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What are the standard french door sizes and dimensions?
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What are the standard french door sizes and dimensions?

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The French door has a lot of advantages. Stylish appearance, the ability to easily fit into any interior, stunning visual effect, and simple operation – there are many reasons to order such doors. It remains only to determine the size – otherwise, the expectation risks seriously diverging from reality.

Indeed, choosing the right size for French doors allows you to solve several problems at once – to emphasize the harmony of the interior, add light to the room and provide a comfortable entrance and exit from the room. If you think that this is too difficult, do not worry: firstly, today experts will gladly make a door of any format to order, and secondly, even for French doors, there are standard sizes suitable for most doorways.

So, let’s figure out what are the most common sizes for french doors and how to take measurements so that the structure is installed flawlessly.

French doors: what is it and what sizes are

Today, French doors are called constructions, the percentage of glazing in which is more than 80%. They can be to the ceiling or lower, narrow or wide, swing or sliding, transparent or with a pattern, but in any case – almost all of their surface is occupied by the glass.

The French name for glass doors is associated with their origin. For the first time, such doors appeared in the homes of wealthy nobility in Paris and Provence. They divided the living room and the courtyard so that the owners could always admire the blooming garden. Over time, glass door designs have become available to everyone, and their dimensions are easily adapted for both country cottages and small apartments.

Today, the standard dimensions of French doors are 72 inches (183-185 cm) wide and 80 inches (203-205 cm) high. However, today, an increase in the range of the opening width for French doors from 5 to 8 feet (150-245 cm) is still noted – this is due to the variety of layouts in houses and apartments.

Size options for French doors

Designers today are increasingly mentioning the growth in the number of door standards with the maximum glazing. As a rule, the following factors affect the dimensions:

  • Increase in the number of standard dimensions for door frames. Whereas most of them used to be 80 inches (200-205 cm) high, today, more and more doorways can be found 84 inches (215 cm) and 96 inches (245 cm) high. Both double swing doors and sliding doors will harmoniously fit into such a box.
  • The need for a variety of solutions. Today, both the owners of large country houses and the owners of small apartments with a balcony for the inflow of light want to install French doors. This is how French doors, ten-foot (three-meter) wide, appeared, as well as small 18-inch (45-centimeter), which, when installed in pairs, form a doorway that is standard for an ordinary door.
  • Features of production. Today, manufacturers often work according to their own samples and standard sizes, so when buying French doors, you can easily find a company that will make doors of the size you need.

Measurements for determining the dimensions of a French door: how to perform

If you plan to install a door leaf with French glazing, you will have to measure the doorway for the structure with the utmost seriousness. Experts recommend acting in the following sequence:

  • Decide on the type of construction. For sliding French doors, more space will be required along the wall plane, and you need to understand how organic they will look. According to the designers, the doors should occupy at least 30% of the wall.
  • Remove the old box. French doors are placed on a narrower and thinner frame, so measurements must be taken directly along the wall.
  • Measure the height from the top of the doorway to the intended threshold. Write down the resulting value.
  • Measure the width of the doorway – bottom, top, and middle. If the values differ, write down the smallest.
  • Determine how the size of your doorway matches the standard dimensions of French doors. Based on this, decide whether it is already possible to order the doors, or you will order them according to individual parameters. Or maybe you need to change the width of the opening and the configuration of the box?
  • Re-measure the doorway again. This is necessary to avoid mistakes when ordering a door or changing the dimensions of an opening.

If you find it too difficult to make a decision, do not hesitate to contact the professionals – as a rule, the manufacturer of French doors can help you with that. Experts will accurately measure and tell you which type to choose to make the entrance to a room or house look stylish and comfortable.