The Quatrefoil Collection: When Quality Meets Style

The Quatrefoil Collection: When Quality Meets Style

The contemporary furniture manufacturing industry keeps pace with the latest trends in a world of constant change and improvement. First, more and more companies focus on quality, meaning natural materials – sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They inspire credibility and help us connect to the outdoors. Sustainable production with a minimum ecological footprint is another concern of manufacturers today. Integrating environmental responsibility, companies offer sustainable products created through eco-friendly processes. Next, we can also witness the switch from repetitive furniture to customized products.   

You can observe all these trends at Hernest, one of the top online furniture stores. They care about the environment as much as they care about your interior design, offering environmentally-conscious furniture made of natural wood, stone, and organic fibers that connect us to nature. In addition, their multifunctional products with modular designs and hidden storage are meant to adapt to various lifestyles. Focusing on organic shapes and sleek lines, Hernest effortlessly mimics the shapes found in nature that harmoniously integrate into any home. Not least, they value the customers’ aesthetic preferences and offer products that go beyond mainstream designs, such as the re-emergence of retro styles.  

Bringing all these trends together, Hernest launched a new collection of tastefully designed furniture pieces for your home. Their latest products’ blend of craftsmanship, quality, style, and, not least, sustainability makes any experience count. 

Quatrefoil Collection

Inspired by the clover pattern, this brand-new collection of versatile and stylish furniture units that customers can use in any room reveals the elegant decorative element on every piece in part. The Quatrefoil collection combines all the latest trends in interior design, from integrating the returning retro style to the abundance of round shapes, sophisticated simplicity of sleek lines, use of sustainable materials, and the beautiful combination of color and texture. If there is one thing that we like the most about this collection, it’s the opportunity to stand out with unique furniture in a world of repetitive patterns, and Hernest’s new collection definitely speaks the language of originality. Their newly arrived side tables, nightstands, coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, makeup vanities, dressers, and TV stands go beyond functionality, which is a priority for the Hernest team. Style and authenticity have no limits when those furniture pieces take center stage. 

Quatrefoil Specifics 

Let’s take a closer look at the Quatrefoil collection! Borrowing inspiration from the emerging-now Mid-Century Modern style, combining the finest materials, showing exceptional dedication through every joint, caring for the customers’ needs, and committing to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, the Hernest team puts at our disposal a range of comfortable and unique pieces to bring us closer to the perfect living space.

Almost all items have the following common features:

  • the timeless black and white combo;
  • they are made of durable and rich-grained, solid wood;
  • round shapes and curved edges;
  • retro-inspired design;
  • exquisite craftsmanship in every detail;
  • the cherry on the pie – they all are decorated with designer clover patterns.

You’ll notice the delicately carved or added quatrefoil harmoniously blend into the overall furnishing design. The best part about this collection is that any chosen unit can be effortlessly adapted to almost any design style and room. 

The quality and practicality of this collection’s pieces speak for themselves. The standard size of this furniture makes those pieces a perfect suit for all homes. Last but not least, the pretty affordable prices won’t disappoint, especially when speaking about such beautifully designed furniture whose main focus is to deliver comfort, functionality, personality, and taste. 

Quatrefoil Collection Furniture

Explore the newly-arrived items of this exclusive collection from Hernest and discover the best ways to style them in your home. 

Quatrefoil Side Table

This solid wood four-leaf side table naturally combines texture with the trendy black and white duo, accompanied by beautifully carved quatrefoil patterns and round-shaped wooden legs. You can use this one-of-a-kind side table in the lounge area, dining zone, or bedroom, adding a charming note to the design. Pet owners will love this new home addition since it can easily transform into a pet nest. 

Quatrefoil TV Stand 

The rectangular TV stand made of black-painted wood still shows off the rich natural grain. Due to its solid and sturdy structure, you’ll enjoy this catchy TV stand in your bedroom or living room for a long time. The meticulously designed white clovers paired with seamless knobs will add artistic value to your property. Even more, the standout geometric tripod that visually plays with your imagination will add intrigue to the interior. You’ll also benefit from two large storage sections for all your TV zone belongings. 

Quatrefoil Dining Table 

This unique dining table inspires confidence while rendering the most beautiful retro statement, which is impressively popular among designers. The rich wood grain painted in stately black will add expressiveness to your dining room. The white clovers on one side and the geometric round accents on the other will become conversation starters, especially if you often gather with friends and family here. Not least, the curved edges will make for the most pleasant, injury-free experience.

Quatrefoil 3-drawer Nightstand

The moderate play of color and texture meets the designer round tripod that successfully blends with the slightly curved edges of this modern nightstand. The repetitive clover patterns stand out on this black-painted furniture piece. Purchase a pair to decorate the master bedroom or limit yourself to one only, which is enough to add visual interest. The rather elegant design will make the nightstand feel at home in a Classic-style bedroom, although other styles are welcome if you strive for a little contrast. 

Quatrefoil Dining Chairs, Set of 2

This set of black-painted chairs made of sturdy wood catches our attention through its irresistible Vintage design inspired by the elegant French interiors of the past centuries. Add charm to your dining table with these armless chairs decorated with zebra-print upholstery that will transform the dining space into an entertaining oasis. The elegant clovers on the backrest will add even more refinement to your home.

Quatrefoil Coffee Table 

The intricate design of this architecturally shaped coffee table is a work of art. If your lounge area needs an uplift, this is your go-to accent. The impressive combination of an arched frame, a highly resistant rock slab top, and ribbed drawers brings together the best of the contemporary design trends. All this, in addition to the available storage space, is perfectly combined with a round-shaped statement with a retro twist.  

Quatrefoil Dresser

This sleek yet sophisticated double dresser with five convenient storage drawers is a real find for contemporary bedrooms, living rooms, or dining areas. The well-balanced blend of sharp lines, curved edges, and a circular tripod serves as a canvas for the designer clover patterns. The seemingly complex dresser will easily adapt to most color palettes and design styles, staying true to its goal of redefining elegance in your home.

Quatrefoil Makeup Vanity

This gorgeous vanity set surprises us with a sophisticated and expensive mix of modern and traditional to help us make the most of our daily routine. In contrast with the other pieces from the same collection, we can witness the elegance of white-painted wood here. The personalized clover elements add flair, while the available storage prevents clutter. Whether you decide to decorate the bedroom, walk-in closet, or entryway, you’ll enjoy the timeless appeal of this show-stealing vanity. 

If you’re planning your dream home or an interior makeover, Hernest is ready to help. Where quality meets style, functionality is a must, and originality has no boundaries, it is the perfect place to purchase furniture and decor for your home. Let the new Quatrefoil collection add character to your living space and make every moment an unforgettable experience! 

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