The latest key interior design color trends to use for the rest of this year

The latest key interior design color trends to use for the rest of this year

Looking for the latest color trends for your project? Find out more about this year’s color trends so that you can bring your home up to date.

What is the 2022 color of the year?

When big names in the paint industry like Pantone, PPG, Dulux, and others share their color of choice for the year, you can be certain that it will become the choice for designers up and down the country. In 2022, the two colors that are top of the list are green and blue.

Pantone’s top choice is Very Peri, a blue that comes with violet-red undertones, providing an almost purple finish, with Dulux and Behr following suit and offering blue as their top choice. However, PPG and Benjamin Moore have offered green as their top choice, ready to help you create a beautiful interior.

Whichever shade or color you end up choosing from these paint suppliers, you can be certain that each of their offerings can be used as a great base from which you can create an interior that really pops. If you want to tone down the colors then you can also use them as accents or on feature walls to show off your individual style.

Whichever color you choose, you can be certain that they both offer the calming and soothing tones you need to create a relaxing space or a bright and bold interior that will keep you on your toes!

Now you know the color of the year 2022, now’s the time to check out the different color trends so that you can decide how to best incorporate them into your interior. Take a look now!

Biophilic color options

The idea of bringing nature into your home is more important than ever before as many of us feel that we cannot spend as much time outside as we want to due to work and other commitments. People are looking for greens and blues that replicate the outside world, along with other natural tones such as ivory and grey. Team these colors with indoor plants and rustic wood furniture to get a real sense of outdoor living with all your creature comforts!

Optimistic outlook

With everything the world has been through in recent times, the idea of optimism has converted into a key design trend with opulence and extravagance offering the hope we’ve all been looking for. Imagine stunning shades of blue and green, complemented by oranges, purposes, and deep red and you will soon bring plenty of optimism into your interior. It’s an interior design that simply brings people to awe.

Raw and natural

If you prefer understated tones that are light and airy then opting for the raw and authentic trend may work out perfectly. Imagine mixing greys and sager green with ivory, stone, and yellows. This color combination now only creates an interior that exudes luxury but it also offers a timeless and classic look that will work well for years to come.

All the blues

Blue is a diverse color, with lots of great options to choose from but why not use them all! An emerging trend makes use of a range of different shades of blue to create a distinct interior. Start with color blocking your walls in your chosen blue and then build up your furniture and accessories in a different shade to create a statement interior that offers a striking and yet relaxing finish.

Nature’s finest green

Green comes in such a range of different options that it can be hard to choose. However, sticking with the theme of nature will keep you on track with the interior trends that you are looking for. Pick out the greens that you associate most with nature – we think a grey-green is one of the best – and then use that to set the tone of your room. With your green in place, all your need to do is add in items that compliment the look.

Bold and sunny

Another key trend is the use of bold and sunny colors to create an interior that is exciting and fun. The best options for this type of room are yellows, reds, and greens. You can choose to go all out and cover your room in the brightest colors you can find or you can opt to be more discreet with bold accents that can be moved and changed when it suits your mood.

Patterns and solids

Historically, mixing patterns in a room is considered to be a no-go but in 2022, interiors are getting more confident and fun. Pick out two or three different patterns but make sure that they have a common theme that links them. Then add them into a bold room that makes use of the year’s color trends to pull everything together. The results will be eye-catching and brave!

Create calm

If the idea of bold and bright colors does not appeal to your needs then don’t worry – calmness is also a key trend this year! Choose soft blues and greens to help you create a cool and relaxing room and then stick to a minimalist approach when it comes to filling the space with accessories. Remember that for the most relaxing room, less is more but choosing sophisticated and natural items will help you achieve a stylish look that fits well with the season.

Whatever your personal style approach may be, there are plenty of great interior trends to choose from this year. From bright and bold to soft and gentle, green and blue are set to take center stage – so start planning your ideal interior today and follow the trends for 2022.

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