Teal area rug ideas: redefine your style with timeless options

It is quite uncommon to speak about rugs in an era of maximum functionality, simplicity of the decor, and sleek contemporaneity – would say those who always stay in trend when it comes to interior design. Well, we partially agree with such an idea. Nevertheless, we hasten to convince you that rugs have actually never gone out of trend. They have always been there, although not integrated at a high level. In the past, rugs had more of a functional purpose – to keep the floor warm, while, today, they are more of a decor element, although the initial role is not to be overlooked as well. All things considered, it seems that rugs have made a real comeback lately since people try to fill their houses with as much comfort as possible. The same goes for the style – an appropriate piece of this kind that works perfectly with other room elements will surely redefine your interior design and add softness in an exquisite way. 

All clear about the rug itself. What about its design, or to be more specific, what color should you stick to? Well, the range of possibilities is large. However, we want to stop today at a shade that seems to be increasingly popular lately – teal. That’s right! Today, we bring to your attention the teal area rugs. There are still a few aspects to be clarified. What color is teal, and what exactly an area rug is? Teal is a blue-green color inspired by the similarly colored stripe on the head of a bird that bears the same name. This color is impressively deep and charming, rather cool than warm, leaning either more green or blue, and outstandingly inspiring. It is much simpler with the area rug; it is a rug that covers only a particular area of the space. Now, it is time to discover the best rug design solutions that involve this beautiful teal color.

Oriental refinement

We would like to begin with something bold – an elegant teal rug inspired by oriental cultures. It seems that this color was developed particularly for this type of rug since their pairing is a pure interpretation of harmony. The delicate yet rich pattern spread all over the rug surface, accompanied by the coolish blue-green shade. As bold as it seems to be, such a design would work perfectly with any style, adding a bit of finesse even to the sleek minimalist settings. One should note that both bright and faded teal can be considered, and even a combination with other shades, depending on how much of a statement you want to make.

Vintage charm

Not far from the previous option are the vintage rugs, which can also be inspired by oriental cultures. Their defining feature is the faded appearance, worn-like surface, a soothing shade of teal, even in combination with other colors, and slightly noticeable patterns worn out by time. Such pieces of decor can be bought at sales or inherited – which will ensure an original shabby appearance. Nevertheless, the vintage has penetrated so deeply into the interior design that such pearls are manufactured on request. As with the previous design solution, this one works no less impressively in a wide range of styles, serving as a source of visual interest and inspiring softness.

Comfy shag

The long and rough-pile shag rugs, usually associated with designs from the past, are a real thing now, particularly when considered in teal, another trend that has made a comeback. Besides being a delight at the touch due to the soft material, they serve as a standout source of texture for the interior. Add a luxurious feel to the first steps in the morning with a rug of this kind in the bedroom or a constant sense of coziness in the neighborhood of your sofa in the living room. The magic is more or less played by the teal color that seems to hypnotize with its charming notes, especially when applied to a rug rich in texture. 

Moroccan functionality

Do you wonder why functionality? Moroccan rugs are known to be great sources for providing warmth by not letting the cold pass from the floor. Therefore, such a rug would work perfectly for cold regions. Besides being practical and long-lasting, the Moroccan rugs serve as an exceptional point of interest, particularly when considered in teal. Be it an all-teal rug or implying at least a few splashes of this color, an area rug in this style is simply a breath of fresh air for any interior, particularly for a monochromatic one. 

Sleek geometry

Clear geometric lines and a bold teal shade – quite an opportunity to take your interior design to another level; from the simplest lines to whole geometric shapes, reaching exceptional patterns, even the same Moroccan tile forms, such a rug will simply radiate energy and exquisite finesse, although not devoid of balance. Experts suggest opting for such bold rugs to accompany a monochromatic palette since teal is quite tricky when playing with shades alike, whereas neutrals are a go-to option. 

Rug layering

Who said that you should consider only a single rug? Even a bold color as teal cannot help but look outstandingly well when rug layering is considered. For an indeed emphasized effect, opt for two or more rugs in bold teal layered one above another in a quite abstract yet balanced way. If it seems to be too eye-catching, consider the background layer in a neutral color, underlining, thus, the originality of your teal rug. One should note that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an all-teal rug. You can as well opt for a rug that has splashes of this color.

Color blending

Abstract color blendings are extremely popular lately, and a similar approach would work perfectly for teal rugs, where the main shade is combined with a neutral or a quite bold tint, such as gold, for an unusual but definitely original result. At first glance, it may seem like a simple pairing of colors, but the more you look, the better you understand that the abstract pattern is indeed interesting and offers the space a sense of individuality. 

Golden elegance

A pleasant teal shade accompanied by tiny splashes of gold for an exceptionally delicate pattern sounds like the design of an indeed exquisite rug, which it actually is. Such a piece of decor is worth considering within a classic interior that seems to require this subtle sparkle of finesse. Although teal is bold, the gold details manage to stand out and enrich the space with refined notes of luxury.

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