Top 11 lighting ideas for your living room

Top 11 lighting ideas for your living room

Your living room would always be the busiest part of your home as this is where everyone gathers around and enjoys each other’s company. This is also the place that greets your guests whenever they walk inside your home. With that, it’ll only be ideal if you could turn your living room into something more inviting and comfortable for everyone to enjoy. And this usually involves updating your lighting fixtures. 

While it might seem like a small detail, your home’s lighting plays an important role in how it can help to represent your entire room. With proper lighting, it can help to make your living room stand out from the crowd and allow it to be cozy for everyone.

While going light shopping at a Brightgreen lighting store or other similar establishments might sound fun, you might want to check out some ideas first to ensure you purchase the best one for your living room. With that, listed below are some lighting ideas for your living room:

1. Modern centerpiece

Adding a modern centerpiece is one of the most popular choices when choosing the best lighting idea for your living room. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about your room’s decoration but rather allow the fixture to be the focal point of the entire room. You can either go for a chandelier or pendant light, depending on your living room’s look or appearance. 

2. Add warm wall lights

While your walls seem pretty standard and basic, you can always do something to spice it up a little. Apart from adding wall decorations, you can add warm wall lights to add depth to your living room. This way, you can prevent them from looking too flat but rather add a definition to them. Depending on your wall lights, you can even allow it to be wall décor, eliminating the need for art and paintings. 

3. Mix and match various elements

A great trend with living room lighting is mixing various elements in a single room. While the traditional design encourages using the same color and style, the modern times are now experimental to add a modern touch. You can mix in different elements such as metal finishes, colors, and designs and allow everything to go flawlessly with one another. This will help create a modern look and make your home look fresh. 

4. Keep things to a minimal

Minimalism is getting more popular each day as it encourages light and space inside the room. Apart from minimizing your furniture and decorations, you can also apply minimalism to your living room’s lighting by using simple lighting fixtures. You can play with basic white and light wood colors as it should help to give your home a cozy and airy vibe. For maximum effect, you can warm white for your bulb and allow your room to have a softer tone. 

5. Include gold accents

In line with adding a modern touch to your living room, using gold accents would surely help to improve your living room’s ambiance. If you’re aiming for a room that looks luxurious yet cozy at the same time, using lighting fixtures with gold accents and white light could surely help you achieve your goals. Yet when adding gold accents, ensure that you add some gold details to your room, such as your center table or other decors, for a balanced look. 

6. Consider matte black finish

Another way to add a modern touch to your living room without being too loud is by using a matte black finish for your lighting fixture. This could help to add definition and depth to the room as you’re using darker colors but allowing the light to brighten up the room. It’ll be a good mix of dark and light, making the room look sophisticated and classy. 

7. Incorporate artistic metals

A lighting fixture isn’t just supposed to help make the room look brighter or light up the area when it gets dark but also allows your house to look beautiful even during the day. A great way to do that is by turning your lighting fixture into a decorative piece that’ll help to make the room look more beautiful and creative. There are plenty of lighting fixtures that incorporate artistic metals by allowing them to form into art. You can use a gold finish, brass, matte, or even add glossy paint to it. 

8. Install a contemporary floor lamp

A living room floor lamp would always be a great way to use a lighting fixture for something decorative. With this, you can allow your room to look embellished as you’re not limiting your accessories to your walls, shelves, and other surfaces.

With a floor lamp, you can allow another piece of art to be in the center of the room and help to make the entire area well-decorated. Moreover, you can use a grand floor lamp and allow it to highlight your entire living space rather than using a chandelier or pendant to do the decorating. 

9. Keep living room corners well lit

Making sure that every corner of your living room is well lit is an effective way of keeping the area bright and improves the overall ambiance of the room. There are different types of lights that you can add, such as a table or floor lamp or even a wall light. As you keep your entire room well-lit, you can help to make your entire living area feel cozy and bright, calming for the eyes.

10. Make the walls glow

Cove lighting would always be a great and popular way to add more depth to your ceilings. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that this type of lighting is limited to your ceilings but your walls as well. To add more definition to your walls, you might want to make your walls glow by hiding an LED strip on the corners and allowing your wall to make accents look glowing and floating. 

11. Use LED accents

If you’d like to give off a 90s vibe to your room, adding LED lights as decorative lighting could help to make your living room look fun and inviting. But if neon lights aren’t on your radar, you can always try to use warm whites and give your living room a softer yet decorative touch. You can put anything you want as plenty of LED accents allow for customization. 


Choosing the perfect lighting for your living room can be tricky, especially since there are plenty of options you can choose from. As you browse through various types and designs, such as a floor lamp, wall lights, centerpiece, or selecting the perfect finish, you should be able to find the best lighting fixture that would work well for your living room’s interior design. With the right fixture, you can allow your living room to look well-put-together and organized, improving its overall appearance.

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