique White SW 6119

Among neutrals that would work in this respect is white, which has to be warm as well. A little bit brightening up the rich notes of honey oak and refreshing them, such a shade will only enhance its look at its finest. 

The SW 6119 is a perfect interpretation of calmness and invigoration, and it seems that the bold texture of honey oak lacks these particular features. Antique White is a soft shade of white with subtle beige undertones that keep it airy and relaxing. This paint color will perfectly neutralize the honey oak trim by complementing its undertones and slightly refreshing it. 

Drift of Mist SW 9166

Let’s reveal the yellow undertones of honey oak in the most unexpected way by opting for a light shade of yellow! Not far from the trim undertones and outstanding with its refreshing features, such a paint color is a real find.

The SW 9166 paint color is a very light yellow with subtle gray undertones. Once it pairs with honey oak, the latter is instantly penetrated by crispy notes. It seems that this color not only stays in harmony with the hidden undertones of honey oak but also reveals them in a new way by adding a touch of freshness.

Wool Skein SW 6148

Enough with fresh shades; let’s go a little bit bolder! Emphasize the standout texture of honey oak with a warmer shade of beige. The space will be enriched with a strong effect of warmth and calmness, although a balanced one.

The SW 6148 paint color will serve this purpose better than any other shade of this kind. Its noticeable yellow notes will integrate the trim into the background, while the subtle gray scents will balance the rich orange undertones of honey oak.

Alabaster SW 7008

It seems that white cannot simply give up and tries, again and again, to offer options to pair with honey oak. We have nothing else to do than accept them because they are impressive, and skipping outstanding combinations is not what we do. 

The SW 7008 paint color is a crispy white with slightly visible notes of beige. Perfect as a background, going in harmony with the trim undertones and camouflaging the bold orange notes with a soft gray scent.

Now that we have covered some of the neutrals you can use to pair with honey oak, it is time we spoke about bolder shades. One should note that both soothing and extremely bold colors are to be considered.  

Quietude SW 6212

If you think that such the rich texture of honey oak simply suppresses any soothing color, we want to assure you that nothing like that happens with an appropriate hue. We would like to emphasize the use of green shades in this respect.

The SW 6212 is a light green with soft blue notes and warm undertones. Of course, the trim will still be an accent but slightly balanced due to this airy shade of green. It seems that a correctly chosen color can adapt even the boldest accents to current trends that follow the principle of keeping everything within limits. 

Jasper SW 6216

Why not give dark shades a try? Of course, the result will be particularly bold and will not suit any preferences. Nevertheless, it is worth considering such a pairing if you want to stand out. 

The SW 6216 paint color is a very dark green, which will certainly set a dramatic environment. However, dark shades have been gaining popularity lately, and such an option will surely keep you up to date. This is when the paint color will benefit from the honey oak as well since the latter will warm up the cool green shade. 

Adrift SW 7608

Besides other colors that suit honey oak, one particular shade impresses with its bold effect. This time we speak about bright blue and believe us, nothing compares with the result that this color has prepared for us.

The SW 7608 paint color is a bright blue with fresh notes and a slightly noticeable haze cover. If your design includes honey oak trim and you dream of integrating it into an airy coastal style, this color is a perfect companion. Such a splash of blue will feel like a breath of fresh air, offering the trim a stately look.

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