Simple DIY garage storage ideas

Garage storage is never a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Your garage storage needs may differ from the needs of someone else. For this reason, when it comes to making space for garage storage, it is better to do it yourself.

The open floor plan of most garages means that they are ripe for creative and innovative solutions. Of course, you will need some inspiration and tested ideas to maximise your garage space and make the most of your storage.

Therefore, we have come up with our list of simple DIY garage storage ideas that are practical, convenient, and will save you a bunch of space in your garage. Even if DIY projects are not your thing, you will find our ideas easy enough to implement in your garage. 

If these ideas are still not making enough space for your garage, it may be time to consider a new, bigger garage to meet your storage needs. Contact a professional customer-oriented company like Fairdinkumbuilds for the most convenient, high-quality residential garages that won’t break the bank to meet your needs.

Let’s dive in.

Simple DIY garage storage ideas

Here are a few of our practical, convenient, and simple space maximising DIY garage storage ideas for you to implement in your garage today. 

Corner shelves

While they may not sound very creative, corner shelves are an immensely overlooked simple DIY storage solution that most people forget to consider. Look at your garage corners right now. Most probably, except for your storage wall area, the remaining corners are empty or partially empty and not utilised as space for storing items.

Installing 2 or 3 eye-level corner shelves for the empty corners of your garage is an easy and incredibly practical way to tuck away your paint cans, car waxes, WD-40s, spray paints, adhesives, primers, etc. You can even use it to store some of your infrequent household items.

High space cabinets

If everything in your garage is within reach from the ground, you are probably not utilising your garage space efficiently. Not everything in your garage is often used, especially seasonal things like camping gear or holiday decorations. So, why keep it within reach and waste precious real estate?

Use out-of-reach, high spaces to add simple DIY cabinets or storage bin shelves that can house all your seasonal items and long-term storage stuff. You will likely end up freeing a large chunk of your garage’s floor and reachable storage space.

Overhead storage bin slider

An overhead storage bin slider on your garage ceiling is perhaps the best way to flip the system when it comes to ceilings and storage bins. Instead of keeping storage bins on the garage floor, you can attach them to the ceiling. It’s a fairly simple, one-day DIY effort.

Screw two, three, or four (depending on the number of rows you want) 2x2s to the ceiling with 3-1/2-inch screws spaced every 2 ft. Then, use your storage bins to guide the spacing between the 2x2s. The lip of the storage bin should be millimetres away from the 2x2s, lightly brushing them when you slide one in.

Next, centre and screw 1x4s to the 2x2s using 2-inch screws, and that’s it! Start filling up storage bins and sliding them into your overhead storage bin slider.

Stacked storage bin shelves

You might be thinking, “Why do I need DIY shelves to stack storage bins when I can stack them as is?” Hear us out. Many people stack storage bins on their garage floors. However, when they need something from the bottom bin, it’s a hassle to load and unload them every time.

With a stacked DIY shelf, you will never have to face this problem. Moreover, you can stack up to 4, 5, or even 6 heavy storage bins without worrying about the bottom one buckling and destroying your entire stack.

Our stacked storage bin shelves are perhaps the simplest DIY garage storage idea on this list. These storage bin shelves bring a lot of convenience to garage owners.


Using these simple DIY garage storage ideas, you can maximise the space and use it for other things like work, crafting, or even other DIY projects. Your garage is precious real estate, and you should never take it for granted and waste the space.

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