9 Small Living Room Ideas with a TV that Actually Work

There are people who cannot imagine their lounge area without a TV to entertain any guests in the room and those who think it is an eyesore in a living room. If this article sparked your interest, you probably don’t mind a TV set in your family room. Even designers find it challenging to integrate a TV into a small living room so that it stays practical yet looks well-organized. Still, we gathered a few practical tips from professionals and put together a list of the best ways to make a TV part of a small living room. If you are interested, stay tuned!

Camouflaged TV

Hide it when you don’t watch the TV and make it part of the design by smartly camouflaging it under posters, paintings, textiles, or built-in wall structures. The most important thing here is the easy-to-access feature. Enjoy a smooth living room design during the day and experience the small TV room at night. 

Paint Black the TV Wall

Most TV frames are black and easy to hide on an all-black wall. Whether you paint black this wall only or the entire room is up to you. Either way, the TV set will flawlessly fit in the dark background and reveal its presence when turned on only. 

TV in a Bookshelf

It will take much space if you use one wall for the TV only. Using the same wall for other furniture pieces you might think of putting against another wall makes more sense. Save space and use the surrounding TV area for a built-in bookshelf as the best option. The cabinets will work for storing belongings, while the open shelves for displaying decor.

Built-in TV with Sliding Door

To save space as much as possible, avoid TV stands and opt for a built-in TV with a sliding door that can easily camouflage the TV. Alternatively, think of pivot doors built in bookshelves that you can turn from one side to another, and the TV will be on one of them.

TV Niche

You would probably not like a standout TV in a small living room. Before installing the TV, consider a niche in the wall. The TV won’t take an inch from the space, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the entertainment it offers.

Center-Located TV

To make the most of the space, don’t think of sophisticated layouts. Choose the standard lounge area organization with a center-situated TV and a seat or more next to it with a few free inches for a small coffee table.

Camouflage the TV into a gallery wall if you don’t want it to catch the eye when entering the living room. There are even TVs with frames that smoothly fit in the gallery and serve as part of the painting collection or entertainment source.

Find New Accents

Redirect attention in your living room by choosing a vividly colored sofa, bright accent chairs, or colorful paintings. This way, all attention will go to the eye-catching features, and your TV will seamlessly fade out. 

Use Corners

If your living room is small up to the level that you cannot even use a free wall to install the TV, say there is a window, opt for a corner TV. This way, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies from any place in the living room. Moreover, you can opt for adjustable TV mounts.

Accent Wall

If you think the TV steals too much visual space, one way to make it lose its accent character is to opt for a feature wall and let the distinguishing color or texture become the main highlight. 


Does a TV look aesthetically pleasing in a small living room?

A TV will always suit a small living room if this is a thin TV that smoothly integrates into the design style with all cables well hidden. The best option is to consider a mount and install the TV on the wall.

Should a TV mandatorily find itself in the center of the wall?

It is not a rule but rather a standard that people tend to follow. Ideally, a living room layout, even if it is a small room, depends on how you intend to use this space, primarily for conversation or TV watching. If the latter is a priority, install the TV in a way that meets your sense of comfortable watching. 

Can you opt for a large TV in a small living room?

People usually assume that a small space requires small furniture. Experts, on the other hand, claim that small units make the room feel smaller than it is. Opting for a relatively larger TV will benefit both your living room and your TV-watching sessions. Yet, be aware of how far you can go with the TV size since a closely placed TV with sizable dimensions can negatively affect your eye health.

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