Small kitchen lighting ideas: throw new light on a small space

A small kitchen is not a reason to worry when it comes to lighting. Instead, an appropriate choice will benefit this small space. If you think that the options are limited, we would like to convince you of the contrary. There are various lighting approaches you can opt for in this sense to fit your liking.

Let’s find out the best lighting ideas for a small kitchen that require attention to some basic rules and aim at getting you inspired for something new! Our lighting suggestions are functional, stylish, suitable for any style and preference, and are ready to meet any standards. 

Basic rules to consider beforehand

  • Coordinate the choice of artificial lighting sources with the amount of daylight that penetrates the room;
  • Consider the particular style of the kitchen that has to be opted for when it comes to lighting fixtures;
  • Opt for appropriate lighting from the perspective of the cold or warm feeling that it sets, depending on the kitchen color;
  • Avoid the abundance of lighting sources that fill more space than provide light in an already small place. Opt instead for a few but practical units in this sense.

Now that you have scrolled through the basics, we suggest you look at the following lighting suggestions that promise to be inspiring and meet any expectations!

Thin and gorgeous

A perfect option for lighting that will not take much space and serve practically are the LED strips. You can install them inside or outside the cabinets, considering any position possible. If you decide on such lighting, you can opt for one of the next suggestions:

  • Go only with LED strips, making sure they cover the working space appropriately;
  • Opt for LED strips and accompany them with other lighting sources, such as pendants.

Touch with light every corner

Consider various lighting sources and place them appropriately to brighten every corner of your kitchen. Consider the working area and the dining space separately. Such an approach will make sure that the kitchen will receive enough light, particularly if it lacks daylight. Furthermore, it will enlarge the space. Combine various pendants with small lighting sources that fit the style of the kitchen and enjoy the result.

Minimum impact with maximum effect

Any new element brought into a small kitchen is a new source of color that adds to the existing palette. Consider glass fixtures to reduce their impact on the overall picture, increasing the transparent effect that leaves the kitchen untouched while covering it with light. Such an approach will work perfectly for small spaces since it does not overwhelm a room in which everything has its place.

Functional use of space

A small kitchen requires functionality from every perspective. The lighting is not an exception. Consider recessed lighting for practical use, covering small spaces and brightening the room at the necessary level. Furthermore, such an approach does not overwhelm the environment with new elements, keeping it simple. Additionally, you can accompany the recessed lighting with other sources in this sense, which do not necessarily have to be that practical but rather add a missing accent.

One easy but bold step 

If you do not like playing with various lighting sources, go with a single one that has to be large. Install it in the center and throw the light on the entire kitchen. In specific cases, you can go with two units in this sense. Additionally, consider recessed lighting for particular areas, such as the working one. Furthermore, you can opt for a bold color to add an accent if the already set decor allows it.

Brighten up your task

If your kitchen consists only of a working area or is small enough to be brightened up by a few wall lamps, you should go for it. Consider lighting sources on the wall above the cooking area, opting for bolder colors for contrast or those that integrate into the background. It will work perfectly for those who use the kitchen strictly for its purpose and do not usually spend time in this place, which means they do not need to brighten every corner.

Smart solution for a contemporary setting

The contemporary options offer you various possibilities to brighten up small spaces in functional ways. A perfect suggestion is to opt for lighting fixtures whose position can be changed according to your convenience. This way, it will not cover much space and can be used to throw light upon particular areas according to your needs.

Reflective lighting fixtures

Reflective surfaces will enhance the amount of light that is spread within your kitchen. Consider gold replications or brass to ensure such an effect. Furthermore, lighting fixtures of this kind will add an accent to the decor, particularly if it is a simple setting and requires an element of interest. Therefore, reflective surfaces will benefit this space in two ways: they will add light and style at the same time.

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