Sofa Trends to Know in 2023: Top 12 Designs from Experts

Maximalism over Minimalism, individualization before simplicity, and contrast rather than monochrome. This is the conceptual pillar of the trending sofas in 2023. While some designers cannot give up on neutral color schemes and simple shapes, others fully approve of the upcoming wave of fresh pops of color, intricate forms, and unusual designs. With a considerable bet on natural materials, new color combinations, and unlimited comfort, the new 2023 sofa trends are truly mind-blowing and ready to inspire.

Sofa Color of the Year: Purple

The color of balance, well-being, stability, and self-expression is the new favorite for the sofa color trends in 2023. Regarded by experts as the main color in interior design, purple was fast embraced by the sofa producers. The darker shades unfold relatively creative and romantic notes that lend refined elegance to formal spaces and vibrant positivity to casual styles. 

Juicy Color Alternatives

The 2023 interior design trends are defined by daring color variations that are not afraid to stand out with their saturated and bold undertones. If the main highlight of the 2023 color trends, purple, has not sparked your interest, you can choose from the rich range of bright colors. The next in line is green, including all shades, blue, orange, and burgundy.

Sustainable Materials

In response to awareness regarding environmental issues, more designers and homeowners turn their attention to eco-friendly materials and sustainably produced furniture. At some level, making a difference has become a trend, positively impacting the environment and interior. Designers suggest purchasing sofas made of bamboo, rattan, wicker, sisal, cork, cotton, or wool. 

Still in Trend with Neutrals

Great news for those who are not ready to give up on neutral shades! Gray, white, and greige are still in trend since serene designs with minimalist shapes and unobtrusive colors simply require sofas like this to fulfill the dream of true minimalist connoisseurs. Feel free to keep your beloved neutrally colored sofa or purchase a new one. They are still in demand, and manufacturers offer a great range of design options.

Architectural Charm

Standing out from the crowd is one of the main sofa designers’ concepts when drafting the latest sofa designs in 2023. One of the best approaches this far is the architecturally inspired sofas in light shades. With sleek lines and intricate shapes, such pieces of furniture look like rather a piece of art than furnishing, yet the soft padding and high-density foam make them super comfortable. 

The Peak of Curved Forms

2023 is, without any doubt, the year of curved shapes. From flamboyant window arches to round accent furniture. If the trend only started infiltrating into interior design last season, it proudly steps in as an honorable representative of the sofa trends in 2023. The sleek sofas devoid of armrests, consisting of the seat and backrest only, revealing the outstanding curve as the defining characteristic, are a go-to element for contemporary design plans. 

Creative Design and Visual Contrast

Even during the pandemic, interior designers bet on playful furniture designs meant to bring the slightest splash of joy through unusual shapes and positive colors. Experts fully embraced it, yet homeowners were not ready to celebrate such bold design solutions. More and more people want to integrate this technique now, making playful sofa designs a strong competition for minimalist furnishings. 

Togo Sofa

The extra comfy and authentic Togo sofa is the first element one puts in a formula for originally designed spaces. Why does it suit the standards of this list? It appears designers have reached the peak in their attempt for originality this year, and a sofa like this is definitely unique. It would be perfect to opt for the original Tago designer sofa, although producers work on quite excellent replicas that you can purchase for more affordable prices.

Metallic Frames

Inspired by the Industrial style and looking for ways to personalize the design, the current trends are high on metals of any kind. Be it bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, gold, and so on. For the sofas, designers find it stylish to decorate with metallic frames instead of wood to add this rough and irreplaceable Industrial feel, which, by the way, goes with any design style; just give it a try.

Modern Art Deco

We surely move toward Maximalism and Eclectic combinations of colors, textures, and shapes. Designers state that, while we are not yet ready to fully celebrate the love for fully contrastive and playful, we can start with little details, such as a redefined Art Deco accent, which is traced to the roaring ‘20s, flooded with daring design attempts. A Modern Art Deco sofa with either a curved shape, velvet surface, bold color, or altogether is the new favorite in both Art Deco interiors and spaces designed in other styles. 

Mid-Century Modern Redesigned

The style of comfort and beauty continues to spread its simplified elegance over the sofa trends in 2023. Mixing ultra-modern interiors with vintage sofas inspired by the 20th century with the slightest contemporary touch is the new goal of designers. Combining new with old and reshaping the familiar values through furniture for a modern interior that feels comfortable at the same time is a must.

Low Sofas

As you have probably noticed, 2023 trends are all about shape, size, and color. For the upcoming season, designers suggest looking at low sofas with interesting shapes and boosting colors. Usually, these are sectional sofas whose shape can be easily changed, while their low profile invites you to dive into the comfort they were designed to offer.

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