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The color of 2020 in interior design
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The color of 2020 in interior design

hackrea / February 24, 2020 - views 298 - 0 likes

Do you already know that the Tikkurila brand has named the main color for the coming year? We explain how to use it inside an apartment or a house. And we will share the inspiring ideas.

The Flamingo color is replaced by a no less brilliant and cheerful shade. We list all the details to keep you always in fashion.

Color of the year 2020 – H300 Lemonade

The lemon yellow shade was chosen by the Tikkurila brand. For inspiration, they turned to the world of design and fashion and explored modern trends.

Even more cool colors can be found in the Tikkurila 2020 light palette. It includes eight warm and cool colors that are so different from each other and at the same time are perfectly combined.

Associations with H300 – memories of happy childhood, summer, glare of the sun and hot rain that have just ended. And, of course, a cup with fresh lemonade on the table.

How to combine it?

With similar nuances

Combine the nuance of the year with pastel green tones and dusty mustard. A great idea for the interior in warm colors reminiscent of summer.

Or with contrast

For bolder experiences, mix a trendy shade with cooler, more contrasting colors. Let them not be too bright, but slightly dusty – then the color palette of the interior will be harmonious and not too colorful.

What do the experts advise?

The colors in the interior (and not only) should not be chosen at random – you should always listen to your preferences and trust trends. Yellow is associated with warmth and happiness, which is why it is ideal for apartments at any time of the year. When we look at the main shade of 2020, we always remember this sentence:

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

This shade can be used in any style – from modern to country and classic. It is good both as a base and for small accents of color.

Interior in the color lemonade 2020

Find out how designers use this color in their projects.