Sunflower kitchen decor: 18 ideas & 50+ photos

The once rustic interior style was a success thanks to floral ornaments, frills, wood surfaces, and many painted decor. After that, it gradually disappeared because it does not fit the modern lifestyle, which is governed by a fast pace and technical gadgets.

But some of its parts still warm the apartments with home comfort and warmth. We invite you to bring that warmth back into your home with 18 simple sunflower kitchen decor ideas.

Accent wall

Minimalists will appreciate the easy way to remodel a kitchen through a large-pattern accent wall. Colorful plants, like a living fire, paint the room in yellow-orange colors. The atmosphere warms up before our eyes and acquires liveliness.

The main feature of the method is that a bright wall draws attention to itself, allowing you not to worry about the rest of the interior. You can get by with a white set, wooden table and chairs, and a minimal amount of decor – always in beige.

Kitchen backsplash

It is a composition of sunflowers on the back wall of the kitchen cabinets, designed to add unexpected colors to the room and encourage the owner to do culinary experiments.

In recent years, the fashion for painted backsplashes has passed, but fans of the method are alive and are looking for creative designs for the walls. For example, instead of photo printing, you can use a delicate artistic technique, where the flowers seem to be drawn with a pencil. Or at least an interesting drawing with several flower vases.

Dish shelves

If you try, you can find shelves with the image of a sunflower – the models look unique due to the fact that you don’t expect something unusual from familiar things. This is how plants bloom on shelves or dish dryers.

The design has a modern look that fits well into the interior – while an ornate black pattern with sunflowers braids the legs. This pattern is reminiscent of Victorian gardens of past centuries when tall fences rose in front of the mansions, and beautiful flowers were hidden behind them.

Towel holders

The same method works for towel holders when a simple metal structure in the form of rings or hooks is decorated with a sunflower. It can be a single large flower at the base of the holder. Or a whole scattering of different flowers and charming butterflies flying around them.

To increase the effect and draw more attention to the interior, small decor – towels, potholders, or napkins – should also have a sunflower print.

Decorated cabinet hardware

The sunflower image can be placed in the most unexpected places, and the interior will only benefit from this. How do you like the idea of hiding a sunflower in the knobs of a closed cabinet? Take off the old models, make the new ones to order, and screw them on with a light movement of your hand.

The small print looks great on a white cabinet and is not immediately striking. But it is worth reaching for the door for spices, touching the corrugated surface, as a smile itself stretches on the lips.


The most harmonious sunflower looks on kitchen textiles; this is one of the foundations of a rustic interior style, when floral motifs, wicker and knitted items, and wooden utensils are used in the room. Applying the elements separately, the modern design will sparkle with a warm atmosphere.

For example, cover a wooden table with a light tablecloth with a sunflower print. It is better to find models with a space between the floral pattern – so the tablecloth will not be knocked out of the interior with excessive variegation.

Printed curtains

Another way is to transfer the sunflower pattern to the window curtains. At the heart of a snow-white curtain can be any pattern: small or large; the main thing is high-quality embroidery. An interesting effect will be obtained if you insert an elastic band into the curtain. Waves and curves will knock down the symmetrical pattern, creating a new composition.

Often, curtains are used simultaneously with the tablecloth so that a single accent turns into the room’s theme – in this case, it is better to find textiles with small flowers so that the yellow color does not overlap the rest of the room colors.

Kitchen rug

Some people put a rug next to a stove or sink to keep their feet warm on bare hardwood flooring during extended cooking. The easiest option would be to place a sunflower here.

Finding the right rug is not difficult: in stores and on the Internet, everyone will find something to their liking – dark or light color, with embroidery or a printed pattern. It is better to dwell on a scattering of flowers – after all, a single sunflower or vase will look strange on the floor.

Piece of art

Some people say that when eating food, you should not be distracted by extraneous things like a TV, phone, or book not to disrupt the metabolism. Another thing is a work of art depicting flowers, which alleviates and even awakens the appetite.

Hanging a painting near the stove or work area would be an unreasonable decision – there is a great chance that it will get dirty during cooking. However, if you have a separate dining area, you can hang a piece of art right above the table.


Nowadays, tableware with high-quality painting is not often found in homes – they are expensive and do not make much sense unless you want to create a floral interior in the kitchen. These can be painted plates or unusual dishes in the shape of a sunflower bud.

By decorating the top of the serving dishes and plates with it, you will give the guests a radiant mood, and the rest of the feast will pass in a positive, friendly atmosphere. And if you use such tableware in everyday life, the spirit of the whole family will improve, and maybe even the relationship will strengthen.

Spice boxes

The main problem of the kitchen is the bright packaging of products. The option with personalized glass jars for cereals and spices is wonderful but not always convenient – for example, if you are a lover of cooking and have many spices, you cannot stock up on all types of jars. In this case, large boxes come to the rescue.

Several types can be stacked here at once, without even removing them from the purchased packages, because all the brightness is hidden under the lid. And the box itself is replete with only the correct pattern in the form of a sunflower.

Napkin holder

A cute decoration for a dining table will be remembered for its simplicity and convenience because, unlike the useless sunflower decorations with which you could hang the walls, the napkin holder has a direct function – to provide cleaning napkins.

She stands unpretentious on the table next to a fruit vase or flower pot, complements the room’s look, and does not interfere with everyday life. And if it interferes, you can always put it on an open shelf, from where the accent of the sunflower will not lose its sharpness.

Small decor

If you want to turn a room into a blooming garden, you cannot stop at one element. We’ll have to carefully select compositions with sunflowers and distribute them to all parts of the room.

For example, put yellow dishes on the open shelves of the kitchen cabinets, and next to the wall hang a printed apron (at the same time, it will come in handy for work) and a straw hat that reminds of summer. You can put a vase of sunflowers in the dining area and throw yellow pillows on the chairs.

Glass and cup coasters

Sunflower kitchen decor is quite challenging to find in stores – in particular, beautiful decor. But you can do it yourself with a passionate desire and a little investment of effort.

If you know how to knit, consider glass or cup coasters. There are many simple knitting patterns on the Internet that even beginners can handle. All you have to do is buy threads of two colors and painstaking work for a couple of days. There is now a piece of decor on the table that you have made with your own hands.

DIY craft

Do you have a memorable family event that you want to remember forever? Then you can immortalize it in a handmade design item. You will need a wooden plate, rope, artificial flowers, and a soldering iron.

Glue some sunflower flowers to the top of the plate. On the lower part, burn out a vase or glass bottle with a soldering iron, and inside it the spouses’ initials and the important date. Attach a rope to the plate to hang it on the wall, and the kitchen is the best place for families to come together.

Flower composition

You won’t surprise anyone with a bouquet of artificial flowers on the table, even if it consists of sunflowers. Another thing is an unusual flower arrangement, which is interesting to look at because of the different textures of plants and a well-chosen color palette.

It will be challenging to buy a similar one; they are all identical to each other, so it is better to compose yourself. Of course, ikebana is an art that needs to be learned, but no one will scold you for trying. Buy more different artificial flowers and herbs and get creative.

Artificial flowers

Don’t want to think about the interior for a long time and carefully select the details in the stores? There is an easy way. Arrange artificial flowers in an open kitchen cabinet as decor.

Just buy artificial sunflowers at your nearest flower shop – necessarily small flowers on a single stalk. If the stalk is long, cut it off, so it doesn’t get in the way. Now just put it on the cupboard in an artistic mess: between dishes, in mugs, on plates.

Kitchen appliance stickers

Another easy way for the lazy people is to use stickers on kitchen appliances: a little childish, but fun. Many stickers can be found in stores, including sunflowers. They are easily placed on teapots, pots, household appliances and do not require creative skills.

The sticker will not last long because it will melt from the water after several washes, but in this short period, it will give a good mood and diversify the interior with a floral print.

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