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Striped wall paint design: stylish ideas for every room of your house
Irina Tomsa -

Striped wall paint design: stylish ideas for every room of your house

Irina Tomsa / October 26, 2021 - views 51 - 0 likes

It is not a surprise that stripes are one of the most common patterns when it comes to the design of the walls, as there is an array of variations that can be adapted to any interior design. There are various designs in this respect as well that have particular features, starting with their type: vertical or horizontal; number: one stripe, two or more stripes; and reaching the category of colors: monochrome, two or more colors. Whether you consider one bold stripe over a neutral background or cover the entire wall in stripes of different shades, your room will definitely have a new look that enriches the interior design and shapes the atmosphere. 

All easy and fun till we tell you that one thing is to paint stripes on the wall, another one is to choose the appropriate variation that would match your preferences and the room interior design. Of course, if you start with the walls, you are free to make bold decisions in this sense. On the other hand, if you already have other decorative elements for a particular room, but decided to give the walls a fresh touch, you will have to match them with what you already have. Either way, you came here for striped wall designs, and this is what we are going to provide you with. 

Go bold with one stripe

If you would like to make a statement but stay simple at the same time, we suggest you consider one large horizontal stripe right in the center of your wall. This design will go well, especially in your bedroom. Furthermore, the two colors involved that can be shades of the same color or of different ones should belong to the neutral category. This way, the walls will serve as a background for the other decorative elements and not as the main point of interest. 

Vertical stripes

You will win in two ways if you choose vertical stripes for the walls. First of all, you will give your room a new interesting look. Secondly, vertical stripes will make your ceiling look higher. Therefore, this is a perfect variant for rooms that need to be shaped a little bit. It should be noted that the strongest effect of these stripes is received when they are thinner. All you have to do is pick a particular number of colors, but don’t go too extra in this sense, and combine them appropriately on the wall. Make sure that these colors are to be found in other elements of the room, or at least match them well. There is one more thing to be considered: if you go for vertical stripes, especially using a particular number of colors, consider painting only one wall this way. The other walls can be painted in one shade of color, and it better be a neutral one in order to emphasize the striped wall and not exhaust the eyes. 

Horizontal stripes

The most common type of stripes is the horizontal one. Why is it the most popular? It is not that difficult to paint horizontal stripes. Furthermore, there is a bonus from them. They make the room look larger. Who would not want that? You could go different ways in this sense. You could either paint the entire wall with enormous stripes in two or more colors one after another or consider smaller stripes of different colors. Such a design would be perfect for a bedroom or living room, or either room you choose. At the same time, we suggest you opt to paint this way only one wall and choose a neutral background for the others. 

One-color stripes

If you would like to emphasize the minimalist style of your room but still opt for a bold design for the walls, we suggest you consider small-width vertical stripes of the same color but in different shades. They will offer the wall a touch of freshness while serving as a background for the constituent elements of the interior design. As in the previous cases, we suggest you choose this design only for one wall, usually the one where the bed finds itself if it is a bedroom or the sofa if it is a living room. Furthermore, consider the same color for the other walls, but in a slightly lighter shade. 

Stripes for balance

There is no doubt that these straight lines can add a little bit of stability to a room. Here is how you can do that: pay attention to the amalgam of colors that are present in your room and use them to paint horizontal stripes of different widths on one wall. This technique will balance the picture, especially if there is an enormous number of colors. This is not all. Choose one of these colors, better if it is neutral, and paint the other walls with it.

Zigzag stripes

Who said that you could only paint your walls with horizontal or vertical stripes? We suggest you consider the zigzag ones. It will go well, especially in your child’s room. Here is how it works: choose a particular combination of colors, and use it to paint the walls in parallel stripes of different sizes. At a particular wall part, continue your painting by forming a zigzag with the same colors. It will offer the room a new point of interest. Of course, this type of design for a striped wall is not that easy to do, but if you sketch in advance the lines, all you will have to do later is play with the brush according to the established frames.

Bright stripes 

We have told you previously that you should opt for soothing colors as the stripes themselves are a complex design for the walls. Nevertheless, there are cases when you could opt for bolder colors. For instance, if the other elements of the room are of a neutral color, you could consider brighter colors for the stripes. Furthermore, when the process of painting is finished, we suggest you add some small decorative units of the same bright colors to establish a balance within the room. If it is a bedroom or a living room, you could opt for bright-colored cushions. 

Pastel stripes

In contrast with the previous example, here, we speak about soothing colors. We suggest you opt for horizontal stripes in soothing colors that differ slightly from each other. It should be noted that this would serve as a perfect background for a larger number of decorative elements of brighter colors in the room. What do we mean by that? Try not to integrate such a striped wall into a completely neutral room in order not to lose the contrast and balance between the constituent elements. 

Stripes all over the place

This is the exact case when you could opt for stripes on all walls. Of course, there are things to be considered. First of all, you could go all stripes if your room is small and you would like to make it look bigger. Secondly, consider horizontal stripes, which can be of different widths, but it is compulsory that there are no more than two colors, and better if they are neutral. This design would go well for a small bedroom. 

Musical stripes

If you opt for a simple design, yet a special one, we have an option for you. We suggest you paint the walls white and add thin black stripes on one of the walls. Don’t hurry to cover the entire wall with stripes. We suggest you space them like a music staff. It will definitely add a new sparkle to the room and even in an original way.

Shadow stripes

If you would like to add some stripes to your wall but keep it, at the same time, minimalist, we have a suggestion for you. Consider vertical stripes of a smaller width in two shades of dark gray. In an all gray design and with the appropriate amount of daylight these two-colored lines will play with your imagination and look like some sort of shadows in your room. 

Add a frame

The stripes themselves are an interesting way to offer a new sparkle to your room. This does not mean that they cannot be accompanied by other elements as well. We suggest you choose large horizontal stripes in two contrasting colors and add a frame in the center, which has to be colored with the bolder shade of the ones used for stripes. Furthermore, you could use this space to emphasize a particular piece of art you would like to put on the wall. 

As a final point, we would like to add that no matter what design you opt for, the appropriately arranged lines and colors will lead to a perfect result. Play appropriately with contrasts, taking into account the overall picture, and opt for a balanced arrangement of your painted stripes. Keep it simple when needed and take a bold step if possible to fit the style and achieve the wanted effect.