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Small sunroom decorating ideas

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Enjoy the beauty of the garden or delightful landscape design in any weather, bask in the sun, indulge in a comfortable chair and a cup of your favorite tea at a charming table, let in even more light and positiveness into the house – these are the possibilities that modern sunrooms provide. For many decades, homeowners have viewed them as another cozy corner for a good rest – more illuminated and closer to nature. If you are lucky enough to become such a homeowner, then the options for decorating the lovely small sunroom will undoubtedly interest you.

Sunroom: yesterday and today

At different times, small and spacious sunrooms had different names – they were called solariums, winter or three-season gardens, as well as patios and sunny living rooms. Similar premises began to appear in European homes as early as the 15th century: then, the need for sun and additional lighting at home was no less high than today.

The following features distinguish modern designs of this type:

  • Maximum possible glazing. Classic sunrooms usually look like an extension to a wooden, stone, or brick wall of a house – with all three of its walls equipped with high and expansive windows with a minimum of frames and bars.
  • Glazed roof. In most cases, the top of such a veranda is also glazed, allowing even more sunlight and heat to enter the room. However, in conditions of sufficient illumination, the roofs can also be opaque – it depends on the owners’ wishes.
  • Functionality. A sunroom is often seen as another living room suitable for use in any weather – however, to a more limited circle of people, since patios are not intended for lavish celebrations and public receptions. Such premises are of particular value for so-called passive houses with modern energy-saving technologies – they play the role of a light and heat accumulator for heating the whole home.

Today, engineers pay a lot of attention to sunrooms and glazed verandas, offering them innovative materials and technologies – from lightweight and durable composite and vinyl frames for glazing to special air conditioners and smart windows with adjustable light transmission.

Finishing and decoration of sunrooms: current solutions

Coziness, light, and ease are the main principles that designers rely on when decorating summer verandas. Pretentious and luxurious solutions on sunrooms are extremely rare: firstly, a sunny living room has a slightly different purpose than demonstrating the owners’ status. Secondly, the apparent chic in rooms with such a level of glazing looks somewhat alien. And everyone can choose their favorite design for a small veranda, both lovers of modern sobriety and connoisseurs of classic elegance. We also invite you to learn more about the trends in finishing and decorating “indoor patios”.

Natural textures

As a rule, sunrooms are built with a garden view or a beautifully decorated house area. Being in such proximity to nature would be extremely strange to use synthetic materials in large quantities. Indeed, the designers suggest giving preference to the following finishing options:

  • floors – natural wood board, natural stone or porcelain stoneware with the texture of sandstone, brick, and terracotta tiles;
  • the walls between the windows are painted with non-toxic paint. In more rare cases, narrow wooden boiserie panels are used;
  • ceilings (if the roof is not glazed) – painting, plaster, decorative wooden beams.

Positive palette

You can choose a color scheme for a small sunroom or a glazed veranda intuitively: indeed, in a room that is as open as possible to sunlight, dark and gloomy shades are not too appropriate, no matter how trendy they are. Today, in the decoration and decoration of such premises, several palette options are in demand:

  • natural – milky white, beige, woody, light brown, earthy, and pale gray shades, sometimes with small blotches of black;
  • neutral – brown, white, beige, gray, and blue;
  • pastel – cream, lilac, pale pink, pale blue, mint, pistachio;
  • bright – sunny yellow, coral, azure, terracotta, emerald.

In some cases, a combination of shades from different color blocks is possible – as a rule, these are bright decorative accents on a calm, discreet background.

Style selection

Suppose you are an ardent fan of high-tech, urban, and steampunk. In that case, it will be tough to please you with the design of a small sunroom: none of the modern high-tech and edgy styles are suitable for this room, which in itself becomes a symbol of old-fashioned charm and absolute relaxation.

A few centuries ago, small sunrooms in wealthy houses were predominantly female territory: noble ladies gathered there for needlework, reading, or pleasant conversation over a glass of soft drink and a light treat. Today, the meaning of sunrooms is somewhat different, but their design’s essential condition is still comfort, warmth, and harmony with a light note of coquetry. The following styles will be the best solution for a closed patio:

  • Neoclassicism;
  • French country;
  • Rustic;
  • Eco;
  • Eclecticism with a bias towards the colonial style;
  • Modern;
  • Nautical.

It is not necessary to adhere firmly to the principles of one and the same style: a light mix will give the interior of the solarium an unconditional charm.

Furniture and decor

Unnecessarily bulky, massive, and richly decorated furniture combined with lush decor is a solution for an ordinary classic rather than a glazed sunny living room. Today, the trends for furnishing a small sunroom are as follows:

  • elegant furnishings with tapestry upholstery;
  • rattan sofas and armchairs;
  • simple wicker furniture combined with wrought iron tables with a glass top;
  • with laconic soft benches around the perimeter and a large wooden table in the middle;
  • minimalistic plain sofas and armchairs;
  • vintage items in the style of French country or Shabby chic.

As for the decor, you can not limit yourself in decorating the space with pleasant things for you in the sunroom. Stylish wrought iron chandeliers and laconic modern lamps, original exotic tableware and floor vases, antique chests and figurines, jugs and candlesticks will help create an incredibly cozy corner with a unique flavor. Also, do not forget about living plants: their presence in a sunroom is an absolute must-have.

The design and decoration of a “three-season garden” have become one of the most relevant trends in recent years for owners of a private house. However, those who have not yet thought about suburban construction are happy to implement such ideas on glazed balconies and loggias, and apartments with access to the roof.

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