Small bathroom with wood effect tiles: stylish ideas for a natural and functional result

Small bathroom with wood effect tiles: stylish ideas for a natural and functional result

Natural materials promise to stay in trend for a long time. Therefore, wood is one of the best options when it comes to covering surfaces, where the bathroom is not an exception. Even though natural wood is not a perfect option for this space, wood effect tiles serve as an alternative without reducing the natural effect. 

Wood effect tiles work with any style, offering your bathroom a rustic environment or a contemporary look. Easy to combine with other colors and materials, the versatile wood tiles suit any preference and offer the bathroom an accent. Nevertheless, the smaller the bathroom is, the harder it is to play with contrasts. Therefore, we prepared a list of practical suggestions, tackling such aspects as designs for wood effect tiles, textures, and color combinations for small bathrooms. We will offer you a new perspective on how such tiles can work for every case in part and inspire you for something new. 

Original designs for wood effect tiles

Since you are limited in space, the bathroom requires a specific approach so that the tiles do not suppress the place but emphasize its peculiarities. We would like to draw your attention to some original designs for tiles to bring in the natural element perfectly.

  • Go all with wood tiles. For a balanced effect, go with wood effect tiles on the floor and one wall. Pick long tiles to enlarge the space or consider shorter ones to soften the environment. Consider lighter undertones since the wall tiles will substantially darken the place.
  • Parquet-like tiles. The popular herringbone design does not plan to get out of trend. Consider this layout both for floor and wall tiles. Furthermore, you can even go with such a design for the bathtub frame to emphasize the contrasts.
  • Light wood tiles. Small spaces require as much light as possible. Light wood tiles will brighten the place and offer it a fresh effect. Particularly suitable they will be for the floor, enlarging the space.
  • Unusual design. Although wood is already an unusual option for the bathroom, it does not mean you cannot go further. Consider unique designs, such as geometric shapes, combined wood textures, or the aged effect.

Texture combinations with wood effect tiles

Of course, an all-wood bathroom will suppress the environment. This is why a combination of textures is required to balance the contrasts. We would like to draw your attention to some original ideas of combining wood effect tiles with other textures in a small bathroom.

  • Wood and marble. Consider balanced combinations of wood and marble, taking into account the particular undertones of wood for the specific color of marble. Opt for colder shades to achieve a crispy effect or calmer ones to soften the contrasts.
  • Wood and stone. Cool down the warm effect produced by wood tiles by adding stone. The contrastive pairing of these textures will enrich the space with new accents and add points of interest to a seemingly small place.
  • Wood and plain porcelain. If you want to keep it simple, there is no need to add something new other than opting for plain porcelain tiles to emphasize the wood surfaces. Furthermore, consider wood tiles for the floor and the other ones for the walls to keep it balanced.

Color combinations for wood effect tiles

Now that we have covered such aspects as tile designs and texture combinations, we can speak about perfect color pairings to match particular wood tile undertones. It should be noted that this peculiarity plays an essential role in the look of the bathroom and requires particular attention when it comes to small spaces. Take a look at the following suggestions and consider every aspect accurately.

  • Wood effect tiles with white. Nothing will work as perfectly as this combination can. The white color refreshes the environment, while the wood texture effect leads to a cozy feeling. A balanced pairing is always a perfect idea for small spaces.
  • Wood effect tiles with bold colors. The wood tiles will be perfectly complemented by bold colors, although with soothing undertones. Consider fresh blue, pale green, or soft pink to enrich the environment with new shades. Additionally, add a dark color to balance the light effect.
  • Wood effect tiles with neutrals. The perfect option to neutralize the accent wood tiles is to add neutral colors. Consider gray, beige, or even black to balance the contrast and separate spaces within the bathroom to enlarge it visually.

It can be stated that wood effect tiles are perfect for a bathroom if you want to bring nature closer and fill it with a warm effect. Nevertheless, a small space requires particular attention when it comes to contrasts so that the pairings do not suppress the environment but enlarge the space. We would like to draw your attention to the following photo gallery and inspire you for a result that meets all the requirements of a stylish small bathroom with wood tiles.

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