Soft wall panels for wall decoration

When decorating walls, you can create a particular effect, which is thought of when making a certain design. There are various ways to decorate, for example, paper wallpaper, laminate, and so on. But upholstery is quite an old option that is still used in interior renovation.

It is worth noting that such wall decoration has recently begun to gain momentum, especially in panel high-rise buildings, where additional sound insulation can be created with such decoration. Some use soft panels not only for walls but also for ceilings.

Features of soft wall panels

There are various options for upholstery, which mainly differ in the relief of the material. Also, the panels are distinguished by multiple colors that allow you to create a unique composition.

Soft panels are composed of three layers. The first, or main layer, is some kind of hard material, often plywood or fiberboard. The second layer is soft foam or padding polyester. This layer is responsible for noise and heat insulation. The third one is facing, which is located on the outside of the panel. Often for the decorating layer is used leather and dense fabric. Basically, the material is pre-processed to enhance UV resistance and hydrophobicity.

Advantages and disadvantages of soft wall panels

It is worth highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of such a finish. The positive features are:

  • Heat and sound insulation;
  • The uniqueness of the decorating layer;
  • The ability to use panels to zone the room;
  • With the right combination of materials, you can create a wonderful interior;
  • Using panels, you can hide small wall imperfections;
  • Easy panel assembly;
  • Do not deform and retain their original shape;
  • Easy material care;
  • The ability to use environmentally friendly materials.

There are only two drawbacks of soft wall panels: they are expensive and can sometimes lose their original appearance.

Soft wall panel types

There are several types of soft panels. Basically, they are subdivided by relief, shape, size, and installation method.

Often, panels are chosen in the shape of a square or rectangle since they are easy to install. However, there are panels of different shapes. Also, from boards of various sizes, you can form a specific composition. But there also exists a single large panel that does not need to be assembled. If there is only one panel, then it is attached to the wall. If from several, then it is mounted in several ways:

  • Fixing the plywood sheet to the wall, to which the panels are then attached.
  • The individual parts are glued to the surface, which is then installed as a panel on the wall.
  • With a flat wall surface, it is possible to glue the panels directly onto the wall.
  • Segments are fastened with a lathing, which in the future is also fixed on the wall.

Depending on the relief and the soft panels’ selected material, various premises can be finished. Often people use this finish in hallways or corridors. Also, upholstery in the bedroom is ideal for creating additional noise isolation from neighbors.

Soft panels can be ideal for multi-apartment applications, with which you can achieve interesting and original ideas in the interior.

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