Bathroom space saving ideas: practical tips to make the most of this place

Free space is always an advantage to any place. Whether it is small and you want to store the things in a smart way or large, and you want to keep it the same, there are always solutions. You just have to find the appropriate ones and adapt them to your situation.

We prepared a list of the best ideas to save the space in a bathroom in any of the senses mentioned earlier. Get prepared for an array of creative suggestions that will help you set a smart arrangement, which will benefit both you and the look of this space. Let’s discover how that is possible!

Functional shower shelves

Save the space in the neighborhood of your shower, or even bathtub, by installing shelves right in the corner. It should be noted that such construction should include as many little shelves as possible to cover a small space but offer a large place for storage. Besides the fact that everything will be arranged systematically, all the items will be at hand. Furthermore, consider simple designs in this sense so as not to draw much attention from the overall picture of the bathroom.

Above-the-door shelves

You will not believe how much space can be saved by placing storage shelves above the door. First of all, it will not be eye-catching, which benefits the interior design of the bathroom. Furthermore, this approach will ensure the maximum use of this free space above the door with minimum effect upon the left free space.

Built-in storage space

Instead of opting for usual shelves that usually cover much space, consider built-in systems that will offer you a larger space for storage and keep the bathroom free-looking. From the common way of storing things to using particular baskets to keep many units in one place, such an approach will perfectly benefit a small bathroom.

Bathroom organizer

If shelves do not sound good for you and you would like to keep the walls free, a perfect option is to consider bathroom organizers that cover smaller spaces and whose place can be changed any time you want. It should be noted that such a system will allow you to store only the most necessary things. Therefore, if you do not like keeping everything in a visible way, such a storage system will work best for you.

Mirrored cabinets

One element with two functions. Win both ways and keep it functional. Consider mirrored cabinets that will keep all your belongings in one place, which is hidden, by the way. The additional mirror will offer the possibility to use the same unit for different purposes and shape the look of your bathroom. The larger the cabinet, the more space for storage and the more expanded the bathroom will look.

Door towel rack

If you do not have enough space for storing your towels on shelves, choose door towel racks and keep them in place in a functional way. Easy to reach, not covering too much space; such an approach will make you forget about overstored shelves. It is noteworthy that it implies neutral-colored towels so that they do not suppress the general picture of the bathroom. Furthermore, if they are in the same color as the door, the effect of saving space will be increased.

Inside cabinet doors

Besides the space that you can use in a cabinet to store your things, you can refer to the inside cabinet doors that can be set with shelves. Hidden and functional, such a storage place will make you use the cabinets to the maximum and avoid keeping your belongings in a visible place.

Corner shelves

If keeping things in a visible way is not a problem for you, and you want to opt for open shelves, go for it. Although, there is one thing to consider. Opt for placing them in corners to save space. Furthermore, corner shelves will fit perfectly such places and help you reach the wanted effect of keeping it free.

Stylish and practical

Shape the look of the bathroom and set a functional storage system with a bathroom ladder. The higher it is, the larger the storage place and the more accessible the general space. You can consider a ladder, particularly for the towels, bathroom products, or all in one. Furthermore, placing appropriately such construction can double its effect of saving space.

Functionality and simplicity with one step

Forget about small shelves and open storage systems. Consider large cabinets that will cover space for all belongings within a bathroom. Keep them in one place, which is a hidden one, for practical use and the stylish look of the bathroom. Such an approach will keep you in pace with the latest trends and set a minimalist environment within this space.

If you plan on a whole makeover of your bathroom, the following tips will be useful for you since they involve greater changes. Nevertheless, the purpose is the same – to save space. Take a look at these suggestions and think in advance about the functional use of space.

  • Corner sink. Instead of opting for a large sink with cabinets, consider a corner one, if possible without cabinets. Besides the practical use of space, it offers the bathroom a point of interest;
  • Shower instead of a bathtub. If you do not have enough space for a bathtub, or want to use the space as little as possible, consider a shower instead of a bathtub. Besides saving you space, it will offer your bathroom a fresh look;
  • No shower doors. Although opting for a shower is already a step toward saving space, you can go further and reach an emphasized effect. Consider a glass wall between the shower and the rest of the bathroom instead of swinging doors;
  • Appropriate contrast. Such an approach will sound weird in this context, but you can save space in the bathroom by choosing appropriate colors. Opt for an all-white bathroom with wood accents or a gray one with light undertones to expand the place. It will visually add space to the bathroom and refresh the environment.
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