Valentine’s Day decor ideas 2021

So, the New Year and Christmas bustle is over, the tree is removed, the garlands are removed, and it’s time to get involved in everyday affairs and worries. However, holiday lovers know very well that it is still very, very early to relax: in a few weeks, another wonderful event awaits us – Valentine’s Day.

If you do not celebrate such holidays, and February 14 is a meaningless date for you, then you may well be distracted by other, no less interesting articles on our portal. However, those for whom this holiday is important will probably want to make it special for themselves and their chosen one. Therefore, it’s time to talk about what will help create that very romantic mood – about decor and gifts.

Valentine’s Day: a bit of history and 8 curious facts

Of course, you might guess that Valentine’s Day was not always celebrated with cards, flowers, and (lucky someone) jewelry. We suggest that you take a break from the decor and design for a while and learn a little more interesting things about this day.

  • The date of this wonderful day coincides with the time of the ancient pagan holiday. In the 6th century BC, on February 13-15, was Lupercalia – an ancient Roman pagan feast of fertility, marked by cruel rituals like animal sacrifices.
  • It is not known exactly who Saint Valentine was. At the end of the 5th century, Lupercalia was fortunately outlawed and replaced by another holiday. However, who the same Saint Valentine is, is not exactly established. According to one legend, this is a priest who secretly married Roman soldiers with their beloved during the prohibition period, according to another – a priest who saved Christians from prison and was supported by his beloved.
  • The holiday became known as Valentine’s Day only in the 15th century. Previously, this day was considered just the beginning of the mating season in birds.
  • The patron saint of lovers, Cupid, is the Greek god Eros. In a familiar form – with a bow and arrow – he appeared as early as 700 BC.
  • The custom of giving Valentine’s Day cards came from the United States. Previously, lovers were limited to notes to the subject of passion. Still, thanks to Esther Howland, who came up with charming cards from ribbons and lace, everyone switched to this form of messages from the middle of the 19th century.
  • Chocolate as a gift for a loved one is the result of a marketing move. The first who came up with this were Cadbury – the owners of the chocolate factory of the same name. In 1860, they started selling candy boxes in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day – and, as we can see, very successful.
  • Red roses are a symbol of love with a long history. It is believed that these were the flowers that the Roman goddess of love Venus preferred.
  • On Valentine’s Day, marriage proposals are increasingly being made. So, in 2020, more than 6 million couples were engaged on this holiday.

Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a rather serious holiday and has a completely reliable historical basis. And then, once again, remind the second half of your feelings, and even in such a romantic atmosphere – isn’t it wonderful? If you agree, then it’s time to think about how your home will be decorated on this day.

Decor colors: everything in the name of romance

Red as a symbol of passionate love, pink as a symbol of tenderness, white, confirming the purity of intentions – the choice of the main colors for the decor on Valentine’s Day is more than logical. However, this does not mean that all other shades will have to be ignored: the palette for this wonderful holiday is much wider.

First, Valentine’s Day has another, albeit secondary, but still obvious meaning – spring’s approach. That is why gentle pastel shades of blue, yellow, green, and the same pink will fill your home with light, give an atmosphere of anticipation and sublimity.

Another fashionable option today is calm, close to natural tones. Loving is as natural as breathing and walking on the ground, and therefore such a palette is more than justified, especially in light of the relevance of eco-trends. True, you still cannot do without red since it denotes hot feelings, and therefore is simply irreplaceable.

Valentine’s Day symbols: ideas embodied in decor

Valentine’s Day’s symbolism is not very extensive, but at the same time, more than recognizable. And it can be realized using both proven decorative solutions and something unexpected and creative. So, we offer you exciting ideas for inspiration.


Nowhere without the recognition from your heart on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, on February 14, we see millions of hearts in very different designs. If you are just thinking about the most popular form of the heart, take a look at the following options:

  • Heart-shaped wreath. For it, you can use a foam or wire base for wrapping – paper or soft flannel tapes of one or several shades. Not too original, but incredibly beautiful and touching.
  • Ring plate. If you’re planning to propose on this particular day, it’s worth trying something different from the traditional velvet ring box from a jewelry store. A hand-made ceramic plate in the shape of the same heart is even more romantic.
  • The music of the wind. A fashionable garland of hearts will surely attract good luck in love with its melodic ringing. Moreover, you do not need to look for elements for it – why are silver cookie cutters bad?
  • Traditional garlands. Here we simply leave room for imagination to you. What will be the hearts in garlands – paper or plastic, what color they will be – red or delicate and multi-colored – it’s up to you.
  • Sizeable wooden heart in a frame. This decor has become extremely fashionable as the popularity of the Scandinavian style has grown. Worth trying!
  • DIY wire hearts. Decor for a flower arrangement or a skewer for your canapes made with love? Both, perhaps!

Hearts made of flowers, woven hearts, pillows made of hearts, a heart laid out of buttons – perhaps Valentine’s Day is one of those few days when you can not be afraid of busting.

“Love” letters

This stylish Valentine’s Day decor has been popular for quite some time, but we are more than sure that no one will ever get bored with it. Moreover, there are a lot of ideas to make it bright and memorable:

  • Consider the color. The letters can be white or pale pink or simply remain in the wood’s natural color from which they were created. It all depends on your mood and style of holiday decoration.
  • Decide on a font. Stylish slanted, decorated with intricate curls or graceful and simple – the letters will set the mood for your holiday for two.
  • Choose a decoration. It can be flowers and delicate patterns, thin garlands with small bulbs, or winding with woolen colored threads – let your imagination run wild!


One of the easiest ways to create a holiday feeling. However, if you are used to being creative, you will surely like the following solutions:

  • Decorating the bases of balls – cords or sticks. Carved paper hearts or colored tassels will add unconditional charm.
  • Big heart made of balloons. An excellent option for a romantic dinner for two and a small friendly party.
  • Balloon bouquets. They will turn your living room or hall into a small island of romance.
  • Balls-letters. You can lay out a whole phrase from them, although most often, just one cherished word is enough.

By the way, it is not at all necessary to look for heart-shaped balloons, although this seems to be the most apparent option. Regular round balloons in white, red, or pink will also look lovely – especially if you leave a kiss or a love confession on some of them.


A candlelit dinner is an ideal setting for a declaration of love, a marriage proposal, or just for a family time together. There is little to do – to give your holiday a special touch due to the unusual design of “eternal lamps”:

  • Decor by the candle itself. Regular whites are beautiful on their own, but wrapping them in lace and burlap with a heart button will give you a truly sophisticated accessory. Also, small paper garlands and even wrapping with twine and red threads will do a great job with this.
  • Exquisite candlesticks. You can buy unique candle holders – but not necessary. Nice glass jars or metal boxes with nicely cut holes will look just as good.
  • Floating candles. Wide dishes or containers in which lights flicker among rose petals are akin to the most romantic movie’s scenery.


A bouquet of red roses is one of the best Valentine’s Day decorations. However, you can not be limited to them, because today there are so many other opportunities for the implementation of unusual ideas:

  • Love tree. Ordinary cut branches in a simple glass or white porcelain vase are enough to decorate with red hearts or your pictures (or both). You don’t even need to put away such a decoration right after the holiday – it may well become a symbol of the arrival of spring.
  • Flowers under a glass dome. One of the most suitable decor options for 2021. Try it yourself!
  • Flower wreaths. Flowers can be any, but as for the shape, we suppose you guessed it – just the heart!
  • Compositions in different vases. A unique chic – identical flowers, one or three placed in vessels of different heights. These can be small narrow vases, beautiful bottles, glasses, milk jugs, and even cognac glasses.

All the decor we have described above is not all that you can use this year. Cupid arrow wall decor, stylish illuminated wood panels, unusual posters and pendants, dessert decorations, and napkins – feel free to try whatever you like. We sincerely wish you an unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2021!

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