12 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

With the increased number of people who work remotely, home offices have become a must. Still, not everybody can allow a dedicated room for this purpose, which is absolutely normal. You can always consider a dedicated space in your bedroom, even a small one. That is probably why you are here. We got you back. We rounded up a selection of practical and trendy design ideas for a small bedroom office combo. By the way, if you want a workspace in your small bedroom for any activity but remote work, these ideas still work for you.

Floating Office Desks

The apparently most insignificant solutions can bring you closer to your desired bedroom-office combo. Instead of a traditional office desk with lower or upper cabinets, try floating desks with upper open shelves. Moreover, think of wall-mounted folding desks. Save as much space as possible.

Wall-Mount Window Desks

Suppose you honestly don’t have an inch free near other walls. All you have is the window wall, where your next mini-office will find its home. Choose a suitable wall-mount office desk right beneath the window or against it if it is a full-length window. Enjoy maximum brightness, functionality, and an inspirational view.

Hidden Office Nook

If you cannot simply allow a full office desk with cabinets and drawers in your small bedroom, opt for a hidden and compact office desk mounted in your built-in closet. You may mistake the door for a regular bedroom closet when it closes. Yet, when open, a whole new world reveals itself. The question is, what do you do with the chair? Well, if it is small enough, you store it under the desk or simply put it against one wall when not using the workspace.

Corner Home Office

Corners are usually underrated in interior design, especially in smaller rooms. You won’t believe what a difference a practically used corner can make. Consider a wall-mount home office desk, even with all necessary drawers and cabinets, in any available corner.

Bedroom Office Combo with Partition

Separate your small room into visible functional areas with a smart partition to ensure enough privacy for both spaces. These can be separation walls of solid materials, transparent glass, or even curtains. Check out the best room partition options and smartly use the available space.

Bed & Office Desk Combo

One of the best bedroom office combos and half wall options is combining the two furniture parts peculiar to both functional areas: a bed with an attached working desk at the headboard. Now, you can enjoy both zones to the maximum and still have free space left. Note that such a layout means placing the bed in the center.

Small Guest Bedroom + Home Office

If you truly cannot arrange a workspace in your small bedroom, you can always make it part of the guest bedroom if there is one. A multi-purpose guest bedroom is one of the latest and most practical design ideas. When you have guests over, it is a bedroom. All of the rest time, it is a home office. Even if the room is small, a compact desk and a sleeper sofa will make for a perfect small bedroom-office pairing.

Multi-Purpose Vanity in a Small Bedroom

You plan a full bedroom layout with an integrated vanity and home office, yet nothing works in your favor. Maybe you should try a vanity office desk combo. Transform it into a getting-ready zone in the morning and a workspace during the day. Keep everything stored in hidden cabinets or drawers for a flawless camouflaged effect.

Home Office Niche

The last resort in a small room, yet quite a safe one, is to opt for a home office niche. You’ll still have your dream mini-office right in your bedroom yet without stealing much space from the room.

Double Home Office in Bedroom

You may think we are crazy to suggest a double home office in a small bedroom if there is barely space for one office place. Even the tiniest bedroom can allow you to set up a wall-to-wall desk at the window, which usually has room for two. Add two chairs, and voila, your double home office is ready. Try this idea in a primary bedroom for two or the kids’ bedroom.

Design Style Consistency 

Consistency is key in a small bedroom, even with an integrated home office. A separated workspace through a different colored wall or another design style is too much for a small space. Preserve the same color palette, materials, textures, and mood throughout the room, from the sleeping area to the work zone, and your small bedroom office merge will feel cozy, well-organized, and decluttered.

Clear Glass Furniture

Of course, the best idea for a small bedroom is to choose a small home office desk with a compact chair and hidden storage. An even better idea is to go fully transparent with clear glass desks and even chairs. They are especially suitable for workspaces at the window. This way, you won’t stop natural light from reaching every room’s corner fully.


Should you integrate a home office desk into your bedroom?

Ideally, those should be two separate functional areas and, even better, two rooms. You’ll find it hard to concentrate on work while in a bedroom or relax when the working desk is right next to you. Still, there are many successful ideas to combine the two, the best of which were mentioned above.

How much space should a home office take in a bedroom-office combo?

Although it is a combo, we all know the keyword is the bedroom. The bed, bedside tables, and related items should take up most space, while a relatively small working desk, chair, and compact storage units should slightly fade out in the background. It is a perfect scenario for a small bedroom with an integrated home office.

Is it OK to have a computer in your bedroom?

This question cannot go unnoticed when it comes to a bedroom-office combination. Again, ideally, you should opt for a technology-free bedroom, which is better for your health. You may use a laptop and store it as far as possible from the bed. You cannot avoid it if it is related to your remote work. Otherwise, you can safely enjoy a computer-free bedroom if you plan to use the workspace for non-technology activities.

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