8 gorgeous ideas for a shower corner shelf to add functionality and style

8 gorgeous ideas for a shower corner shelf to add functionality and style

The convenience of a corner shelf in the shower cannot be denied, but the same goes for the aesthetic look of this place. Therefore, a perfect shelf in this sense implies a combination of functionality and style. Win both ways by opting for a corner shelf to store all the necessary products and keep pace with the bathroom style. 

We prepared a list of the 8 best ideas on how to arrange a perfect corner shelf in the shower, accompanied by practical tips. Be ready to be informed on trendy materials, colors, and designs that fit this space best: relevant information, pieces of advice, and inspirational photos. Our list has them all for you to enjoy!

3 essentials to get started

  • Number of shelves. Relying on the available space, you can go with more than one shelf, making sure that they do not limit your free movement in the shower;
  • Appropriate measurement of the space. Even the smallest shelf of this kind supposes an exact measurement of the space. Manage this task in advance to avoid any further space issues;
  • Overall style of the bathroom. Integrate your corner shelf into the already existing style and complement it at the necessary level without bringing too much or reducing the aesthetics.

Transparent effect to fit any style

The first and undoubtedly the best option that would fit any style is a glass corner shelf. Furthermore, you can opt for a group of shelves of this kind. Due to their transparent look, they will not overwhelm the environment, keeping it simple. The lack of additional colors will fit these shelves perfectly into any style, complementing other colors and materials. 

It should be noted that glass will always be trendy and any kind of its integration into the interior design is welcome. Consider storing your shower products on them or some decorative units, such as plants, to fill the space perfectly.

Raw effect with stainless steel

One of the most common materials for shower shelves is stainless steel that does not plan on leaving the stage. Furthermore, the large variety of designs offer you the possibility to integrate them into any interior design. 

We suggest a simple approach, including minimalist shelves without any additional accessories, emphasizing the roughness of this material. Furthermore, particularly black will offer your shelves a contemporary look.

Simplicity at its finest 

Whether your bathroom implies an eclectic combination of styles or sticks to the minimalist principle, nothing will complete it better than the delicate sharp edges of a corner shelf. Avoid any frames or additional accessories and emphasize the main purpose of this unit – to store the shower products. 

This simple yet eye-catching design will enrich the environment with more elegance than any other sophisticated unit of this kind. Consider neutral colors as well, and a result like that is guaranteed.

Add elegance with marble surfaces

Marble can be integrated perfectly in any room, particularly in the bathroom. Even the smallest presence of this material can make quite a statement. Consider marble shelves for the shower and fill this space with the missing sparkle. 

The material itself serves as a decorative unit, besides the functional feature of the shelves. Furthermore, you can consider various colors and even all of them at the same time, although a neutral approach is required.

From one place to another

To add convenience to a shower shelf, we suggest you consider one that can be moved from one place to another. It usually implies a group of smaller shelves that form a single unit and can be easily put in any place you want. 

Therefore, you can keep it most of the time in the shower corner as a constituent part of this space. At the same time, change its place during the shower in any way that seems convenient to you.

Always at hand

According to this option, you can consider any design you want. The idea consists of the fact that your corner shelves have to match the background of the bathroom so that they do not stand out. This will ensure the integrity of the picture.

Here is what you do next: consider using these shelves only when taking a shower, and do not leave any products outside this time. This option will work perfectly for amateurs of minimalism, keeping the functionality of the shelves and their integration into the bathroom.

Maximum convenience within minimum space

If the space does not allow you a proper integration of a corner shelf, but you want to go this way at all costs, the following option will suit you best: consider simple steel shelves that start with the corner and go in a particular direction, parallel to the wall. 

It will ensure free movement within the shower and convenient storage of the products that will always be at hand. Furthermore, the idea of a corner shelf will not be lost but adapted to particular conditions.

Add more functionality

Referring to the flow of ideas from the previous suggestion, we come with a slightly similar, although new option. Consider no hanging shelves and go with interior ones. Of course, they cannot cover the entire corner. This is why they start at this point but go further in a particular direction.

Such shelves will add practicality to the shower space and offer it a contemporary look. Fresh aspect, no additional accessories, simple and elegant, all this can be achieved with such shelves.

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