Timeless pieces you can keep in your modern living room

Timeless pieces you can keep in your modern living room

Living rooms can serve a lot of purposes. Originally they were designed to entertain guests, and were thus rarely used. That really nice room hardly ever used by your grandparents that your kids aren’t allowed inside when they visit? That room. These days, the living room can see a lot of use, and in smaller homes it might have multiple uses. Regardless of how often or how rarely it is used, it needs to look great. Upgrading furniture and the like all the time can be a serious pain, especially if you have kids. You want pieces that last and look nice regardless of fads or trends. All it takes to do that is a little knowledge and planning.

Wooden furniture

One can say “timeless, lasting style” all they want, but, if they don’t know what that means, they can’t really pull off the look. Classic looks last because they defy trends and fads. Pieces like Authentic Amish made furniture are an excellent example of this. Wooden furniture has a timeless look because it is a timeless material. Wooden furniture can last for centuries, so it’s no wonder people enjoy using it for a classic, long lasting design.

Part of a timeless design is the use of lasting pieces. Wooden furniture, sculpture made from authentic materials, and stylish yet simple molding. Neutral colors work really well for this, too. Flashy colors and styles come and go, but practical, standard colors are always in demand. Plus, such colors make for a great contrast with metallic artwork and wooden furniture.

Wood might be the predominant material for an eternal design, but, as noted previously, it’s not the only one. Metals can be timeless as well. The trick with metals is using the right ones. Metals with an aged look, like brass, silver, or copper, are great additions for a timeless look. Not only do the metals look great, they can liven up a more neutral design with some lovely contrast. Make sure the metals compliment the other colors and designs, however. Silver is especially useful for this because it works well with lighter and darker colors. Also, it’s not as gaudy as gold.

Functionality comes first

Another important aspect to a timeless look is function over flash. Fads love flashy designs and materials that don’t last very long. Lasting materials and pieces create a timeless look, and knockoffs don’t count. Authentic timelessness requires authentic materials and pieces. Old pieces, looks, and styles have lasted as long as they have because of their materials as much as their designs.

To say timeless is simple might be a bit much, but some are probably thinking that. Really, timeless is less a lack of sophistication and really about doing more with less. Instead of involved designs with all sorts of bits and bobs that make it look like a failed shop class project, make use of sleeker, clean lines and less involved designs. Etched and carved designs not only last and look great, they can be appreciated regardless of the fads or trends with more elaborate, modern pieces.

Less is more 

Along with a lack of ostentatious sophistication, timeless looks make large use of the less is more strategy. A cluttered, overly decorated space definitely doesn’t age well, especially if you’re constantly upgrading or changing the décor to match trends. While seasonal changes are fine, overall you should keep the décor to a minimum. That not only provides a more ageless design look, it allows each individual piece to stand on its own merits.

Timeless design doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, taking the challenges of such a design choice is part of the fun. Timeless or not, certain aspects of design remain. Wood and metal are excellent choices, and color coordination is also extremely important. The use of neutral or natural colors, along with simple contrasts like black and white, apply to timeless design just as much as to regular design trends. The benefits of timeless design is you don’t need to constantly upgrade the décor to follow fads. This means you can save a fair bit of money on design. Put that money into lasting pieces like wooden furniture and metal décor. Less is more with timeless design, so you want to make the most of the pieces you have.

Timeless design can be intimidating, but it really boils down to the basics of design. Aged metal, authentic materials, solid woods, and natural colors have been the foundation of design since ancient civilizations. Fads and trends come and go across the ages, and some of the older pieces considered timeless now may well have been a part of a fad back in the day. They’re staying power rests in their authenticity and durability. Timeless design lasts in part because such fads and trends tend to cycle. In that way, timeless design is really just the same fads and trends always being popular.

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