Throw pillows for blue couch: colors, selection rules, and design ideas

The blue couch is the choice of those who strive to create expressive and, at the same time, stunning and relevant combinations and contrasts in the interior of their home. The variety of shades of blue, their depth, freshness, and ambiguity make the sofa a serious weapon for creating a qualitatively new living space – cozy, energizing, and, of course, charming.

At the same time, blue couches have a rather severe drawback – like any colored furniture, the sofas are not too self-sufficient and require liaison either with a basic finish or with any surrounding interior elements – an armchair, carpet, or textiles. You are unlikely to have problems implementing such combinations: decorative pillows will perfectly cope with this task. So let’s find out how to match them correctly to a blue couch to create a truly stylish interior – balanced, breathable with color, with well-placed and inviting accents – in a word, one in which you want to stay as long as possible.

What colors of pillows go with a blue couch?

So, the blue sofa has already been chosen, and it’s time to think about the color of the decorative pillows. We are ready to help you with this – and enlisted the advice of designers on the most popular options.


White pillows on a blue couch are one of the most fashionable and delightful combinations. Accessories in a light pure tone color combined with the upholstery’s light shades create a feeling of freshness, lightness, and the sea breeze’s closeness. This is especially valuable for coastal and nautical styles, but no one forbids you to use a similar technique in any other modern interior.

If you want perfection, try combining plain white pillows with colored or printed elements. The print in the color of the sofa on a light background will look especially elegant. If you don’t want unnecessary color splashes, then try to play with texture using quilted, knitted, and fur white pillows – and all at the same time.


Pure and monochrome gray on a blue background looks dull, so designers try to dilute it in every possible way. So, the most popular technique is gray pillows with a white pattern and materials with a satin texture that gives gray a metallic sheen. If you fundamentally use plain cushions, then remember: this is possible only with light shades of gray combined with light and dusty blue tones of the couch.

Beige and cream

Accessories in beige and cream add warmth, comfort, and sophistication and perfectly complement blue sofas in neoclassical interiors – however, beige accent pillows look just as good in modern ones. You can pair them with brown accessories or add glittering elements like rhinestones, sequins, or gold embroidery. If there are wood and metal objects in the room, it will look highly harmonious.


As we said above, brown pillows go well with beige and cream pillows. Plus, choosing more robust textures like leather or corduroy will make the blue of the couch appear juicier. Take this technique into service!


If you are so in love with blue, then you may well try to pick up throw pillows for the sofa that are a tone or two darker or lighter than the couch. However, you will have to complement the composition with accessories with a pattern, or at least one bright or neutral – an expressive touch, in this case, is imperative if you do not want to get bored with blue furniture too quickly.


Green pillows on a blue sofa are pretty acceptable in small quantities. Still, in this case, it is worth choosing a shade that matches the style of your furniture and the interior as a whole: so, on a dark blue classic couch, accessories in emerald color will look great, and on a lighter or brighter one – a couple of lime-colored pillows.


Blue and yellow are complementary palettes on the color wheel, which means you can easily match yellow cushions for a blue couch. True, such a combination would be too bright for a classic style, but for modern interiors – just what you need.

Orange and red

Orange is complementary to blue, and accessories in their shades will adorn both dark and light sofas. But with red tones, everything is a little more complicated. So, the upholstery of classic furniture in dark blue tones will sparkle in a new way combined with cushions in wine, ruby, coral, or cherry shades. Warm tones of pomegranate, rust, tomato, and terracotta should complement the couch’s lighter and warmer blue tones.


Adding luxury to a blue sofa is as easy as throwing a couple of metallic pillows over it. An elegant and luxurious living room will become even more sophisticated under the influence of golden and copper shades; silver will add sophistication and severity.

Materials for decorative pillows for a blue sofa

Shades of blue are incredibly supportive of expressive textures, and this is the amazing, sometimes even paradoxical, an advantage of blue upholstery. So you can feel totally at ease experimenting with different pillow materials – and we’ll show you what to look out for.

Linen, burlap, and matting

The rough texture against the background of the blue couch seems even more expressive and saturated – although this is only good for the interior. At the same time, when choosing linen pillows for a blue sofa, avoid smooth synthetic fabrics. Otherwise, the blue color will highlight such dissonance too brightly and disturb the harmony.


Ticking is a very dense natural fabric with plain weave threads. Recently, it has become trendy for the textile design of modern interiors. On a blue sofa, ticking cushions look charming – especially since color stripes and large prints look great on the material.

Velvet and Corduroy

The low-pile textures are ideal for decorative cushions in combination with a blue sofa – the pillows set off the color favorably and at the same time look more voluminous. Corduroy has become the last favorite of designers: accessories made of soft ribbed fabric look very neat and at the same time add coziness.

Knitted fabric

If your laconic blue couch lately doesn’t seem so cozy to you, there is no reason to change it. A much more straightforward and inexpensive solution will come to the rescue: throw pillows with knitted covers. These cushions add warmth and naturalness and go well with corduroy, burlap, and ticking. However, designers advise using accessories of exclusively light neutral shades: a knitted fabric in color looks unnatural.

Fake fur

Fluffy fur pillows are a must-have for a modern blue sofa. A long pile pillow on a dark background looks voluminous and just a little glamorous, but still really cozy and inviting. A little caveat: choose quality fur pillows. If you are flattered by the cheapness or take a careless purchase, the lint on the blue couch will be a real punishment for you.

Throw pillows for a blue couch: warm and cold shades

Blue belongs to the category of primary colors, and therefore can actively participate in creating other colors and shades when mixed. It belongs to the winter palette and has a short wave, and consequently, it is customary to refer to it as cold colors.

At the same time, new tonalities are created by adding other colors – mainly black, white, red, gray, and yellow. Based on this, designers distinguish conventionally warm and conventionally cold shades of blue. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Cool shades of blue

Low color temperature shades of blue are formed by adding white, black, or red to a pure color. The latter seems surprising since we know that the red palette refers primarily to warm colors. However, everything is understandable in reality: when mixing blue and red, we get purple, and its color wave is shorter than that of blue. Thus, blue-violet tones are much colder than pure blues.

More specifically, cold blue tones are:

  • azure;
  • cyan;
  • electric;
  • royal blue;
  • bright blue;
  • cornflower;
  • bilberry;
  • thunderstorm;
  • dark blue;
  • sea blue;
  • sapphire;
  • cobalt;
  • ultramarine;
  • indigo.

Warm blue tones

Warm shades of blue can be obtained by adding yellow or gray paint to pure blue. These shades are complex and tend to go into a green undertone. Among them:

  • green-blue;
  • turquoise;
  • topaz;
  • sea wave;
  • Prussian blue;
  • hyacinth;
  • steel;
  • denim;
  • dove blue.

What are we talking about? Everything is simple – to the possible impression that your sofa will produce in combination with correctly selected throw pillows. So, if the color of the couch is closer to the cold undertone, then by choosing the decor of warm shades, you will get a rich contrast, cold ones – a stylish but somewhat abstract composition.

If the color of your sofa is still warm blue, then it is worth choosing extremely warm tones as accent colors – it simply absorbs the cold ones, and these shades are lost against its background.

The decorative pillows for the blue sofa create a vibrant ambiance filled with color and texture. If the furniture in your living room is that color, it’s time to act – we’ve already offered you a lot of recipes!

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