Steps on how to regularly sanitize your office
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Steps on how to regularly sanitize your office

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Employees do spend eight hours each day in the workplace. Others even stay at work longer than eight hours and have considered their workplace as their second home. This is why it comes as no surprise that the workplace and everything in it also harbors pathogens that should be regularly sanitized. When the workplace is kept clean all the time, employees will have more pride in their work and this can greatly contribute to their productivity level. On the contrary, dirty and messy workplaces can be detrimental to everyone’s mental health. It contributes to an employee’s stress which could also adversely impact their ability to complete tasks. Therefore, sanitizing the office is a must. Below are some of the easy steps to keep your office regularly sanitized. 

Step 1: Opt for steam cleaning

Steam cleaning can be used for disinfecting and eliminating 99 percent of pathogens and more so if there is sustained contact for at least three minutes. It is also important that the steam temperature should be between 175-212 degrees Fahrenheit for it to ensure that germs are eliminated. With steam cleaning, the higher the temperature, the better it becomes in disinfecting and destroying disease-causing microorganisms. This is why every workplace must opt for steam cleaning for interior and decor as it is known to be beneficial in the prevention of diseases and in the elimination of pathogens. The best thing about steam cleaning is the fact that it can clean anything in the workplace. It is such a versatile cleaner that it can be used on both soft and hard surfaces and this is something that any other equipment cannot do. Besides, steam cleaning is a great way to clean your office from the floor to the ceiling. 

Step 2: Encourage regular use of disinfectant wipes

Although people may not see it, germs also show up at work every day. There are more germs in the workplace than the number of employees present in a room. Therefore, it is a must that every employee must have easy access to disinfectant wipes so they could regularly clean their work stations. Disinfecting the workplace is very crucial knowing that a typical office desk alone has more than 10 million bacteria. Moreover, the average computer keyboard has more than 7,000 bacteria. Unfortunately, 80 percent of illnesses caused by common infections are spread through touch. So, when the surfaces and equipment you touch in the workplace have these disease-causing germs then you run the risk of becoming infected too. However, by making it a habit to disinfect now and then using wipes, pathogens are prevented from multiplying and contaminating the workforce. 

Step 3: Promote regular washing of hands by employees

Hand rub dispensers must be present in prominent places in the workplace. These dispensers have to be refilled as soon as they’re empty. All the staff, workers, officers or contractors must also have access to areas where they can wash their hands using soap and water. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that hand washing must be done for at least 20 seconds. They have to do this before eating, after each bathroom use, after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, after touching the garbage, etc.  Hand washing is another effective measure in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria in the workplace. It would also help if there are posters in conspicuous areas that promote the importance of regular hand washing. 

Step 4: Identify common spaces and high-touch surfaces

Sanitization of high-touch surfaces must be done on a regular basis. Stair railings, telephones, elevator buttons, coffee pot handles, and restroom surfaces are among the common spaces and high-touch surfaces that badly need to be sanitized all the time. Things like shared pens, pencils, chairs, printers, photocopying machines, staplers, and whiteboard pens also need to be sanitized thoroughly. This could mean you have to clean these surfaces on a daily basis like before the employees come in in the morning and after they have logged out for the day. It is important that proper tools and cleaning solutions be used when sanitizing.  It is best to use a broad-spectrum disinfectant so that you increase your chances of being able to eliminate more pathogens each time you sanitize and disinfect.

These low-cost measures of sanitizing the office can do wonders when it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases among employees. In addition to regular sanitation, it would also be great that every business or company must provide the necessary tools, office supplies to each employee in every department. This will help minimize the sharing of supplies and using common equipment among all employees. The fewer employees touch certain equipment, the likelihood of spreading viruses and bacteria will also be reduced. These measures must be implemented with or without the threat of COVID-19. This is because a healthy workforce is one important factor for the success of every company or business.