Storage solutions for small bedrooms: 15 great tricks you didn’t know you needed

Storage solutions for small bedrooms: 15 great tricks you didn’t know you needed

Do you struggle with little space in your bedroom yet still have to store your belongings somewhere? This article is exactly for you. We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of practical tips on how to play with the storage space in a small bedroom so that all your belongings have space and the room itself looks decluttered. 

Today, we operate with brilliant tricks and practical solutions that even the owners of large bedrooms would get amazed by. Enjoy the available free space, and don’t worry about the storage. We will take care of it!

Don’t skip the built-in option

Regardless of what you consider, be it a wardrobe or bookshelf, don’t hesitate to opt for the built-in solution. By smartly inserting the storage space into the wall, you functionally keep the belongings in their place and make the interior look roomy. That’s right! Even a small bedroom, when decorated the right way, can look spacious. By the way, you can camouflage by opting for a wall paneling-like finish so that the room would look free and decluttered. 

On the safe side with “over the bed” storage

The bed is the main unit in the bedroom. So, there is no way you can go without a bed in the bedroom. What you can go without are storage units. Instead, use the space above the bed unless we speak about a sloped ceiling. Make sure it doesn’t stand out much yet offers the necessary space for keeping your belongings in place. Be it decorative shelves or closed wardrobes. If you opt for the letter, take a sec and think about handleless doors. They visually make the space feel freer. 

Sliding doors? The more, the better!

Instead of placing a few wardrobes all over the space, consider a considerably big one and place it against the larger wall unless it makes it hard to reach the bed from the particular side. The trick here is the sliding doors. No handless. No need for additional space to open the doors. The larger the wardrobe, the more units you can store, and everything is smartly hidden under functional doors. 

To the next level with mirrored sliding wardrobes

Don’t stop at sliding doors only. Consider sliding wardrobes with a mirrored surface. They go with all the benefits from the previous solution and something new – the reflective surfaces add a few inches to the small bedroom, and everybody wins. What’s more, the room will look brighter, which is the best a small bedroom can wish for. Still, consider that you will have to occasionally wipe clean the mirrors since you will constantly interact with the surface while opening and closing the wardrobe. 

What’s even better about this solution is that there are lots of options manufacturers come with to match your style and needs. From neutrally colored finishes to naturally grained ones alongside various designs, such as all-mirror doors, half-mirror doors, full mirrors or sectioned mirrors, with 2 or more sliding doors, sliding doors only or accompanied by additional drawers, and generally speaking larger or smaller wardrobes. The list can go on and on, since there are mirrored sliding wardrobes ready to suit any preference and space standards.

In a few words, you can find your perfect mirrored sliding wardrobe simply by scrolling through the available options that come in various sizes, constructions, colors, and finishes with a whole new range of possibilities for the mirrors only. This works particularly well now when your future wardrobe is closer than you thought with online stores. You choose the filters, they offer you the right product to match your needs.

Switch to “under the bed” storage

Not enough space over the bed? Don’t like the feel of something hanging over your head? No problems! Switch to “under the bed”. Whether there are built-in drawers or beautifully woven boxes for a specific stylish effect, you can safely store your belongings and be sure that your small bedroom will not risk an inch. 

Each corner has its role

While some corners are meant to preserve the space as it is – free, others cannot help but require to be decorated with storage systems. Most of all, these are floating shelves. Well, wouldn’t you like to personalize the interior with a book collection or other units that reflect your personality? A small bedroom is not a “stop”. It is rather an opportunity to put creativity into the layout. Choose a corner and breathe new life into it with mini shelves to store your belongings.

Can you store your bed?

Why not? The innovative wall-mounted beds are your no-fail option when it comes to storage in a small bedroom. Can you imagine that? Can you literally store the bed? It works particularly well for small spaces since you can functionally use the space. Did someone say bedroom during the night and home office during the day? Yes, we did with this incredible solution. 

Do you fancy a clothing rack?

Most contemporary bedrooms, be they even small, would simply bloom in the company of a modern clothing rack. The smallest bedrooms are the first to benefit from this clothing storage that doesn’t take much space and adds a note of style to the interior. Of course, a clothing rack is not for all your clothes. At least you can store your seasonal items there.

2 in 1: closet door and storage space

Just imagine all your shoes and the place it would take to store them on the floor. We don’t even want to think about an additional piece of furniture. Why waste your effort and space? Consider the go-to solution for functional and mostly small spaces – a storage system for shoes on the closet door. You don’t ruin the room’s aesthetics, keep everything at hand, and don’t risk the available free space.

Well-organized and at hand

We return to the bed again. We’ve spoken about the space above it and under it. Now, we refer to the bed frame. Give it a second role by using it as a storage space and keep the things you mostly use at hand. Say your favorite books, the laptop, or other personal belongings. 

Replace small nightstands with stylish ladders

You probably think we are insane to suggest you replace something small with something bigger in a small bedroom. Wait and see! The trendy ladders with storage spaces are larger, yet they go to the ceiling, taking the space vertically, which is beneficial for small interiors and even makes the ceiling seem higher. What’s best, you have plenty of space for your personal units or decoration. 

Go vertically

They say, “when there is no space on the floor, go on the walls”. It surely suits our case. A small bedroom would definitely reach new heights with wall storage systems. The best we can suggest is considering wall hooks or pegboards. It’s not about functionality only. It’s a safe way to add stylish features to your interior. 

Into the closet

In a small bedroom, the tiniest details count. Going as deep as the closet and organizing its belongings can ensure all your clothes fit in one closet only. In this sense, buy or opt for DIY projects and decorate your wardrobe with clothing organizers. They also work for drawers. By the way, isn’t it much more pleasant to open the closet and find everything in its place?

What do you see behind the mirror?

We see a perfect storage system. Consider a mirror that comes with ready-built racks for additional storage. Say you already have a clothing rack, yet it doesn’t suit your large collection of clothes. Borrow a few rack inches from the behind-the-mirror storage system. 

More storage space

The solutions mentioned don’t feel good enough for you? Here is a 100% perfect option that will not interfere almost at all with your free space. Use the space above the door to the fullest. Hang a shelf as long as you want and store all the things that don’t fit in the closets or other places. It is all about the illusionary effect. We tend to appreciate a room once we enter the door. From this perspective, we will simply not see the storage system right above our heads.

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