Teal bedroom: features + 9 stylish ideas

Trendy bedroom palettes are constantly changing. Neutral and achromatic tones, as a rule, are invariably present in the interior. Still, unusual and complex colors that can make the interior memorable and relevant are of much greater interest. It is to these shades that teal can be attributed – a unique gradation of the blue-green spectrum, which at one time made a splash. Such a luxurious and natural tone requires an appropriate addition – and if both sophistication and comfort are essential to you in a bedroom design, it’s time to find out how you can decorate a bedroom in teal color and what shades and textures you should use.

Teal: what is this color?

The first thing that attracts attention is the unusual name of this color. And if in the shades “lilac”, “orange”, or “sage”, you can at least approximately imagine how they will look, then in the case of the “teal” colors, everything is a little more complicated: many do not even know what it is.

In fact, the teal is a small waterfowl of the duck family. Its plumage is gray in color, but some of the feathers in the form of a wide strip on the head have an amazing blue-green tint. The overflows of this tone fascinated the designers so much that in 2014 it became the color of the year – and today, it remains on the hit list of topical solutions.

Teal is a color that is as close to natural as possible, and therefore ambiguous. So, designers and colorists distinguish several gradations: depending on the addition of dark blue or green, it can be close to turquoise or aqua. In any case, each of these undertones looks cozy and mysterious and, at the same time, can create a unique atmosphere in your bedroom.

Why choose the teal color for your bedroom

The decision in favor of this unique blue-green hue as a base for decorating a bedroom is not only a non-trivial step but also quite reasonable. Experts give an impressive list of arguments in favor of the teal, including:

  • The depth and ambiguity of the shade. This fantastic color never looks flat and the same – changing color depending on the lighting and angle of view provides a fun play with space.
  • Calmness and serenity. Teal is devoid of the bright coldness of turquoise and the gloomy tone of sea waves. Mild and relaxing, it effectively relieves stress and mental fatigue – what could be better for a bedroom?
  • Remarkable combinatoriality. This color is friendly to both cold and warm shades, which opens up extensive possibilities for design and decoration.

If you are truly fascinated by this beautiful shade, it’s time to find out what your bedroom could be, if you prefer it. Here are some exciting teal bedroom ideas.

Sea and corals

Do not think that warm shades cannot be used in the bedroom, the walls of which are painted in blue-green tones. Add curtains in a soft dark pink color, complement them with a bedspread or bedding to match, add wood details and accents – and feel like on the seaside on a cloudy and warm summer day!

The charm of light pastels

Using light shades of teal color in the bedroom, you can safely turn to airy pastel colors and create a unique interior in vintage or shabby chic style. Designers recommend looking at colors such as beige, creamy, powdery, salmon, and coffee, as well as giving preference to natural textures like flax, rattan, and untreated wood.

Coffee and almonds

Light brown, green, and blue are a great trio for modern interiors. If teal has become the base color for your bedroom, you don’t have to limit yourself to your favorite warm and natural tones. Remarkably, both woody shades and surprisingly beautiful pale cappuccino tones look great against a cool background. Add sage, mint, and dark gray accents – and a great mood and a surge of vitality are guaranteed every morning.

Sea foam

Well, how can you do without stunning white accents in a modern bedroom – especially when styled in blue and green? It is noteworthy that it is thanks to white that you can create striking contrasts of different intensities. So, choosing a rich turquoise or sea wave, you will get a refreshing and spectacular interior, and, stopping at a lighter and softer nuance – a watercolor and airy atmosphere. In the latter case, smoky accessories will also come in handy.

Exciting night

Do you prefer originality in everything, including the interior of your bedroom? Then try a combination of a teal base with furniture and accessories in anthracite shades – it will turn out to be romantic, mysterious, and very seductive. And to avoid gloom and depressive moods, play with textures – from glossy bed surfaces to light chiffon lampshades on table lamps.

Metallic luster

Today, designers rightfully consider teal to be the perfect backdrop for metallic accents and surfaces. Table lamps made of brass, bronze, or chrome, a matching chandelier, a dressing table or an accent table made of openwork metal, corresponding to a panel on the wall – and an Art Deco or Modern bedroom is ready!

These amazing graphics

Geometric patterns and abstractions look incredibly impressive on a refreshing blue-green background – for a stylish bedroom, this is an authentic recipe for success. You can cover the room with patterned wallpaper, pick up bedding, or simply decorate the wall with posters and enjoy the impeccable rhythm of the interior.

All the beauty of the farmhouse

Teal is the best suited for decorating a bedroom in the country, French country, vintage, or farmhouse style, to which it gives more freshness, richness, and relevance (of course, in the most pleasant sense of the word). Don’t forget the cute wrought iron chandelier, wooden beds, charmingly simple wall art, and colorful linens – and enjoy the pristine coziness.

The magic of distant wanderings

The combination of teal and dark blue sounds strange only to the ear. It is enough to look at the exquisite color transitions created by these two tones of the same part of the spectrum to understand: sleep in this bedroom will be truly sound and fulfilling. True, you still have to take care of the delicate details: beige lamps with lampshades, a bedspread in pastel colors, and a rug to match will be beneficial.

Teal bedroom ideas: Conclusions + More Photos

Teal is an amazing color, both in beauty and naturalness and combinatoriality. Choosing it for the bedroom, you can feel like a real designer, trying different combinations and textures – and every time successfully.

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