17 Stylish decorating ideas for a small apartment to update your interior design

A small apartment is not always a limit when it comes to decoration. On the contrary, it is a different approach that offers you new possibilities. The main aspect within this context is to apply appropriate techniques for decorating your apartment. This tiny space can acquire a new look with a perfect color palette, proper furniture layout, and appropriate decorative elements. 

We prepared a list of the 17 best decorating ideas for a small apartment with practical tips to assist you in reaching the perfect version of your abode. We will help you make the most of this space and set a stylish and functional decoration within your apartment. 

Bright shades of color

The color palette for an apartment is usually chosen based on personal preferences. Nevertheless, a small space requires a unique approach. When it comes to tiny apartments, the best choice is a light color palette. It will enlarge the space and bring in light. Consider such colors as white, pastels, or muted shades. Besides the visible effect, they will influence the environment by enriching it with a feeling of expansion.

Wall art for a new personality

A small space limits you when it comes to decorative elements on the floor. However, the walls offer you various opportunities to enliven the place with new splashes of color and shapes. Consider wall art to give your apartment personality. Particularly suitable is a simple design with light colors so as not to overwhelm the space. 

In this sense, you can opt for a single large painting or a group of smaller pieces. Either way, wall art can shape the environment of your room by bringing new points of interest without covering too much space.

Appropriate layout of furniture

Large spaces allow you to play with furniture any way you want. When it comes to smaller apartments, you have to emphasize the functional use of space. We would like to draw your attention to some aspects to consider when planning the layout of the furniture:

  • Opt for multi-functional furniture that is customized to your dimensions;
  • Consider an open space layout, placing the furniture against the wall;
  • Try to avoid placing accessories on the pathway so as not to overwhelm an already small space;
  • Consider a system of decoration that keeps everything in place and avoid displaying accessories everywhere you find convenient.

Wall mirrors to expand the space

It is no secret that mirrors can shape the look of the room by expanding it. Consider large mirrors on walls to create the illusion of continuation and enlarge the space. Their reflective effect will bring additional space even in the rooms where it seems impossible. Furthermore, a stylish approach to the mirror frame will add a new point of interest and serve as an excellent decorative unit.

Glass surfaces for a transparent effect

Glass surfaces will always be a perfect choice when it comes to tables or other accessories since they blend with the room and add space to small apartments. There is no easier way of adding freshness into a room than by bringing in glass units. The simpler the design, the clearer the effect will be. Consider this option for functional use of space that will ensure the stylish look of your room and add space where it is necessary.

Say “no” to rugs

Small spaces require a limited number of elements and as little texture as possible. A perfect source of adding texture and patterns is rugs. Therefore, they are suitable for large apartments. At the same time, smaller spaces require their avoidance. However, for those that cannot go without a rug, there is also an alternative. Consider a small rug whose color is similar to the floor one to add the soft feeling and keep it within the borders.

Beyond the limits with tall shelves

A small apartment will benefit from large walls and functional use of space. Both these aspects can be reached by opting for tall shelves that will visually make the walls look taller and serve as storage space for other decorative elements. Besides their decorative purpose, they can also be used to keep other units in place in an organized way, such as in the hallway for shoes and coats or living for books and photos.

Blend of colors 

The smaller the color palette, the larger the space. We suggest you opt for colors similar to each other so as not to add too many shades and overwhelm the space. Consider particular shades for furniture that blend with the wall color. When it comes to the kitchen, it is easier to adapt the color of the walls to cabinets. Either way, opt for a neutral background and elements that slightly differ in color to ensure the freshness of the environment.

Low-height sofa to free the space

Although such a context implies high walls and elements that ensure this effect, it is the opposite when it comes to sofas. Consider low-height sofas for the living room to clear the environment and reduce the amount of attention to this piece of furniture. The smoother it will look, the fresher it will seem. Besides that, you will have free space for wall art or other units to enrich the environment.

Functional window treatment

A perfect option would be to avoid any window treatment if possible. Nevertheless, this is not the case with most apartments. When it comes to small spaces, tall curtains will work best, enlarging the place and offering the walls a taller look. At the same time, Roman blinds instead of curtains will ensure the functional use of space and offer you more freedom with the furniture layout.

Bring in as much light as possible

There is no doubt that small spaces require appropriate lighting. Start with natural light by making sure that it penetrates the room at the necessary level. Secondly, consider many lighting sources to brighten the space. From led strips all over the kitchen cabinets to large chandeliers, bring light to every corner. It should be noted that the bigger the number of such sources, the simpler they should look so as not to overwhelm the space.

Rethink the use of space

Even small apartments have spaces that could be used to benefit the functionality of the place and its look. Consider unused corners or blank walls to set particular decorations. From wall galleries to hanging plants, you can enrich the interior design with new splashes of color, although not bold ones. Therefore, a black and white gallery on a living room wall will cover the blank space and bring in aesthetics. At the same time, the hanging pots with plants will not cover too much space and refresh the place.

Embrace the floating system

Large furniture and other pieces of decor can reduce the free space within a small apartment. This is why floating units are welcome. Besides their functional use, they will offer your place a fresh look. In this sense, consider floating shelves in your living to store the books, nightstands of the same kind to free the space in your bedroom, or a floating work table to set a small office within your living or bedroom.

New dimensions with stripes

Add new dimensions to your apartment with stripes. Apply this pattern to wallpaper, particularly vertical stripes, to make the walls look taller. At the same time, you can use this design for furniture or bedclothes in the bedroom to add length to these units. It is worthy to note that these patterns are simple and will not overwhelm the space.

Integrate Shabby Chic

If you want to keep it functional and still offer your apartment an entirely new look, consider Shabby Chic, which is easy to integrate into small places, particularly the living room. In this sense, opt for light colors and vintage accents. In two simple steps, you can shape the environment and offer your room an accent. Do not forget about a comfortable seat and an elegant chandelier to ensure a luxurious effect.

A simple decorating formula

Contemporary apartments require a modern approach, including a simple layout that keeps it up to date and preserves the functional use of space. Consider a few pieces of furniture, particularly the ones you really need and place them against the wall. Opt for simple decorative elements that enrich the environment at the right level without suppressing the space. Emphasize the free space by not covering it with other units and letting the light penetrate every part of the room.

French elegance and Scandinavian practicality

The easier way to enrich your apartment with a new look within limits is by sticking to particular styles. You can even go with two of them for an eclectic pairing. Therefore, you will not have to add a large number of elements to decorate the space. Consider the ones that bring in the environment of a particular style, and your room will acquire a new look. 

A perfect option is to go with the Scandinavian style when it comes to furniture layout and the French one for decorative elements. The functional use of space and new splashes of elegance ensured by a large chandelier and vintage units will keep it stylish.

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