Trending rustic furniture and chair ideas

With the heavy use of natural materials, rustic furniture has been around since the 19th century. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this style is outdated or old. In fact, rustic furniture can add a great splash of color and character against ‘’modern’’ paint colors like blues, grey and black. 

What is rustic furniture?

Rustic furniture incorporates natural materials, particular wood, for its signature brown, earthy look. For example, a tree stump could be polished and painted to make a coffee table, and it would be a rustic coffee table. If there was a phrase to sum up this furniture style, it would be—”cabin in the woods” or “Swiss ski chalet”.

Rustic furniture styles, materials and colors

Oftentimes, rustic styles use natural materials, in which case it is important that these furniture pieces have a good surface finishing. They are also great because you can repurpose old things made from natural materials, like wooden barrels, tree stumps, etc. This kind of trend is making a huge comeback as more people are becoming concerned about the environment and steering away from plastic furniture.

Some common materials that may be used include:

  • Wood (genuine or faux)
  • Fibre, such as rattan
  • Bamboo
  • Leather (genuine or faux) 
  • Suede
  • Fabric

The colors tend to be “earthy” colors like:

  • Terracotta
  • Dark browns
  • Burgundy or maroon 
  • Copper tones

These colors are great because they provide good contrast for most modern interior design color schemes such as blues, greys, or all-white schemes. 

Rustic styles also work amazingly well with house plants, as the brown earthy colors contrasting with the green plants give a ‘ lost in nature’ vibe. Rustic styles can work in any area of the home, especially the kitchen.

If you want a more modern look, the key is to combine a modern color scheme with just enough of rustic elements for contrast.

Even bathrooms can follow a ‘rustic’ style, with either wooden walls or wooden cabinets. 

Rustic styles work even better in external places like patios and verandas.

Rustic office chairs on the market

A lot of modern day interior designing for home offices veer towards sleek and minimalist, with a lot of black, grey or blue color schemes and materials like glass or stainless steel. Stand out of the pack by opting for a more cozy, rustic style. 

Whether you’re opting for more modern stainless steel and glass furniture or more rustic styles, ergonomics should come first. As you’d likely be spending hours sitting down, whichever office chair you choose needs to encourage a neutral position for your back and legs. It shouldn’t sink in too much at the seat, have a natural curve at the backrest and ideally have arm rests.

When shopping for rustic chairs, you need to keep in mind the budget, because rustic styles often incorporate expensive materials like genuine leather and natural wood. Fortunately, there are super comfy rustic chairs made from faux leather and wood to add to your office. Here are some rustic office chairs you could add:

Office star wooden office chair

If you want something truly old fashion and rustic looking, this wooden swivel chair from Office Star works great. You can adjust both the height and back tilt angle. The deep maroon color of the frame works really well against house plants and neutral wall colors. The only imitation is the lack of any ergonomics or cushioning, making it ill suited to use for long hours.

AmazonBasics high-back office chair

This office chair from AmazonBasics is affordable, and has a comfy, well-cushioned backrest and armrest. It’s also a swivel chair that is height adjustable. 

Flash furniture bomber brown executive swivel chair

If you really want to go for a vintage, “South Western” style, this chair from Flash Furniture is it. It is made from suede upholstery and has thick padding for comfort. It has a tilted backrest for good support, cushioned armrests, and is height adjustable.

La-Z-Boy Bellamy executive office chair with memory foam cushions

Looking for the ultimate mix of comfort and rustic style? This executive swivel chair from La-zy Boy is it. Made from a rich bonded leather, it also features a solid wooden base and memory foam cushions providing the best lumbar support. You can also adjust both height and back tilt angle. 

Old is new again

Your office is where you spend a lot of time working under stress, so the last thing you want to be looking at is boring, dull furniture. Room decor surprisingly has a big effect on our emotional wellbeing. Hence, it is important to make your office warm and inviting when your work and deadlines are piling up. Try adding some warmth and character to your new office by adding rustic furniture.

Rustic style is often mistaken as being too old fashioned or not as modern. However, rustic elements can work so well against modern interior color schemes because the deep, earthy tones stand out well against colors like blue, grey, white and beige. Rustic furniture also complements house plants very well. 

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