Table setting and decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Having someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with is great. And the desire to make this evening bright and memorable for you and your chosen one is quite natural. Valentine’s Day can hardly be called a state-level holiday or equate with Christmas in scale, but many spend no less effort and money on its preparation. Indeed, today there are so many opportunities to create a sophisticated and romantic atmosphere that it was strange not to take advantage of them.

Decorating a house and looking for a gift are pleasant chores, which are not limited to all preparations. An exquisite and delicious dinner and an atmosphere of passion and romance remain the ideal formula to celebrate February 14th. We leave the menu and its implementation at the mercy of your tastes and wishes – but we will be happy to share ideas for setting and decorating the table for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Decorating a table for a romantic dinner: basic principles

So, you begin to prepare for the evening, from which you expect ardent confessions, vivid impressions, and strong emotions. That is why it is so important for us that everything is perfect. In fact, setting and decorating your Valentine’s Day dinner isn’t that hard.

First, the good news: the food on this day does not require any specific serving and directly depends on the dishes and drinks you choose. The emphasis, in this case, is rather on the decorative component. In other words, you can set the table with tableware for soup, lobster, salad, and dessert, or even limit yourself to homemade pizza – the most important thing is to arrange everything beautifully and according to the occasion. To do this, you need to consistently think through several aspects, which we will discuss below.


By textiles, we mean tablecloths and napkins. There are no specific prescriptions for colors and materials, but designers still insist on fabric accessories – they look more refined and at the same time cozy. The most popular textile solutions for Valentine’s Day are:

  • snow-white silk, cotton, or linen tablecloths;
  • tablecloths of a bright scarlet color or tracks of the same shade over a white background;
  • lace napkins over the main tablecloth in a contrasting shade;
  • large thematic design napkins.

Paper napkins of red and pink shades, folded in the shape of hearts, look no less charming. Do not think that you will not be able to cope with this task yourself: there are many masterclasses and life hacks on these topics on the Internet – you will definitely come across a suitable one.


Valentine’s Day chairs and armchairs are usually overlooked. However, if you consider this an annoying omission and the furniture design allows you to add charming festive touches, it makes sense to take a closer look at the following ideas:

  • capes or seat covers to match tablecloths and napkins – possibly with pretty draperies;
  • red satin bows on the backs of chairs or armchairs;
  • stylish pillows under the back – red, snow-white or pale pink;
  • angel wings – perhaps a little kitschy, but incredibly touching.


We can talk endlessly about tableware for setting a festive table for lovers – as, indeed, about any beautiful tableware. Of course, the most logical option may seem to be heart-shaped plates and red and white tones, but adhering to even romantic, but still not always templates, is not always necessary – and even more so to spend significant amounts on it. Even if you lack a little to buy a luxurious set from Hermes of the 2020 collection (just in red and white), then this is not a reason to be upset because the designers offer other relevant shades:

  • delicate and dusty pink;
  • beige and cream;
  • golden and terracotta;
  • burgundy and marsala;
  • terracotta and chocolate;
  • black (fragmentary);
  • violet scale.

For decoration and serving, you can use no more than three colors, choosing one main one – in this case, the decoration will turn out to be effective, but not excessive.

Cutlery setting

In such an environment, forks, knives, and spoons also require special decoration. If you are not sure if you can come up with something original yourself, do not worry – there are many ideas that you can take on board:

  • covers made of elegant cloth napkins in matching colors;
  • dressing with a velvet or silk ribbon;
  • serving on a napkin or heart-shaped stand.

If you have chosen colored plates for a romantic dinner, it will be a real success to purchase cutlery with handles just to match the dishes – this harmony on Valentine’s Day acquires special value.

Decorations for the festive table on Valentine’s Day

When everything is more or less clear with the table setting, it’s time to move on to an even more pleasant one – decoration. The following accessories will help create an atmosphere of romance, chic, and sensuality:

  • Candles. You can designate their size and number with one simple phrase – “more candles, beautiful and different.” Do not be afraid to overdo it or make a mistake with the design: your table setting itself will tell you which candles will light up your festive table today.
  • Flowers. A must-have for one of the most romantic evenings of the year can be organized in any way that seems aesthetic to you. However, low, graceful compositions or single flowers placed in small vases, wine glasses, and glasses look truly appropriate and harmonious.
  • Loose table decor. Paper or plastic hearts and rose petals scattered around the tablecloth will help you tune in to a romantic mood and get rid of everyday problems and worries.
  • Hanging decor. It can be balloons, paper stars, hearts or pompons, and even all at once – if you need a solemn atmosphere for an important conversation or a cherished proposal, do not neglect such elements.
  • Thematic compositions. Wreaths and branches adorned with the same hearts, wooden letters, and lettering combined with floral cascades will emphasize your ability to approach themed table setting with an impeccable sense of style.

For those who do not like platitudes

On the one hand, the options for serving a festive dinner on this day are quite diverse, but on the other hand, one cannot fail to note a lot of recurring elements in them. Hearts, roses, red and candle lights reflected in the glasses’ crystal are all lovely. But still, one must admit that sometimes you still want variety, especially if your couple’s relationship is strong and lasts for many years. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you very extraordinary but no less romantic table setting options:

Change the color scheme

If you are lucky enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day from year to year, then we are more than sure that you and your half would not mind changing the traditional trio of “red-pink-white” for something else. You will be surprised how many options you have – from luxurious gold-colored art deco decorations to turquoise tablecloths and azure plates in nautical style. However, purple has become the trendy solution today: morning glories and orchids in luxurious shades, lavender textiles, and lilac-colored hearts will create a mysterious and sexy atmosphere.

Country style

Living in a warm climate has its advantages – including the ability to organize an exceptional table setting in mid-February. Wreaths or bouquets of lush greenery, geometric copper candlesticks, and transparent glass against a linen tablecloth background will allow you to reveal your feelings most directly and easily.

For the warmth of your soul

Date “like in the movies”? Why not! Furniture made of natural wood, cozy woolen blankets, and dry compositions using cotton boxes and birch branches, which can be decorated with small hearts, will add drama to the table decor.

When too much is just right

A minimalist table setting, generously seasoned with a pastel palette, will be a real find for those accustomed to acting on a grand scale. Lush, but low bouquets of roses and white peonies, tableware of delicate shades, the decor of rose gold and brass, many, many candles – dinner promises to be truly charming.

Show vivid emotions

You can hint at a blazing passion without using traditional red – there are no less juicy and fiery shades! Deep-toned flowers, colorful citrus fruits, and brightly colored tableware can warm up your senses even more.

In a whirlwind of watercolor

Blurred watercolor tones look incredibly sophisticated. You can easily pick up tablecloths or napkins in similar colors, as well as make your own cards for love messages.

A la naturel

One of the hottest trends of 2021 is decorating a festive table for Valentine’s Day using natural materials. Kraft cutlery napkins, linen tablecloths, confession notes tied with twine, and matte white ceramic dishes are what is called the fashionable phrase “smoky tenderness” today.

Decorating a festive table for the world-famous February holiday is a wonderful occasion to show your imagination for those who are especially dear to you. Take your time looking for original ideas, feel free to try non-standard color and texture combinations, do not be shy about romantic impulses – the memories of this dinner may warm you until the next Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day decor ideas 2021
Valentine's day
Valentine’s Day decor ideas 2021

So, the New Year and Christmas bustle is over, the tree is removed, the garlands are removed, and it’s time…