Stunning kitchen design ideas you’ll want to steal

Stunning kitchen design ideas you’ll want to steal

The kitchen is where the magic happens. This is where the ingredients come to life and a place where you can gather all your family to bond. So the kitchen must look nice and pleasing. But, redesigning your kitchen can be hard. There are a lot of elements you need to consider, such as what design will fit you and your family’s needs. To make your kitchen refurbishment less of a hassle, here are some simple and stunning kitchen ideas you may want to apply in your kitchen.

Classic design

As a family member who always prepares the food for their family, you always want to make sure that your kitchen has enough space and comfort. Choose a design with an island or high stools for practicality. Keep the color neutral to incorporate timeless style and you can also add a touch of rustic colors to make eye-catching moments to whoever will lay eyes on your kitchen. The oil rubbed bronze faucets can emulate the classic kitchen design as the rustic, yet stylish look can add a modern look to your kitchen. White is to give you a fresh kitchen feeling, making it look big and spacious, while gray is if you want your kitchen to look sophisticated.

Minimalist design

If you are the type of person who wants to keep it basic and minimalist, you may want to consider the duo chromatic color palette. Instill your kitchen with white paint, creating a soothing, clean, and fresh ambiance. With white color painted all over the walls and ceilings, it can make your room look taller. Compliment it by adding kitchen cabinets and buying kitchen tools with a shade of the color blue, which makes it elegant and pleasing to the eyes. Put glass decor as well to give a modern and simple look. Minimalism doesn’t have to make your kitchen look less, adding simple, fresh leaves compliment the design.

Wood design

Adding woods to your kitchen is one of the most traditional designs you can apply if you want your area to look warm and earthy. This design is commonly used by people who lived in the countryside. Bring nature to your kitchen by installing wood accents to your tiles to create that natural effect and make your kitchen look cozy. Continue to employ country design by adding wooden ideas to your kitchen. Place wood baskets, condiment holders, and wooden chopping boards as your kitchen decor. If you do not have enough space to implement this design, you can simply add a natural wooden cabinet design or worktops. It is enough to emphasize your kitchen design.

Simplicity in design

If you don’t want to overdo your kitchen, choose muted colors, and make use of transparent furniture. There are kitchen tops, and chairs made up of glass, and some are plastic. This transparent furniture allows the dining table to be the center of attention. Apply white and other organic colors such as gray, and black. It creates a relaxing feeling and generates an illusion of matching kitchen appliances. Make use of natural light to bring out the best in your kitchen. The light that is coming from the outside brings out a justification of how beautiful and simple your design is.

Modern design

This kitchen design is all about sophistication, cleanliness, and creating a calming environment. Adding gold and edgy mirrored island will bring glamour and vibrant elements to your kitchen, like a sparkling pendant. Emphasize it more by installing plenty of natural light and a simple color scheme to see the characteristics of a striking and modern look. You can also prop it with hardware-free cabinets with a combination of white color so it blends into the background. Giving your chairs and table the spotlight it deserves. 

Blue kitchen design

Blue is one of the most chosen colors of everyone in this world. But it is also the most popular and widely used color in the kitchen after white. It emits a classic and calming effect on everyone who sees it. Whether it’s your cabinet or kitchen tools, it will surely bring that effect to your kitchen. If you opt to go for an ocean-inspired kitchen, try blending in deeper, modern shades of blue, like navy or vintage blue. This color can easily match any kitchen tools and appliances you have, especially stainless steel. 

Designing and planning your kitchen is key to making it look nice and appealing. However, do not forget the functionality as well. Do not overcrowd and overdo the design. Make sure you have enough space to move around your kitchen. Remember that a great color combination is not hard to pull together, do not limit yourself to stick on to just one. Mix and match different color shades. These designs are here to help you to create an idea, but it’s up to you and your needs what design will fit you.

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