Sloped ceiling lighting ideas: brighten it up from a new angle

Are you sure you know what a sloped ceiling is? We bet you are! Still, let’s make sure you have the right idea in mind! A sloped ceiling, also known as vaulted, is an architectural structure featuring a ceiling that slopes, usually supported by a wooden beam or any other element of this kind. It makes the space feel larger since the ceiling angles up in the roof direction and goes higher than the standard flat ceiling. 

A sophisticated design like this supposes a no less intricate approach to lighting that should fit the space, keep pace with the overall design, and provide appropriate light. Luckily, we found out the best ways to brighten such spaces and are happy to share them with you to make the most of this architectural piece of art. Dive in!

New light for a new height

Make the most of the extra space and enrich your interior with an elegant piece by opting for a large chandelier of any style. Be it an industrial fixture with sleek contemporary lines or a flamboyant composition that reminds of the royal finesse. Even the most modern interior design would benefit from such a pearl, particularly when the sloped ceiling offers enough space.

Magic with multilight

Don’t hesitate to use every inch of the extra space and provide your interior with an original light source. Consider multiple pendants, whether separately or within the same structure. This solution works particularly well in kitchens if hanging the fixtures all the way above the working area for a functional approach that adds an individual sense of originality.

Fake it till you make it

Consider improvised systems with multiple light sources that replicate a false standard ceiling if you fancy a rather functional approach. Such a solution will not take much space if you want to preserve it untouched. Furthermore, such a structure allows you to brighten each angle and direct the light sources in any direction you want.

Simple, elegant, or a mix of two?

As with a flat ceiling, you can safely go with any pendant you want. The thing is that the extra space offers you the possibility to opt for hanging fixtures, which adds to the overall style. From the simplest glass globes to the most intricate solutions, enrich your interior with the right amount of light and style.

Stay organic

One of the trendiest approaches to interior design is integrating natural materials that instantly offer your room an eco-friendly feature and enriches the space with natural texture. Apply this idea to lighting and opt for one or more pendants made of organic materials, such as rattan or various fabrics.

Well lit and functional

If you don’t want to take an inch from the extra space, go safely with recessed lighting and be sure that your interior will be well lit, the ceiling will acquire a modern appearance, while the lighting approach itself will match any style of yours. Furthermore, such a solution works for any type of finishing. Whether your ceiling is whitewashed, painted, or covered in wood, recessed lighting is a no-fail option.

Track the angles

In the same range of ideas, we suggest opting for track lights if leaving the space free is a priority. Besides adding a contemporary sense to the interior, you can functionally use these units and brighten the space in a way that suits you. This solution works particularly well for kitchens where you can efficiently brighten each functional area in part.

Look lower

Choosing the appropriate lighting source for spaces with sloped ceilings does not necessarily imply fixtures that can be hung on the ceiling only. Look a bit lower, and go with wall sconces, particularly in a very small room that would benefit from that extra space. Additionally, if the space allows, you can opt for a combination of ceiling and wall lighting sources.

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