Stone fireplace: types, styles, and design ideas

There is no need to say much about how easy it is to create a cozy atmosphere at home with a fireplace: this is a theorem proven by designers countless times. It is hardly possible to imagine when it will cease to be relevant since modern technologies and materials allow creating structures and surrounds for any, including the most modern interior styles. Cozy fireplaces made of wood and chic surrounds made of marble, brutal options with refractory metal trim, and models in the form of high-tech glass cubes that do not hide the beauty of living fire are just some of the options that are in demand today. However, stone fireplaces are still the real classics, in the appearance of which one can feel unconditional peace and home warmth, which a true home should have.

Suppose you are keen on the idea of installing a fireplace surround with a stone finish at home. In that case, you will probably be interested in learning more not only about the types of materials but also how to integrate them into a particular interior. We also offer you to study one of the oldest architectural solutions in more detail – perhaps you will feel a surge of inspiration to create genuine comfort in the living room.

Advantages of stone fireplaces

According to the designers, stone fireplaces are still incredibly popular. And this is more than logical since such designs have several unconditional advantages:

  • Enduring relevance. Stone fireplaces are out of trend and timeless. Perhaps, there is hardly an interior in which they would not look organic – the only exceptions are minimalism and hi-tech, where metal and fire-resistant glass are preferred. In all other cases, you can’t resist the magnetism of the stone.
  • A stunning variety of finishes. Manufacturers offer a stone for a fireplace in various colors and textures – however, more on that later.
  • Outstanding performance properties. The stone has high mechanical strength and is not afraid of open fire and temperature and humidity changes. You can entirely safely install it in any room and under any climatic conditions, place any trinkets and gizmos dear to your heart on the mantelpiece, without fear of any thermal effect – the stone behaves with dignity regardless of the circumstances.
  • Environmental friendliness. When heated, natural stone does not emit any toxic substances since no harmful components are used during its extraction and production. Therefore its installation and operation are safe even for people prone to allergies.
  • Easy maintenance. Stone fireplaces do not need any special processing, painting, or special means: you can maintain their impeccable appearance using ordinary wet cleaning.

Almost the only drawback of stone fireplaces can be called a relatively high price. However, those who fall in love with this material do not consider it to be something terrible. In their opinion, the natural beauty that imparts unconditional nobility to the interior is worth it.

Types of stone fireplaces

As mentioned earlier, today, a variety of types of stone are used to decorate fireplace structures. To make the right decision when choosing a surrounding option, it is worth getting to know the most demanded of them in more detail.

Wild stone

This is what designers call rough and unpolished boulders and stones of various sizes, which are explicitly mined for finishing a particular fireplace structure. This work is rather detailed and complicated, as, incidentally, it is the fireplace design itself: such stones usually have different shapes and sizes, so it takes a long time to develop a scheme for their laying. However, as a result, you get a genuinely exclusive fireplace finish, so all the work and expense will pay off handsomely.


The advantages of granite as a finishing material for a fireplace include:

  • nice and uniform grainy texture;
  • the ability to create an impressive glossy surface by polishing;
  • the expressiveness of the pattern;
  • a variety of color palettes – from white and cream to red, green, and pink.

Granite fireplace surrounds look solid and high-status, and therefore they often become a spectacular accent in the framework of classic interiors.


An exquisite and expensive stone that has become a symbol of classic luxury. Any finish looks great on the marble texture. Therefore, the fireplace surround design options with its help can be very different – from laconic smooth to exclusive ones, with columns, porticoes, and baroque ornaments. Another advantage of marble is its excellent combinatoriality: it is equally harmonious with granite of a contrasting shade and in union with metal.


This rock conquers not only with its complex texture and stunning shades but also with its unique ability to transmit light. The flame shining through the onyx gives the fireplace an unusual and, as many says, magical look. Another unconditional plus is the organic integration of the material in the classic and the modern interior. High-tech structures, decorated with onyx slabs, are more valuable today than ever.


In addition to the mesmerizing layered pattern and natural warm shades, travertine has other valuable benefits:

  • high resistance to fire;
  • unpretentiousness and simple care;
  • no need to create complex elements due to the aesthetic and self-sufficient texture of the stone.

Just like onyx, travertine is actively used today in the design of modern fireplaces, including in combination with glass and metal.


Pebbled design of fireplaces has become popular not so long ago, but it has become a real boon for the Mediterranean and eco-style. The variety of elements gives a unique charm to such a decoration: smooth stones of various shades and sizes are used for it, which looks natural and at the same time unusually stylish.


A popular and not too expensive solution for modern fireplaces. Warm light yellow or cool grayish tones and the layered texture of slate form the basis for a discreet yet natural and textured finish.


The most budgetary type of stone for interiors. It has a porous structure and an impressive variety of shades; therefore, it is quite popular. However, many people note its not outstanding decorative properties. Consequently, it is not used so often for the fireplace surrounds in apartments and residential buildings – however, it is quite suitable for decorating a fireplace in the country style.

When we talk about finishing stone fireplaces, you should not focus solely on indoor structures: outdoor options deserve no less attention. For the decoration of fireplaces located in the open air, limestone or talc magnesite slabs are often used – a soft but very dense and durable stone. Both of these materials look very aesthetically pleasing and are insensitive to temperature changes.

Stone fireplaces: we select by interior style

The choice of natural material for decorating fireplaces primarily depends on the style in which the room is decorated. Different directions in design favor certain textures and shades, and based on this, decorators are advised to focus on the following solutions:


Classic trends in design “love” solidity and luxurious volumetric textures. That is why for fireplaces for such interiors, it is worth considering the following options:

  • from polished granite to match the wall decoration – or differ from it by a couple of gradations;
  • marble – simple with clear geometric lines or luxurious decorative details;
  • from smooth onyx and travertine in various tones.

It is also worth considering that impressive dimensions most often distinguish the stone design of classic fireplaces, and voluminous porticos, columns, and podiums require specialists’ help during installation. Having decided to decorate the fireplace in this way, be prepared for certain expenses and look for good craftsmen.


A stone fireplace is a must-have for such an interior. The best finishing option, in this case, would be:

  • polished travertine;
  • wild stone;
  • natural pebbles;
  • roughly worked slate.

When choosing a fireplace finish for a Mediterranean interior, you should focus not only on the texture but also on the palette, giving preference to warm and light natural shades.


As a matter of fact, there is no such direction in design – in this case, we are talking about the design option typical for cozy houses located in the Alps. For them, stone fireplaces are not only desirable but simply mandatory – and therefore worth taking care of.

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