Striped curtains in the interior: a universal solution for bright contrasts

In our homes, we try to create the most comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, and various accessories help us in this. One of such essential attributes is curtains. They can set the room a particular style and charm, emotional mood, and generally complete the interior image.

Striped curtains in the interior are quite popular because they are versatile and suitable for decoration. They will not look dull and monotonous; the play of colors will cheer you up every day and delight in cloudy weather. In this article, we will reveal all the secrets for choosing striped curtains, and with the help of them, you can easily make the right choice.

Types of strips and their functions

It seems that there is no more straightforward pattern than strips, and when choosing them, it is impossible to face difficulties. Stripes are so different: narrow and wide, vertical and horizontal, they are all beautiful in their way and carry their functions.

Horizontal striped curtains

Curtains in a horizontal strip will become a real salvation for narrow, cramped rooms. As in clothes and the interior, they expand the space for visual perception. But it must be borne in mind that this way of decorating a window can damage a room with a low ceiling – a horizontal pattern brings it even closer to the floor, and the room can look both wide and low at the same time.

Vertical striped curtains

Curtains with vertical stripes are an excellent solution for rooms with low ceilings and wide low windows. Such curtains will stretch the room upward and make it more comfortable, and the low ceiling will not press on you as before. Curtains with a vertical strip are suitable not only for low ceilings but also for common rooms with a typical standard ceiling.

If there is a low ceiling in the bedroom, it is essential to choose the right primary color for the room decoration and curtains. In this case, vertical stripes will come in handy.

Wide stripe curtains

In a spacious living room or bedroom, wide stripes on the curtain will not be overlooked, especially if it is a bright contrasting color combination. It is better not to use this method of decorating the window in a small room, so you will make an unfortunate emphasis on the opening, and the room risks being reduced significantly.

Wide stripes increase the height of the window, and vivid contrasts attract even the most indifferent eyes.

Narrow striped curtains

Narrow striped curtains will appeal to small, cozy rooms. They will attract attention and can hide some of the flaws in the design of the living room. Moreover, a narrow strip can alternate with a wide one.

A double curtain fabric always looks beautiful as furniture upholstery. And narrow stripes fit perfectly on a narrow wall, thereby expanding it.

Striped curtains of different designs

Classic long or short curtains on the cornice are not suitable for every room in a house or apartment. For example, it is more appropriate to decorate a kitchen window with roman curtains or roller blinds, which allows you to control the room’s illumination. They have the functionality and convenience of blinds while making the room more comfortable, which is especially crucial for residential premises.

Classic striped curtains

Classic striped curtains will decorate a large and free room. Such curtains can be decorated with decorative elements, such as a lambrequin. Most often, traditional curtains consist of two sliding canvases that can be gathered on the sides using clips or bands. Traditionally, they are combined with a one-piece transparent curtain.

Roman striped curtains

Roman curtains are both practical and original, austere, and sophisticated. They will decorate any window and allow you to regulate the lighting entering the bedroom, hall, nursery, and even the bathroom.

Striped blinds

Making a window opening with roller blinds is practical. They scatter sunlight well. The roller blinds can be hung in places where the use of classic curtains is impossible: in small spaces of a glazed loggia, kitchen, etc.

Use colors wisely

To create the perfect image of striped curtains, it is imperative to correctly match the colors of those very stripes and harmoniously fit them into the existing interior.

Contrasting combinations always win. You can use them when you want to add brightness and something unusual to the interior. Even the most unexpected combinations of turquoise and hot pink, yellow and red look great, black and white stripes are bright contrasts and immortal classics. This technique is more acceptable for a spacious living room, kitchen, and even a children’s room.

Fuchsia, with green, is a bold and unusual combination. It seems to scream that the owner of the room is a creative and extraordinary person.

The most important thing is not to overdo it with bright colors in the whole design; otherwise, it is doomed to a cramped atmosphere that strains with an abundance of colors.

When a person is calm by nature, loves a moderate rhythm of life without sudden changes, he, as a rule, chooses the appropriate colors that decorate his house. Striped curtain fabric does not have to be crazy bright colors; neutral combinations look no less attractive and create unique home comfort. Linen curtains in white and blue narrow stripes are suitable for a bedroom in the same blue tones.

Gray color, by its nature, has a calming effect, but it should not be too much in the interior, and therefore it should be diluted with white and cream shades.

The use of stripes of the same color in different tones is relevant. For example, delicate shades of a morning rose will play on a bright pink canvas, or a juicy grassy one will be diluted with a pale olive. Such curtains are suitable for those who love stripes but do not want to see bright contrasts.

The striped curtains that combine a warm palette of tones will give the room warmth and truly homeliness: beige, milky, light brown, not bright yellow palettes. By the way, such tones are easy to combine, and they always look attractive and modern.

Cold gray walls will warm the creamy curtains with golden stripes and decorative elements of the interior in the same colors.

How to use striped curtains correctly in the interior

The striped curtains themselves in the interior already impose a lot on the current situation. If you are just starting to make renovations and already know that striped curtains will hang on the windows, then it is worth considering some points.

The basic rule when choosing striped curtains is that one of the stripes’ tones should match the color of the walls, and the others should match furniture and other accessories. This is necessary to achieve the complete harmony of the image of the living room or bedroom.

Striped curtains are a timeless fashion, only fabrics and current colors change. So buying such curtains once, you can forget about replacing curtains for several years.

Striped curtains in the hall and living room

The living room is the most popular in the house, so every detail must be thought out in its design. In this case, curtains will become an excellent decoration for the window, and with the right selection, they will help model the space. In the spacious hall, you can hang curtains with wide stripes, and a kind of balance will be achieved by combining with plain sheer.

A small window opening will be decorated with a roman model with a horizontal pattern. Curtains with vertical stripes are suitable as a frame. The combination of lines looks exquisite. With the help of magnets or clips, you can change the drapery’s angle, the direction of the print.

Striped curtains in the kitchen

Striped curtains are also appropriate in the interior of the kitchen. They will complement a two-tone set, a backsplash, a floor, and together with other textiles, they will dilute the monotony in the setting. Classic long models here may be impractical and are more suitable for large rooms.

In the kitchen, it is better to choose roman curtains or roller blinds. They will look good with sheer curtains.

Fabric for kitchen curtains should be as hardy as possible, resistant to dirt and puffs, so inevitable in the kitchen bustle. Plus, it should let in the natural light that is so important when cooking. You might be interested in a mix of curtains and blinds to control the amount of daylight – day/night curtains.

Blackout is more relevant when looking for striped curtains for the bedroom.

Striped curtains in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place to relax, and calm shades and soft fabrics help to relax. However, each case’s choice of curtains depends on the personal perception of the owner of the room and the style of the interior. Thus, the width and color of the strip are selected individually. At the same time, it is recommended to hang double curtains in the bedroom, providing a good blackout. Blackout curtains not only do not let light through but also noise from the outside.

Those who like to relax in a bright bedroom should choose a weightless window design. Filament curtains will fill the room with diffused light. At night, these curtains will leave unusual shadows on the walls.

Striped curtains in the children room

Long curtains with a dull striped print will fit well into the interior of a child’s room. In this case, the size of the stripes should be suitable for the dimensions of the nursery. Vibrant colors excite the child’s psyche. Such curtains are undesirable, but acceptable if bright stripes alternate with neutral ones.

A combination of white and blue will look great in the boy’s room. Pink or light purple is an excellent solution for a little princess’s apartment. Green-beige shades will become a universal option.

Curtains for striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper itself is a bright unit of the interior, so you need to be careful when complementing it with accessories. If the room is decorated in a retro style, then the sheer is selected in calm fruit shades.

The classic assumes wallpaper with both pronounced and inconspicuous prints. Curtains are selected in similar colors, the presence of a lambrequin, decorative garters is appropriate.

The modern style is popular in modern apartments. In this case, black and white prints on the curtains are in harmony with the striped walls, but not with stripes, but, for example, with floral patterns. The presence of the same pattern on other interior elements is recommended.

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