Top 10 subway tile bathroom ideas: best design suggestions for a trendy result

Inspired by the New York subways, these particular tiles are traced to the beginning of the last century, but they do not cease to penetrate the interior design. There is no wonder why since they are versatile and can be integrated into any style, affordable, long-lasting, and undoubtedly a classic. Furthermore, they can meet any expectations of yours, regarding particular colors, shapes, and patterns.

As you have probably noticed, the array of possibilities is large. Therefore, we prepared a list of the 10 best ideas to integrate into your bathroom to keep pace with the latest trends. New ideas, practical suggestions, inspirational photos, and motivation for a change; these and more are waiting to be discovered by you as follows. 

3 starting points to begin the journey

Before revealing the secrets toward a perfect bathroom with subway tiles, let’s scroll through some basic aspects to consider in advance so that you know from the start which direction you want to take. The rest will be dealt with by inspiration itself.

  • Bathroom size. Based on the particular size of your bathroom, you can opt for a specific shape and pattern to either enlarge the space or make it feel cozier;
  • Lighting. Considering that these tiles can be of various colors, you should opt for appropriate lighting to emphasize their peculiarities and avoid an overwhelming effect;
  • Resulting effect. Relying on your preferences regarding the look and the effect you want to achieve, opt for particular designs that will keep this space up-to-date and reach your standard of comfort.

Now that we have gone through the basics, it is time to dive into the world of colors, shapes, and patterns and discover the best subway tile designs for a stylish bathroom. From classic looks to contemporary settings, the following ideas will fit any preferences and styles. Enough with the words. Let’s get inspired for something new!

Stick to the classic

We cannot start the list without referring first to the classic subway tiles. Nothing more, nothing less than the original shape and pattern; their timeless effect will enrich your bathroom perfectly, adding freshness and stability to the environment. Consider combining them with contrastive flooring tiles for a stunning result and enjoy the effect.

Inverse effect with opposite alternative

Quite a simple change, but the effect is fascinating. Opt for black tiles and white grout for a contrastive result that will charm you with its originality. Such an approach is perfect for a contemporary setting. Besides the fact that black is at the peak of its popularity, its combination with subway tiles will add to the trendy look of your bathroom and keep it this way for a long time.

A new splash of positivity

What can go wrong in a bathroom with yellow tiles? Probably a large amount of positivity will enrich this space with a lot of energy. That’s not a problem at all. Consider yellow subway tiles for your bathroom and bring in the daylight that usually does not reach the bathroom due to the lack of windows. Of course, such an option will work perfectly for creative people who want to fill every room of their house with positivity. Nevertheless, feel free to refer to such an approach even with a minimalist setting and bring a new sparkle to this private space.

Keep it simple with neutral grout

If you are impressed by the look the subway tiles offer your bathroom, but the black grout seems too straightforward, consider a neutral one to keep it simple and preserve the classic shape. In this sense, you can opt for white grout that will erase the borders between tiles and enrich the space with texture. On the other hand, you can preserve the limits, although in a subtle way, by opting for another neutral color, such as gray or beige.

Change the perspective

Who said that you should stick to the usual laying pattern? You can as well go with a vertical approach and change the entire look. Furthermore, such an option will fit smaller spaces by making the walls seem higher. Unique approach and functional result; what can enrich a bathroom more? Exactly, an appropriate color. From neutral shades to the boldest ones, breathe a new life into your bathroom and enrich it with the amount of color that suits you best.

Embrace the textured surfaces

Do not stop at the idea of simple subway tiles but go further and opt for unique units in this sense. Consider tiles with grooves and add texture to this space. From simple deviations from a uniform covering to repetitive patterns, enrich your bathroom with a new element. Furthermore, appropriate color and lighting will emphasize the original design of the tiles and breathe a new life into this place.

Beyond the limits with a herringbone layout

Both subway tiles and herringbone layout are very popular later. Do you imagine the result of combining those two? A double effect when it comes to the up-to-date feature. Add a new color, a little bit of texture to the herringbone layout of the subway tiles, and the result will speak for itself. There should be no worries about whether it will be too extra. The balanced combination between these elements will reach a perfect result, and you will forget about redecoration for a long time.

Elegance and functionality in one step

Would you like to bring the elegant effect of marble into your bathroom with less effort but the same result? What do you say about subway tiles that replicate marble? Affordable and elegant, this approach will enrich your bathroom with the missing sparkle. You can consider various shapes and shades to achieve the wanted result, which depends on you. Nevertheless, one thing is guaranteed: you will not regret combining subway tiles with marble, both being trendy options.

Original approach for creative minds

If you want to make a statement and choose a bolder approach, consider unique shapes and patterns for the tiles to add a point of interest to your bathroom and enrich it with the missing effect. Furthermore, consider bold colors to shape the result. Opt for peach to bring in a Spanish summer evening, emerald green to set a royal environment, or purple for a luxurious result.

Go halves

Sometimes particular shapes and colors can overwhelm the environment if considering a total covering of the wall with subway tiles. The solution is easier than you thought: opt for subway tiles for half of the wall while covering the other part with particular contrastive paint or wallpaper. Such an option will balance the contrasts and brighten the place.

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