The best ideas for designing the work-space at home and the trends of 2020

The work at home is the new job of the century and last time become more common as long as information technology advances. Also, many of the successful people and leaders, because of their employment, spend a lot of time working, not only in the office, but also at home. 

In this regard, first of all, you need to have a good working area and a well-organized workspace with everything you need.

It is very good if the area of ​​your apartment or house allows you to allocate a separate room for an office with all facilities and working accessories. But it is not always so simple, especially if there is very little space in the house or apartment.

But designers never disappoint because the interior designs of home are so diverse and functional that they will allow you to find a solution for any request – being in the living room, or kitchen and why not balcony.

How to organize a modern home office in 2020-2021? What trends of the office and cabinets are relevant and will be at the peak of popularity in the near future?

We are going to tell you about all this in our review where we will offer you stunning photo examples of the design of modern offices in different styles and directions.

In addition, you can find in our review modern ideas for designing a work area not only for your workspace at home. Using the photo as examples you can create a delightful interior for your office that will inspire you, stimulating you to work better and faster.

Modern home office: design features of an office in a house or apartment

The main problem for doing work at home is a lot of distractions that interfere with the effective implementation of your tasks.

Therefore, the question of creating a home office in an apartment or house should be approached as responsibly as possible, taking into account your own preferences and factors contributing to creative and productive activities.

A great importance in organizing the work-space are two main elements of the office interior – a table and chair, and the auxiliary elements for the home office – organizers, shelves and drawers.

Thinking over the modern design of your home office, you should definitely take into account such characteristics as:

  • maximum functionality;
  • comfort and practical;
  • illumination of the working area;
  • the persistence of a particular style.

The main trend in office design has become the so-called “home style” with its inherent coziness and comfort in everything.

This tendency is evident in the choice of office furniture – a table, a chair and soft sofas, which should be as comfortable as possible.

When creating a home office in a modern style, your personal preferences should be in the first place, because you will have to perform important work. The interior of the home office should inspire you, contribute to the fulfillment of the necessary tasks and certainly not discourage the desire to work.

A modern home office have no rules and norms. Do you want a bright soft padded chair, a wooden table, spectacular wall decor or catchy wallpapers? Then what are you waiting for?

Modern offices in the house or apartment can be located in any direction according to your preferences and convenience. 

Plant areas or oasis in the office are another opportunity to create an original home office and an unusual trend for organizing a working area.

Home office can be organized not only in a separate room. You can create and arrange a practical and comfortable working area in any room – a bedroom, a living room, on a balcony or a lodge.

All you need is a free space of several meters and preferably a rectangular shape, so that you can organize your dream home office that matches the design trends of 2020.

Finishing of furniture made of wood, metal, textile – all this can be charmingly combined in a single home office interior design.

The main trend of the home office in 2020 is wood finishing. Wood should be almost everywhere – tables, chairs or armchairs, floors and walls, shelves and other elements in the office, made of wood, become a hit of the year 2020.

Metal elements and decoration will look great in tandem with a tree, which will create a pair of harmony and beautiful interior of a modern office in a house or apartment. Metal chandeliers, chromed legs of a chair or parts of a table – all this fits perfectly into your office.

Do not forget about glass and glossy surfaces, complemented by matte elements, which in contrast will create an excellent design for a modern office. A textile will give coziness and comfort. 

Working tirelessly, do not forget to take small breaks, during which you can certainly enjoy something tasty, such as tea, coffee or a snack – all this should be at hand. Therefore, a kettle or coffee machine will not be superfluous in a modern office. In addition, this will become much easier and more enjoyable.

Modern cabinet design: variations and solutions

Organizing a workspace is not always as easy as it seems. But using the experience and professionalism of architects and interior designers, the most amazing home office solutions can be translated into reality.

The design of a modern office will vary greatly depending on whether the office is organized for a woman or a man, or for a home office designed for two.

It is also worth deciding on the style of the home office, in which it is necessary to provide all the basic and decorative elements. A modern office can be made in the following styles:

  • Classic;
  • Fusion;
  • Minimalism;
  • High Tech;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • Scandinavian
  • Art Deco.

Depending on the chosen style, the general atmosphere of your home office will depend on it. So the Scandinavian style of the cabinet suggests the presence of white furniture and light finishes everywhere with contrasting dark elements or gray tones. The presence of a bright accent in the design of the Scandinavian office is allowed.

Minimalism provides simplicity and conciseness with functionality and practicality in the design of a modern workspace.

An office design in a High-Tech style should be as spacious and light as possible with the presence of many elements of concise forms with straight lines made of metal, plastic, glass. 

Which of the styles or design options for a modern office in your apartment or house would you prefer, be sure to look at the photo ideas we selected on that topic. 

Inspirational examples of designing works-paces and entire home offices will allow you to design ideas, original and best solutions, which will surely increase your desire to implement quickly.

Options of arrangement of the work-space in different places of the house

We bring to your attention a few original ideas that will help you to organize the zone correctly, while not taking up much space.

Separate room

The best option would be a separate room. Then you can arrange the room as you wish. Set the required number of racks, use the table of the sizes you need, arrange an additional relaxation area by placing a small sofa or a armchair.

In the living room

Not everyone has the opportunity to organize their work space in a separate room. As a rule, for these purposes you have to do, for example, in the living room. For the work area to be integrated into the total area of the living room, you need to consider the design of the room, the drawers and shelves you will need. You can separate the space with the partitions or large shelves, which will become also a place for storing the necessary things.

In the bedroom

If your family may disturb you in the living room, then the bedroom is a more suitable place. Here it is necessary to fence off the territory for sleep. To do this, it is enough to hang a curtain between the bed and the table, put a partition or install a canopy.

In the kitchen

When organizing your work corner in the kitchen, you need to remember that the proximity to the stove or sink will become dangerous for equipment or documents. Therefore, it is possible to zone the kitchen room with the help of floor racks or use a double table: on the one hand – the writing desk, on the other – the kitchen.

On the balcony

As a rule, each apartment has balconies, but often they are used as a place to store unnecessary things. You can use the balcony in a more useful form and make it your office. But before that it is necessary to insulate and glaze it so that it can be used not only in summer but also in winter.

Warm floors and quality windows will make the balcony a comfortable place to work. The size of the table and shelves should be chosen based on the size of the balcony, try to use all the free space in order to place the necessary things there. A huge plus of this room is that there is a lot of light and fresh air, and working in such an environment is much more pleasant.

In the pantry

It is easier to organize the work space in the pantry than on the balcony, because you do not need to conduct additional heating devices, but you need to show more creativity. Pantries are usually smaller than balconies, but they usually have doors that allow you to separate this area from the rest of the living space. You can install a small table in the pantry itself, and leave the rest of the place under the shelves and additional organizers for storage. For decoration in the pantry, choose light colors and think over a system of light. Unlike a balcony, you will not be able to use natural light here, so install several lighting fixtures.

In a niche

In many apartments there are wall niches, they are usually diverted for decorative elements, but it can also be used more practical: put a small desk there and install several shelves.

Folding table

If you have a small apartment and you need to save space, then you cannot buy a massive office, but use a small fold. They are usually installed near the walls and tighten when necessary.


The space at the window usually does not perform any functions, and you can organize a work area there. The workplace at the window is a continuation of the windowsill, its increase. At the same time, you will not lose square meters, but you will get excellent lighting and a comfortable place to work. Flowers will help to brighten it, which organically fit into this space. A workplace by the window can also give you a beautiful view.

For two

If the apartment has several people who need a work-space, then you can organize a workplace for two. To do this, as a rule, use long tables along the walls of the room. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can resort to a more economical option, a table for two, divided by a rack. Thus, you organize a table and a place for storage.

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