16 Shower Design Ideas You’ll Want to Try & Useful Tips

Shower or bathtub? This question hasn’t let tens of homeowners sleep at night. The truth is that many agreed that a shower is the most practical, affordable, and efficient solution. Still, you can get a bit from both worlds; about this, in the following design ideas.

For a start, let’s go through a few pros of having a shower so that you are more than sure about your decision. Quickly after that, we can enjoy together the best shower design ideas suggested by experts. Wait to find out that those are also the trendiest design concepts.

Shower Pros: The Main Reasons to Say “Yes”

  • Water saving. In contrast to bathtubs, showers use less water;
  • Convenience. You can always take a quick and time-saving shower;
  • Space saving. Most shower stalls don’t take much space and fit better in small bathrooms;
  • More shower features. You can install various shower heads: detachable, rain showers, double-power, water-saving, filtered, adjustable;
  • Accessibility. Showers adjusts to different kind of needs; you can consider grabbing bars, seats, and even non-slip surfaces;
  • Relaxing. Although bathtubs are pretty competitive in this sense, taking a shower helps your body release endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness;
  • Benefits for the skin. Regular showers prevent various skin conditions related to stress;
  • More affordable. You don’t necessarily have to buy a shower cabin. You can improvise a shower room with glass walls, which is much more affordable and efficient;
  • Efficiency of use. According to specialists, a shower head spreads the water evenly all over your body and helps you stay cleaner since all the dirt instantly goes down the drain;
  • Energy-efficient. Considering the considerably reduced water use, showers are more energy-saving than tubs.

Key Trend of the Season: Wet Room

If you haven’t decided yet between a shower and a bathtub or want to experience them both, just opt for a wet room with a shower head and a tub. Usually, those are walk-in wet areas separated from the rest of the room through a glass wall. For more sophisticated looks, consider a flooring delimitation line.

Best for Small Bathrooms: Doorless Shower

When you think a shower stall is the best you can get for your small bathroom, we tell you that a doorless shower is even better. Consider a simple glass wall to stop water from reaching the other functional areas and save space in your small room. This walk-in shower design is practical, looks up-to-the-minute, and won’t steal an inch from the available space.

Double-Head Shower for Two

Save time and make it more entertaining by installing two shower heads on the same wall or opposite each other. Now, you won’t have to wait until your partner takes their shower in the morning. You’ll be able to do it at the same time. 

Closer to Outdoors: Panoramic Window in the Shower

Bring more light and natural color to your shower by decorating it with a full-length window with an open view of the natural landscape or your private garden to ensure privacy. If you feel intimidated yet the design concept seems alluring, choose the alternative with frosted glass or consider the window entirely in the roof. 

More Privacy with Frosted Glass

You have every right if you crave privacy in your bathroom, even when showering alone. In this case, switch from clear to frosted glass walls and doors. Note that such an option works better for large bathrooms. Frosted glass feels heavier on the ambiance and tends to steal from the available space.

Smart Shower: Ceiling Shower Head

We crave every inch of bathroom space and make the most of any design idea. Install the shower head into the ceiling and enjoy the rain effect. This approach to design makes your bathroom look more luxurious and adds the high-demanded spa effect.

Game Changer: Built-In Storage

Avoid accessorizing the shower area with storage shelves that take up space and visually disturb the design. Opt for a built-in storage system covered in tiles to save space and add functionality. You can use this area for storing your shower products or simply for decorative purposes.

Designers’ Favorite: Arches

Arches have never seen such love from designers more than now. The intriguing shape draws the eye and delights the imagination. If you want to add a bit of aesthetic beauty to your shower, consider ached forms in every way possible. An arched entrance, an arch-top glass shower wall, an arched built-in storage space, or a fully arched shower design.

Best Shower Material: Marble

Marble texture is one of the highest-rated materials for shower walls. Sizable marble tiles are preferred to small ones. Experts suggest switching from classic white marble to colorful slabs with generously large patterns. Add visual interest and elegance to your showers.

Water-Related Colors: Blue and Green

Choose glossy green or blue tiles in the shower to incorporate a gorgeous marine-world ambiance. Pick any variation of those colors: bright green or blue, sage, soothing blue, teal, azure blue, emerald green, and any other available tone. 

Shower Lighting: Between Functional and Stylish

The best option has always been recessed lighting. Built-in square ceiling lamps are some of the trendiest and most practical lighting solutions. As of late, LED strips with changeable colors have become an absolute must in contemporary showers. Go as far as opting for LED shower heads and create a flawless mood while you shower.

Get the Look: Shower Design Concepts

Mediterranean Terracotta

Decorate the walls or floor with terracotta tiles. Choose any shape and earthy orange tone. Pair the warm summertime color with white and plenty of natural light. Transform your shower sessions into relaxing moments spent somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

Spa-Like Wood Texture

Consider natural wood with a waterproof finish or wood-resembling tiles for your shower walls. Wood is often associated in the bathroom with relaxing and spa-like features. You’ll receive the classic wood and white look if you pair it with white paint. On the other hand, wood partnered with stone or gray tiles and black hardware results in a state-of-the-art contemporary effect.

Industrial Features

For lovers of raw and futuristic effects, the Industrial style is the best option for the shower. Opt for raw-textured materials, such as wood, stone, or concrete, for walls. Accessorize the wet area with displayed pipes, metal accents, and simplistic details. Additionally, think of glass and black metal shower walls.

Exotic Vibe

Bring in as much greenery as possible. Following the relevance of eco-style design trends, one of the best design ideas is one close to nature. Lucky you if you have access to a private garden, especially direct access right from the shower, peculiar to southern locations. On the other hand, you can always decorate your shower with big-leaf plants. The combined wet leaves and the constant rainfall will make you escape into the jungles.

Elegant Gold

Polish your shower with elegance by accessorizing it with gold hardware. It depends on the color palette a lot. If you pair gold with light colors, you’ll end up with a timeless look full of finesse. Try a darker color, such as marine blue or green, and everything turns into a fairytale. For a more classic and modern look, try black and gold.

Shower Design: Final Design Tips

  • Opt for a walk-in wet area rather than a shower cabin. In the long run, a shower cabin creates the perfect conditions for fungal growth, which becomes a real headache when it comes to cleaning, without mentioning its impact on your health;
  • Ensure a ventilation system for your shower. Avoid floor-to-ceiling shower glass walls without access to the rest of the room. Provide space for the steam to leave the shower stall;
  • Pair a modern ceiling shower head with additional fixtures. The rainfall shower head is excellent for relaxing showers. Don’t hesitate to consider an extra handheld shower head for practical reasons, both for taking a shower and for bathroom cleaning times;
  • Don’t overlook the draining system. Ensure every drop of water goes down the drain due to the right angle of the shower flooring.
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