Slanted ceiling room design & decorating ideas

The rooms with sloping ceilings are extremely attractive. Although the inclined ceiling takes away part of the room, this seeming shortcoming creates an unusual look, that very romantic atmosphere, and coziness that is so lacking in traditional rooms. It is always interesting to beat such a space. How to correctly and tastefully arrange an attic – let’s figure it out.

Design specifics of a room with a slanted ceiling

The overly pompous design of the attic looks at least ridiculous. A calm, cozy, simple interior is what you need for a compact room. It is advisable to decorate the walls and ceiling in one light tone. Contrasting colors will not be appropriate because they create a feeling of tightness, “eat up” space. It is better to use light shades of blue, beige, yellow, pale pink, mint. A great design move – 3D images on the walls, creating the effect of expanding the space.

The choice of furniture and its location must also be responsible. Low and compact items will be preferred. It is better to place a bed or sofa against a high wall and small chests of drawers and wardrobes near the ceiling bevels.

The indisputable advantage of the attic is the ability to embody interesting design ideas. If you want to create the atmosphere of a loft – make one of the walls with brickwork. In a wooden house, beams and timber frame paneling will fill the space with the comfort of an Alpine chalet.

And of course, do not forget about a comfortable temperature during the heat and install an air conditioner, since the attic roof during this period can reach a temperature of 80 degrees.

Consider all the subtleties of the design of attic rooms for different purposes.


The undisputed favorite of all lovers of comfort is the attic bedroom. In its arrangement, designers advise taking into account the following points:

  • The best style solutions, in this case, are Provence, loft, or classic;
  • Decor elements should be few and not provocative;
  • For the decoration of the ceiling, PVC film or fabric will be appropriate;
  • An interesting solution is to place the bed under the attic window to watch the sunrise every day. But then it makes sense to put “smart” glass. One press of the remote control button is enough to make it matte and not let in light.

Living room

You can safely equip the living room in the spacious attic, where it will be pleasant to watch interesting films in family and friends’ gatherings. For such a room, it is best to select built-in furniture. It will save space and fit well into non-standard footage. The sloped ceiling can be filled with shelving.


The arrangement of a bathroom in the attic room is an original but not an easy decision. In the process, certain difficulties may arise since such rooms are often low and too compact. But, following the advice of professionals, you can arrange for yourself a completely harmonious and comfortable place for relaxation and water procedures:

  • All interior elements should create the illusion of spaciousness. Preference should be given to light shades.
  • It is better to place the bathtub at the lowest wall, the toilet at the highest one.
  • The most suitable materials for the ceiling are as follows: stretch ceiling, drywall (it is worth buying moisture-resistant types of material), plastic panels.

Children’s room

In the design of a nursery, it is important to find the right approach in terms of functionality and show creative imagination in design. Here it would be best to consider the gender, age of the child, his preferences, and hobbies. The competent design of a room with a sloping ceiling can become a special place for a kid to return to again and again.

In the decoration of the attic walls of the nursery, you can use quite bold solutions. Wallpapers with small patterns, smooth contrasts, bright accents, beautiful images – all this have a place to be.

Stretch ceiling structures are appropriate for high overlap; otherwise, the child can easily damage the polymer film or textiles during games. The best solution would be to use a plasterboard false ceiling, plastic panels, or lining.

Home office

A home workspace should be comfortable, functional, but no less cozy. A room with a sloped ceiling, with the proper arrangement, can become a real favorite place for solving important problems. To do this, it is worth considering some aspects:

  • Due to the bevels, there are a lot of dark areas in the room, so the issue of lighting should be given special attention;
  • A good solution is light walls and ceiling in contrast to the dark floor;
  • The sloping ceiling can be painted or whitewashed. The stretch or plasterboard structure looks great;
  • For roof windows, blinds or roller blinds are the best options.

Loft style in the attic room

A room with a sloped ceiling is created for a loft-style design since the sloped structure is already an accent in the interior itself. Walls made of artificially aged bricks in contrast to the light ceiling will look ideal here.

It’s a great idea to leave one of the surfaces without any finishing at all. Such a decision will definitely impress with its boldness and unpretentiousness. Stylish abstract paintings or posters will support the atmosphere of the loft.

Lighting is an important aspect of a comfortable space

Correct lighting is perhaps one of the most important criteria for the successful arrangement of a small room. Do not cover the roof windows with massive blackout curtains. Opt for lightweight sheer curtains that maximize natural light. Artificial lighting should be organized in such a way that the space appears as bright as possible. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • If the height is acceptable, you can hang a neat chandelier or ceiling light;
  • In a room with a low ceiling, it is better to do with built-in spotlights. Alternatively, a compact flat chandelier will do;
  • Additional light sources can be LEDs or wall sconces.

Non-standard rooms have always attracted eccentric designers, creative enthusiasts, and adherents of the original interior. It is not surprising because in attics and rooms with sloping ceilings, you can feel a certain authenticity of the environment, a special atmosphere of warmth and home comfort, where you can relax, retire or have a great time in the company of your closest and dearest people.

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