TV in front of the window: is it a good idea?

TV in front of the window: is it a good idea?

As the heroine of one famous film, Carrie Bradshaw, complained about her husband, “now the TV has become the center of our life.” One can be indignant at this fact as much as he wants. Still, one cannot but admit the obvious: today, television is really becoming an almost inexhaustible source of entertainment and new information. Thinking over the interior of the living room, we definitely plan a place for the TV. Reflecting on the bedroom decor, we will certainly think about whether it is advisable to put a TV there. And this is quite logical: we all want to enjoy the comfortable viewing of our favorite programs and TV series.

However, it often happens that the only possible option for installing a TV is to place it near a window. The reasons for this can be very different – from limited space to the placement of sockets in the room. Of course, this option is not the most optimal, but you can reasonably afford it, and with a sufficient degree of convenience for yourself. Let’s, all the same, speculate whether it is possible to put a TV in front of the window, is there an alternative to such a solution, and what secrets will help make watching TV enjoyable.

Should you put the TV by the window?

Of course, everything is allowed that is not prohibited by law, but one cannot fail to notice how designers (and even equipment manufacturers) oppose such a TV installation. And in defense of their position, both those and others cite the following arguments:

  • Inconvenience when viewing. Even if there is only one window in the area where you placed the TV, you will not be able to avoid light glare on the screen, and if it is sunny outside, you risk not seeing almost anything. It will be even more difficult for those who decide to put a TV set in a bay window, winter garden, or in a sunny veranda – in a word, where there are many windows and an abundance of natural color: here the screen will glare especially intensely.
  • Decrease of the level of illumination. Today many people prefer to buy large screen TVs. On the one hand, it is much more interesting to watch them; on the other hand, if you put it in front of the window, it runs the risk of blocking a significant part of the opening, which means that much less natural light will penetrate into the room.
  • Danger. The most significant risk is overheating of the back of the TV when exposed to sunlight. In this case, the device may burn out or malfunction. In addition, if you leave the window open, it may rain or fall in a strong gust of wind.

Does all this mean that the TV should not be put by the window in any case? Not at all – for such a case, there are many compromise options, which we will discuss below.

Placing the TV in front of the window: the secrets for a perfect installation

So, your TV will be in front of the window: this decision is final and not subject to appeal. Now you need to think through the options to avoid the troubles we talked about above. And we have already prepared several ideas for this case.

Roller blinds

One of the easiest and fastest ways to forget about glare and poor visibility of everything that happens on the TV screen. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to choose roller blinds made of dense materials: a translucent fabric, including frost, will allow you to see the image on the screen much clearer and at the same time will not leave the room entirely without natural light.


Another option for adjusting natural light for those who decide to put the TV in front of the window. You can raise and lower the blinds to any height within the window sash, letting in just as much light into the room as you need. In addition, the lowered panel on hot days will help protect your device from overheating.

As for the type of blinds, you can choose any – depending on the style of your interior and personal wishes. Lightweight systems with plastic slats, bamboo or fabric panels, airy roman blinds – any of these options will provide the necessary balance between sufficient room illumination and a high-quality image on the TV screen.

Tinting and athermal glazing

If you place the TV in front of a window and would like to do without curtains – and this often happens on attic floors with windows extending to the ceiling – then, modern technologies will come to your aid. Adhering a special film to the window glass will help reduce the light intensity and allow you to watch TV without much strain on your eyes.

If you have experience, you can do the tinting yourself, but if you are not sure of yourself, you should invite a specialist who can ensure the perfect fit of the material to the glass – without bubbles and creases. As for the shade of the film itself, it depends on your wishes and the intensity of natural light and sunlight.

TV lift

Continuing to talk about modern technologies for the home, we cannot ignore this excellent solution. The TV lift is a thin panel with a special lift built into the device stand. When you decide to watch your favorite show or TV series, the elevator lifts the TV up using a special remote control. If you don’t need it yet, the mechanism lowers it down into the panel, leaving the window open. This way, you make full use of the window’s potential without sacrificing natural light.

Closed TV stand

Such a service as custom-made furniture will also help achieve a harmonious placement of the TV near the window. In this case, you have to order a kind of cabinet in which you can put not only a TV but also, if you wish, audio speakers, books, discs and in general, whatever – it all depends on the size and number of shelves.

As for the dimensions, the width is more important than the height: the less such a cabinet overlaps the window, the better, and if it also fits precisely into the window opening, this guarantees the harmonious integration of equipment and furniture. This solution will be very much to the liking of those who like to spend time in front of the TV: the cabinet will not let in glare, and it will also protect the device if you accidentally forget to close the window on a rainy day.

Ceiling mount

You don’t want to disturb the harmony of the window space with furniture and appliances? You just do not have enough space? Why not hang the TV on the wall or ceiling? This placement option is suitable for bay windows and sunny rooms. In addition, you can choose a wall mount with a movable bracket and adjust the screen’s position depending on the degree of illumination and the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays.

External shading

To watch TV in comfort and not be afraid for its safety, it is not necessary to change the interior. Moreover, at home, you can not touch anything at all. It is enough to pay attention to the space outside, and first of all, it concerns buildings with French windows.

So, behind the walls in the area where the TV is installed at home, you can put a garden swing, a bench with a high back, or plant a couple of pretty shrubs. This will create the necessary sense of privacy and help you forget about sun glare.

High-quality ventilation

So far, we have mainly talked about such a problem as excessively intense natural light, but we must not forget about the risk of overheating the TV. Installing an air conditioner or fan so that the rear panel of the device is constantly cooled will help solve this issue. This is especially important to consider if your room faces south and the TV is under the sun some of the time.

As you can see, there is nothing to worry about installing a TV by the window. Using our advice (perhaps even two or three at the same time), you can use all the possibilities of your equipment without fear of its breakdowns and without disturbing the harmony of the interior.

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