Sofa for a modern living room: selection guide and 50+ ideas

The sofa for the modern living room is the central place, it defines the general atmosphere of the room. This piece of furniture is responsible for the convenience of being in the room of the owners and their guests. The integrity of the interior composition depends on the choice of the appropriate style solution. The high quality materials used for its creation will allow you to maintain its excellent appearance for a long time.

One of the main criteria for choosing a sofa for a modern living room is its shape. Whether it becomes a kind of indoor attraction or whether this piece of furniture is the most practical to use. But the shape should always be chosen according to the size and the stylistic decision of the room.

There are three types of sofas:

  • Straight, which is perfect for any layout;
  • Corner, which will allow you to use the place as efficiently as possible and to accommodate a larger number of people;
  • A non-standard shape, for example oval or round, is only suitable for a room with a large surface.

The general concept of the room in a modern style will depend on the choice of the shape of the sofa.

In addition, you should pay attention to the bonuses existing in certain models using modern technologies. For example, some varieties of this furniture can be fitted with supports for a cup or a plate, a shelf for books, pockets for a magazine or a television remote control, speakers or even a mini bar.

Convertible sofas in the living room in a modern style

Sometimes a sofa is necessary, not only to relax in front of the television or tea with the family, but also to welcome guests for the night. In this case, the sofa should have a convenient transformation mechanism in order to easily transform. You can also use modern modular designs that allow you to get a full bed in multiple flexible blocks.

There are multiple transformation mechanisms:

  • Folding sofa;
  • Dolphin;
  • Shell;
  • Accordion.

In fact, the type of mechanism is much less important than its quality. The durable mechanism will allow the sofa to exist for a long time, and its use will not cause problems for its owners. Places can easily become bedridden, which will appeal to hospitable families or large families.

The type of mechanism affects the price of this furniture, but you should not save on quality. It is better to give preference to renowned manufacturers who have proven themselves in the upholstered furniture market.

And when you choose a mechanism for transforming, you have to choose steel.

Soft touch or choice of upholstery for a modern sofa

When choosing the color palette for the sofa, you must consider that it fits harmoniously into the interior: it is an accent or one that blends with the environment. However, not only color affects the appearance and functionality of this piece of furniture. It is important to take responsibility for choosing the material for the upholstery of the sofa, as it will show how the sofa is obsolete or rubbed.

There are several types of padding with its advantages and disadvantages:

  • The tapestry is beautiful but quickly worn;
  • Flock is practical, but requires special care of the pile.
  • The jacquard is beautiful, but only resists dry cleaning.
  • Microfiber is durable and easy to maintain, but it doesn’t look that impressive;
  • The buckle looks comfortable, but easily soiled and easily clings to sharp objects;
  • Leather looks elegant, but is afraid of animal claws and is quite expensive.
  • The velvet looks pleasant, but weakens and gradually loses its external beauty;
  • Eco-leather is affordable, but cracks over time.

Any material has its advantages and disadvantages, so you have to weigh all the conditions of use, the advantages and disadvantages of the material when choosing a padding for each particular case.

Elegant corner or straight living room sofa: rules for choosing

When choosing a sofa you should not act at random. Before going to the store, you need to carefully study all the possible options, understand how this piece of furniture fits into the environment, choose different stylistic features.

When choosing a specific model, the following points must be taken into account:

  • Size of the sofa;
  • Location in the room;
  • Additional form and functions;
  • The presence of a transformation mechanism;
  • Quality of the mechanism;
  • Internal filling (load quality, spring and thread system);
  • Padding type;
  • Color and style;
  • Price category;
  • Delivery and assembly;
  • Period of guarantee.

Taking all these points into account, you can choose an ideal sofa for a modern living room. It is important to understand that in a modern interior it is always possible to experiment, but you should always know the measure and not go too far. It is better to choose a comfortable sofa than super elegant and it is better to choose one that will last longer than to save quality.

Elegant sofa for a modern living room

The living room is a place to rest and the sofa is a pleasant setting for warm family gatherings. This piece of furniture can be the main part of the interior, or it can just spoil the appearance of the living room, easily gather people in it, and can make guests run home quickly, can be an additional sleeping place or simply occupy the necessary surfaces. Choosing the sofa should be approached with due responsibility, because you can’t go wrong.

Examples of modern sofas for the living room (Photos)

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