Teal bathroom: 17 stylish ideas with photos

Who doesn’t know, teal color is a shade between blue and dark green. It is ideal for the bathroom, as it immerses in the atmosphere of privacy and secrecy that this room needs. Here, you not only take baths and showers but also cleanse the soul: take healthy baths, massage, apply nourishing masks, even read and drink wine while sitting in the water.

Spouses take a break from each other, mothers – from active children, all together – from hard work at school or work. And for creating a similar relaxation bathroom, we offer 17 creative design ideas in teal color.


The most familiar bathroom design option is tiling. It looks harmonious among appliances, does not deteriorate due to water and humidity, and is easy to clean, which is especially important for the owners.

Despite the hackneyed reception, in teal design, the tiles come to life with new colors: thanks to the glossy surface, it becomes even brighter, plus reflects light, making the room brighter. You can also make the wall multi-colored by choosing tiles of different shades: from light to dark teal.

Brick style

Other materials can be used as masonry: for example, brick or its visual substitutes. This is a static and simple image, originally used only from the outside of the house, but it looks interesting inside.

Brick requires more care in the interior: it appreciates symmetry as if it were the height of parallel lamps or the arrangement of stacks of towels. He prefers square shapes more than round ones. And glass and metal surfaces are more prominent than wooden ones.

Plain wall

Usually, a plain bathroom is not attractive. But the success of the remodel largely depends on the correct color. Teal refers to the shades that designers call “deep”. Their goal is to attract the attention of a person and not let go.

Even ordinary objects like sinks and bathtubs take on depth in them. It is easy to pick up furniture because it takes into the neighborhood almost all shades: from light to dark. The decor goes well with wood, straw, ceramics, clay, glass, and living plants.

Tiny tiles

This is a unique design that is not often used in apartments yet. Walls or floors are decorated with tiny tiles in the form of long elements that fit tightly to each other. Unlike usual tiles, here, the play of color occurs not in every detail – it would be too bright – but in a scattering of elements, including from two to fifteen pieces.

Due to many details, it is better to keep the rest of the interior simple: get rid of unnecessary furniture and decor and make them in neutral colors: white or wood.


Who does not know, wainscoting is a wall paneling that covers the lower portion of the wall. The most popular model looks like a single surface extending from the floor up to about the level of the table. It can be extended to the bottom and top, even to place small decorative items on the base.

These panels are often used in the bedroom or corridor, so the appearance in the bathroom will be a pleasant surprise that will dilute the room with new textures: volume, color, materials, and patterns.


If you want to have an unusual pattern on the bathroom walls, take a closer look at the honeycomb. Initially, the print was used in the kitchen, but now it is firmly established in the bathroom.

The method is similar to regular tiles: small details are also used here, and individual tiles can have different colors to create a color transition. The difference is in the hexagonal shape of the tile, which looks more original than the usual one, plus honeycombs often do not fill the entire wall, but only a part in the form of a pattern.

Nautical wall

Another unusual solution for the bathroom is “scale” tiling. It looks like the surface of a fish’s body: the scales are intertwined with each other in a characteristic pattern, and have teal colors in different shades: from blue to green. If tiles are used for the base and not waterproof wallpaper, they still shine like real scales.

The print goes well with items with a nautical theme, such as straw laundry baskets or bathroom boxes. And also decor in the form of corals, shells, paintings with ships, and just blue things.

Designer wall

The deep color of teal has inspired designers to create amazing masterpieces more than once. Some of them play with the color palette, making a transition from light to dark tones. Others show unusual patterns, where shape, color, and stencils merge into a single composition, understandable only to the author.

Of course, ordering the service of a renowned artist will be costly. But you can always show your favorite wall model to your designer with a request to “copy as much as possible”. 

Accent ceiling

Also, the accent can be transferred to other parts of the room: for example, to the ceiling. A bright spot in the upper part of the room does not significantly affect the interior, and formally, they may not relate to each other. Those, if you have created a monochromatic snow-white design, and now you are bored – repainting the ceiling will be enough to revive the bathroom.

This will significantly save on remodeling because you do not need to look for suitable furniture and even decorative elements. Just clean up the room.

Accent floor

The emphasis can be shifted to the floor – here, the situation will be exactly the opposite. Unlike the ceiling, a person looks at the floor more often and even reluctantly catches it out of the corner of his eye, so the palette constantly influences you: it cheers you up and adjusts before starting work.

Depending on the shade of teal color, you can control your mood. Recall: it is closer to blue or green – if the first calms and suggests acting according to the usual schemes, then the second encourages you to try new things.

Vanity unit

A teal accent can be used in furniture. And a simple option would be to change the cabinet under the sink. One big accent is enough to set the tone for the room. Next, it is essential to choose the right sink and faucet.

An interesting option is a bronze sink; the colors perfectly harmonize with each other and create a “rich” appearance. But the usual palette is also suitable: white or black. By the way, in many respects, the harmony of color depends on the cabinet hardware. 


It’s time to change the central element of the room – the bathtub? Why not choose an attractive option in teal color? The model won’t be easy to find in the market, but the effort will pay off when you transform the entire room with it.

Most often, these are design models that have not only an unusual color but also texture. For example, it can be a bathtub with wide sides or decorative legs straight from the Victorian era. Add some decor from towels or cosmetic boxes in similar shades, and the interior will sparkle.


Is a bathtub expensive? Then move the focus to the wash area. There are designer models of sinks in teal color, which require less investment but look no less impressive.

These can be separate bowls that are clearly installed under the tap. Or an utterly faceted surface with shelves for small items and a towel rail. There are also models made of colored glass – the color will not be so saturated, but it will let in sunlight, making the room visually brighter and more spacious.

Mirror frame

If you are not ready for significant changes in the interior, you can create a slight and pleasant accent with the help of decor—for example, a mirror. Every morning starts not with coffee but with brushing your teeth. A simple mirror will not evoke any emotions, but a bright frame will awaken creative thinking from the first minutes of the day.

It will be challenging to find a finished model – you can paint it by yourself, choosing the shade of teal you like. And next to it, install a plant like a succulent, which prefers wet rooms.

Shower curtain

A must-have bathroom attribute is a curtain that protects the floor from water and you from unnecessary cleaning. Oddly enough, a simple thing is more difficult to find than the rest of the furniture, because the shops are replete with curtains with strange patterns.

No pictures – it looks cheap and outdated. Choose a plain or patterned fabric with a symmetrical pattern. Each individual element can be of a different teal color: from light to dark shades, which will pleasantly diversify the room’s decor.

Piece of art

Works of art are rarely installed in the bathroom due to the small size of the room, constant contact with water, and high humidity, even in the owner’s absence. But if you are the lucky owner of a large bathroom, you will surely find a suitable place.

For example, a painting is hung right above the bathtub after taking care of its safety with the help of protective glass. And an elaborate vase or a small statue, made in teal color, is installed in the corner of the room.

Small decor

Finally, the easiest option is to choose teal decor. Tones may vary slightly; the difference is not conspicuous because the objects are in different parts of the room. The main thing is to distribute them correctly so as not to create a color jam anywhere.

Buy a set of identical towels and arrange them neatly on the open shelves. Install jars or special boxes for cosmetics on a cabinet. Place a soft carpet on the floor and place a trash can.

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