Awe-inspiring terracotta rug ideas: a bold accent for a bold statement

Let’s start with the basics! What is terracotta? In terms of interior design, this is a bold orange-brown or red-brown color, resembling natural clay used for modeling or ornamental decoration. This earthy color has been gaining popularity lately, not without reason. Its warm orange/red notes are a reliable source of comfort for contemporary settings, which, without being a coincidence, is what homeowners are looking for. 

One should note that a terracotta rug is not necessarily a very bright unit of this kind that suppresses the environment. You can adapt this piece to your style by playing with shades and patterns without risking the charm of this unique color. Shortly speaking, terracotta rugs are a thing now, and it would be a shame not giving it a try within your interior, particularly when there are so many design solutions, the best of which you can find as follows.

Embrace the Vintage style

Terracotta is a perfect color to refer to the Vintage style. Combining this color with a design direction it defines would look impeccable. The main rule is to consider a faded terracotta shade with a worn-by-time appearance. As regards the patterns, you can opt for oriental ones, although not too emphasized. Such a piece does not suit vintage interiors only but any other style that seems to lack a bit of magic.

Seek inspiration in Turkish culture

As a matter of fact, most rugs of this style show off a rich terracotta color. This is why we suggest opting for a design that really fits this color. You can opt for a narrow rug and place it beautifully in the sofa area to fully embrace the Turkish style. Here, you can go as bright as you want with the shade. Such a bold accent would look perfect in a monochromatic interior, bringing a splash of vibrancy that would certainly not spoil the neutral palette. 

Geometry enters the play

Geometric patterns are always welcome, even when referring to such a vibrant color. Be it stripes, triangles, or abstract shapes. Besides the textile piece itself, such a design will add texture to your interior, and this decorative unit will become more than a point of interest. It will be a connection ring among all room elements, bringing them together.

Extra comfort with a round shape

Consider a round shape if you would like to decorate your space with a bold terracotta rug but are afraid of a too eye-catching result. It will be less imposing, leaving space for other room elements to take part in the decoration play, although staying true to its purpose of serving as an accent.

Shaggy texture for a comfy feel

The popular fluffy rugs, usually placed in the sofa or bed area, are quite daring pieces themselves. Can you imagine the result if paired with a terracotta color? Doubled bold effect; this is why it goes best within monochromatic interiors, primarily white. This imposing unit will appropriately balance the overly simplified setting unless you do not want to disturb the peaceful, devoid of vibrancy environment.

When Scandi meets terracotta

What an outstanding combination of Scandinavian patterns and bold or soothing terracotta; the exciting part is that such a mix is not necessarily a unit suitable for Scandi interiors only. It is a separate form of art, which can enrich any style with a unique splash of shapes and colors. Still, we cannot deny its relevance within Nordic settings, perfectly diluting the aesthetically clean spaces.

An extra layer, extra color, extra comfort

The layering approach is indeed an original way to play with this decorative piece within an interior. The two or three units involved should differ slightly or noticeably to achieve a perfect effect. You can go with different shades of terracotta or consider at least one piece of this kind on a neutrally-colored background rug. Such a design solution would astonishingly suit eclectic interiors since the rich mix of colors and patterns is what this style is composed of.

Moroccan sense of beauty

The renowned Moroccan rugs acquire a whole new look, to be precise – redefined, with the no less popular terracotta color. It has always seemed that this style requires bright colors to replicate its vibrant essence. This is when terracotta is more than welcome. Still, you can opt for a soothing shade while the standout patterns will play their magic. 

Go with Boho!

Don’t know which way to take? Go with Boho! Consider any combination of colors with terracotta and any patterns that feel close to your taste. A perfect source for inspiration is the cultures, some of which were already mentioned. The richer the mix of patterns and shades, the more unique the result; it says everything about Boho.

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