Teen girl room design and decor: 12 cool ideas and trends + useful tips

It’s incredible how quickly children grow up – and girls in particular. Just yesterday, your baby was still taking her first hesitant steps, and today she wears shoes of the same size as her mother, buys cosmetics and accessories with her pocket money, and… decorates her room herself! However, the latter is also wholly unsurprising and quite natural: in adolescence, the desire to clearly define personal space and equip it according to one’s own taste becomes most acute.

It’s not a secret for anyone that parents design the rooms for their daughters primarily based on their own taste, wishes, and financial capabilities. In the period of infancy, early, and possibly primary school age (if, of course, you are lucky), this is perfectly acceptable – after all, adults understand better than children what they need for comfort and safety. However, in the case of a teenage girl, everything will be completely different: the girl begins to defend her territory and create an environment in which she is comfortable and pleasant to be.

Of course, the child still does not have the financial ability to decorate the interior of his room on his own. That is why the task of the parents is to help her decide on the design and create exactly the kind of bedroom that the girl has long dreamed of. Suppose this question is more relevant for you today than ever. In that case, we are ready to help you – and not only tell you about the basic rules for creating a harmonious interior but also share the ideas that seemed to us the most interesting.

Design and subtle psychological calculation: the critical rule for creating the perfect room for your teen girl

We have previously written about how to decorate a teenage boy’s room. Much attention in it was paid to such a moment as avoiding any surprises from the parents. If you have a daughter of the same age, you can rest assured that everything we talked about in that same article is also true for a girl.

The desire to surprise the girl (if she is away) or absolute self-confidence, supported by the assumption that you know best what your child needs, often leads to a decision to act independently. However, in this case, you are at significant risk: of course, no one excludes the possibility that the room owner will really like the renovation – but otherwise, her reaction can be completely unpredictable, and to such an extent that everything will have to start over. That is why be sure to work on the interior with your daughter and listen to her requests and wishes – this way, you will show her how much you value her opinion, and she will definitely like the result.

How to start decorating a girl room: important rules

Even if you just search about the interior of a girl’s bedroom on the Internet, the variety of ideas you can see there will definitely take your breath away. Is it possible to choose the most suitable solutions from all this variety and at the same time not spend many weeks and months on it? Of course – but what if you go from the other end and start with the basic principles?! Moreover, there are not so many of them, and it is pretty simple to implement them. But first things first:

  • Choose neutral or pastel colors. If your child did not say that he was crazy about turquoise, after two months, she did not tell how she loves red, and after another week, she did not say that the best color is lilac, then your daughter is definitely not a teenager. At this age, as in no other, ideas, thoughts, and moods can change a hundred times a day, and it would be too rash to blindly follow the lead of a teenager, building a room’s palette on only one characteristic color. However, it would be more reasonable to opt for neutral and pastel colors, which will become a harmonious background for any bright accents and details, even if your child decides to change them almost every other day.
  • Be in trend! Children, especially in adolescence, are much more attentive than many of us are used to thinking. They have a huge amount of visual information available. They are interested in trends in design and are looking at their friends’ rooms. That is why stick to more trendy and modern solutions from the very beginning – this way, you will not have to rebuild, and you will already be aware of the most exciting things.
  • The decor is not your area of responsibility. What you are really responsible for, even in consolidation with the girl, is the decoration of walls, floors, and ceilings, furniture choice, and the development of a lighting scenario. The girl will do the rest herself, following her vision and hobbies. Even if the finished room without decor seems empty to you, do not worry: very soon, there will be stickers, posters, photo frames, toys, and other charming trifles in it, so dear to the girl’s heart.

And finally, one more piece of advice – fewer “childish solutions”! For you, your daughter will forever remain a child – and this is not surprising. However, at this age, children strive to grow up as soon as possible, and you can give them this opportunity through neutral and more “adult solutions” for your interior. No more Winnie the Pooh wallpapers, Snow White rugs, and teddy bear bedding – unless, of course, your girl asks for it herself.

So, we figured out the essential principles of designing the teenage girl’s bedroom. Now is the time to move on to the options for decorating the room, which are most likely to appeal to your young girl in 2022.

Adding warming accents

As we said above, you should choose the most gentle or neutral tones for the basic palette of a teenage girl’s room. However, this does not mean at all that, in this case, you will have to forget about bright color spots – on the contrary, they will make the interior more lively and less monotonous. True, in this case, you should avoid shades that are too highlighter, overly striking in the eyes – but coral, azure, sunny yellow, and pistachio will come in handy.

New love for pink color

There are girls who, from birth, dream of being princesses and adore pink. Even when they grow up, and the time comes for denying everything unnecessarily “childish”, the love for pink does not subside at all.

In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong or strange in this – after all, who of us does not dream of living in a fairy tale, but it is entirely within your power to prolong this fairy tale for your child. True, in this case, you will have to send too straightforward pink to the past, leaving room for more delicate, sophisticated shades – such as pale and pastel pink, dusty rose and pink lace, pale peach, and blooming almonds.

As easy as possible

As a teenager, a girl needs visual comfort more than ever. In addition, teenagers during this period are often very awkward – knocking corners is almost a familiar thing for them. That is why designers recommend using the lightest designs possible without any bulky parts that do not clutter up the room and allow you to move around with maximum comfort.

So, among the most suitable pieces of furniture for a teenage girl’s bedroom are called beds with a low footboard, console side tables, chairs, and armchairs with high thin legs and built-in wardrobes or nooks-dressing rooms. In addition, by painting the ends and edges of objects white, you will create an incredibly light and airy atmosphere in which the girl will feel safe and confident.

For true keepers

If you are the happy parents of a teenage girl, then you definitely know firsthand how much things can be in her room and how difficult it is to understand how she can even find anything there if necessary. Of course, we will not generalize, but such cases are more than typical.

In this case, various storage systems will come to your aid, which will help the girl to keep all her things in relative order. So, you can use both built-in wardrobes and clusters from bookshelves on the wall (including above the bed) – or maybe even something completely original, as wicker baskets pushed onto a special shelf under the bed. If you wish, you can even arrange the storage areas in different colors – or invite the owner of the room to do this.

If your daughter is passionate about art and draws herself, showing remarkable talent. In this case, she will undoubtedly be delighted with the idea of arranging something like a small exhibition in her room. You can habitually hang pictures and posters on the walls put the largest ones on the floor – or even come up with something unusual and alternative.

So, for example, special narrow shelves-ledges with sides mounted to the walls will become an excellent option, especially for paintings. Another advantage of this option for the girl will be the ability to change the exhibits of the “exhibition” as often as the owner of the room wants. If she herself is fond of painting, she will have the opportunity to admire her works more often.

More wall decor – good and different

Despite the current aesthetics of voids and spaces, which designers continue to develop in modern minimalist interiors actively, childhood is childhood – which means that it is entirely unnecessary to leave the walls empty if your teenager does not want to. It is the wall decor that gives the interior individuality, allows you to demonstrate character, habits – and great taste.

That is why you should not limit your daughter if she wants to try different ways to decorate the walls in her room. Wooden and metal pendants and letters, wreaths, decorative self-adhesive tiles, garlands with large colored lights – teenagers have their own secrets of creating absolute comfort.

Stylish depth

Do not think that a bedroom for a girl can be extremely bright. If your daughter is a deep, extraordinary personality and prefers dark tones, then you may well use the latter to decorate the room.

Of course, turning a room into an emo or goth abode is entirely optional – except, of course, when the girl is really passionate about these subcultures. However, complex shades of gray and blue as a background, complemented by white, cream, and color accents and stylish ornaments, will create an exciting and unusual interior that no one will have!

Chairs for every taste

The adolescent period is often associated with an extremely high increase in social activity – which means that just at this time, girls are often gathered in groups, often meet and communicate. If your daughter’s circle of friends is wide enough, then they probably come to your home – which means that a couple of extra chairs in the room will not be excessive. Take a closer look at the following options:

  • Traditional velvet neoclassical armchairs – of course, if the bedroom is large enough.
  • Bean-bags – perfect for a cozy and exciting girlish conversation.
  • Inflatable chairs are a great option to save space in the room.
  • Hanging chairs – will become the object of admiration of girlfriends and give the room a fashionable and stylish look.

However, even if the girl feels great on her own, the chair will also be helpful in the bedroom – with its help, you can arrange a cozy corner for your daughter where she can read, chat on the phone, or just dream a lot.

Little loft – for tasteful teenagers

If you truly admire the industrial aesthetics of the loft-style, and your daughter shares your worldview, then what’s stopping you from adapting it for her room? In fact, it is much easier than it might seem at first glance. Decorate one of the walls with brickwork and whitewash it with casual strokes. Order laconic natural wood furniture. Hang up plain curtains without sheer and throw a couple of pillows in the colors of the British or American flag on the bed – the hostess will take care of the rest of the decor herself.

Bed as an object of attraction

If adults often only dream of spending an extra half hour in bed, adolescents have much more such opportunities. Indeed, even in the bedroom, equipped with everything they need, they often prefer to spend time on the bed. And not only for sleeping – here they read, talk on the phone, confide their secrets to visiting friends, and (for faint-hearted mothers not to read) they even have a snack. If your child is also not averse to making a nest in a sleeping place, take care of its aesthetic design. An unusual curly headboard or accent color is pleasing.

Luxurious comfort for the most beloved girl in the world

We have already mentioned the romantic dreams of teenage girls above. However, this time, the point is not only in the pink color but also in much more spectacular and textured interior solutions. A delightfully cozy translucent canopy over the bed, garlands with dozens of flickering bulbs instead of bedside lamps and floor lamps, knitted pillows and soft blankets, charming accessories with glitter of gilding – it is in such interiors that real princesses grow up.

When learning is fun

Absent-mindedness, loss of concentration, and indifference to school affairs are often characteristic of adolescents – and girls as well. That is why designers recommend making the working area in the room as attractive as possible. And it’s not as difficult as you might think: sleek and practical console tables, weightless yet spacious shelves, beautiful and compact cabinets, and stylish non-interfering decor will come to your rescue. It is very easy for a girl to imagine herself as a successful businesswoman in such an atmosphere – and that inspires!

Beauty, comfort, safety, tranquility – a teenage girl’s room must meet these criteria. By listening to your daughter’s wishes, gently advising and guiding, and in turn, discovering something new for yourself, you not only create the ideal space for her but also instill good taste in her.

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